$25 off $75 at Amazon.com with every Amex card, including Serve!

Through December 31:

American Express is offering a $25 statement credit for every American Express card you register and spend a total of $75 or more at Amazon.com by December 31.  If you buy a $75 Amazon gift card, that amounts to a 33% discount!  And, even though most Amex prepaid products are excluded (such as Bluebird), Serve cards are allowed! 

Registration is limited.  Register all of your Amex cards here.
Update: the website registration is now closed, but you can still register via Twitter.  Sync your card to Twitter, Tweet #AmexAmazon and you should be good to go.  If you have multiple cards, unsync the first one after getting confirmation, then sync the next card and tweet again.  You may have to add additional text each time to avoid being told “Whoops! You already Tweeted that.”

Hat tip: Dan’s Deals.

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    • I just registered all my cards. On the SPG Personal…my daughter and I are authorized users on my husband’s account and it seem to register fine for us both.

  1. I just read T&C. It says: Limit 1 statement credit per American Express Card across all American Express offer channels.

    So Anonymous@12:31PM is correct.

  2. I saw the offer on all of my cards (even the new card I just got that had no other offers showing) but once I registered it on my SPG card, it disappeared from the rest as usual

  3. The terms specifically say “You may register more than one Card for this offer, but only those Cards you register individually will be eligible for the offer. ” So, I believe that you can register and use all of your Amex cards. I registered all of my cards and received email acknowledgments from all of them.

    • I also registered all my cards and got confirming e-mails for all except 4. I’ve waited for those 4 to receive confirming emails to come in, but they haven’t, even after other later registered cards have gotten emails. Any suggestions on how to confirm those 4? Thx.

    • Thanks FM! I just registered all my cards. I was beating myself for not taking full advantage of Small Biz Saturday yesterday (missed out on a couple of cards), but this should more than make up for it 🙂
      And thanks to Amex too!

    • Twitter is just one way to register for this. And, its difficult to register multiple cards that way. Use the link in this post instead. Yes, you can buy a $75 Amazon gift card with each registered Amex card and you should get $25 back with each one.

  4. It appears this also works with AMEX cards issued by other banks so I registered my Citi Amex cards as well. Now off to buy some gift cards! Thanks FM

  5. Is there a difference in purchasing an Amazon gift card that is mailed versus an Amazon Egift card? Are they both processed by Amazon and will receive the credit?

    • As a follow-up to my post above, I see that physical gift cards (in a box) “Ships from and sold by ACI Gift Cards Inc., an Amazon company” so I’m not sure if that would be eligible for the credit.

  6. Got the email earlier about this as well. Just registered 20 cards… awesome! Makes up for only $10 on small biz saturday, but still got $200 back yesterday haha. Sweet. Thanks Amex!!

  7. this ia truly great promotion. thank yoi very much! I registered all my family’s Amex Cards (including additional users) and received all email confirmations (for each card). so, I can start using my cards to purchase Amazon gift card immediately, rm I right? thanks, andy

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