Alaska Airlines debit card: the end is nigh

Yesterday, Hack My Trip reported a rumor that Bank of America would stop issuing the Alaska Airlines debit card as of Sunday, November 10th.  When I read Scott’s post, I was glad that I had ordered my card a few days ago.  Then, today, the card came in the mail (yay!), but it included this “important program update“:

Effective 5/31/14, the Alaska Airlines debit card program from Bank of America will end. You are not losing any previously earned Mileage Plan miles as a result of this change and can continue to earn miles through 5/31/14.  Details and a new Bank of America debit card will be mailed prior to 5/31/14.

What this means:

If you don’t already have an Alaska Airlines debit card, it will soon be too late to get one.  If you do already have one, suck the life out of it over the next 6 months because that’s all the time you have. 

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  1. Another one bites the dust. I am sure all the fuss over Square Cash helped expedite the demise. “Milepoint earn upgrades”. That is the text in your captcha. You’ve got Randy and Gary having you send readers subliminal messaging now? 🙂

  2. Meh. I got mine when I first started churning a little over a year ago because I wanted to earn some miles from my day care that takes debit but not credit. Then I discovered debit gift cards and and between the need to hit minimum spends and just racking up BA Avios for short haul flights, I haven’t felt the need to use it for a measly 0.5 cents per mile in over a year.

  3. Man I hate that. I switched over when the US air debit died. I only use it at Sam’s to earn .5 per $ for debit purchases but still.

  4. I hope the Suntrust, UFB Direct, and Hawaiian Airlines Visa check card are all here to stay for a long time. The Hawaiian Airlines Visa check card and the Suntrust debit card are available to residents of which states?

    • Key Y: At this point its probably too late to signup online. If you have a branch near you, go in and try to get it done there. You need to open a checking account to go with the debit card.

  5. I keep an BofA checking account for 4+ years. I am in chat with an online staff now because I do not know its fee.

    My recommendation: when you post this message, why not post its fee and major benefits; plus, maybe, an page or link how to sign up for that card?

  6. Just called BofA 18004321000 (8am – 6pm Pacific Time) to apply for Alaska Deit Card. they cancelled my previous debit card and issued Alaska Card. Annual fee $30 is no longer collected after Oct 2013. BofA will send a letter to explain on Nov 14. Application for Alaska card will stop on Nov 10. so, you could still call to get that card. If you have no BofA checking account, you need to open one at the same time.

    • Freqflyer, I use Bluebird, but because I also pay rent using this service, I have to actually go into a walmart to load $1,000 (per day). I only need to do it 2-3 times a month so it’s not too inconvenient. And I just received my bank statements and can confirm you do earn miles loading money at Walmart and online at Bluebird.

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