Sears allowing gift card purchases via portals for 3 days

Valid through 12/18/2013:

Sears has updated their Terms in several online portals to now say:  “Eligible on gift cards 12/16/13 – 12/18/13 only.”  Here, for example, is a screenshot of the Ultimate Rewards Mall (note the red text at the bottom, last sentence):

The terms allowing gift cards are present in multiple portals including MileagePlus shopping, AAdvantage eShopping portal, and more.  Double check your portal and take a screenshot before clicking through to buy gift cards.

It has long been the case that Sears’ physical gift cards earn portal points despite terms stating otherwise, but e-gift cards only earn points when the terms allow it.  I believe that this means that purchasing e-gift cards will result in earned portal points through December 18th.  This should make double-dips possible: First get points for buying e-gift cards through a portal, then go through a portal again (it doesn’t have to be the same one) to buy merchandise and pay with the purchased e-gift cards.  Sears will accept up to 20 gift cards in one order.  Sears gift cards can also be used at Kmart and Lands End (but Lands’ End will not pay out via portals when you pay with gift cards).

Hat Tip: Denton

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  1. Do you know if buying a Visa gift card at and paying for it using the Chase Freedom card will work for getting the 5 pts/$ spent at select department stores for the quarter?


    • I wonder. Could you buy an e-gift card, then use the e-gift card to pay for a Visa gift card? If that would work, then you should be able to use the Freedom card to buy the e-gift card and get the UR bonus points, then basically liquidate the e-gift card by buying the Visa card. I don’t have much need for a Sears e-gift card, but if I can use it to buy a Visa gift card, then it makes it much more interesting. Somehow, I have my doubts that this would be allowed but, if you have any ideas about this, I would appreciate hearing about it.

  2. looks like Sears other gift cards (visa, outback, etc) links to Gift Card Mall, so I doubt that would count as a Sears purchase for 5x. If it did, that would be huge. Would love to know.

  3. Your 20 gift cards per transaction at sears may be out of date. Was just there today and the register stopped the cashier at 15. Not that that is a big deal, just an FYI

  4. I need to buy a tv as a gift and fridge for myself, this might be the deal to do it with. Other than the security call, any reason I couldn’t buy $3k in GCs?

  5. Any word on if the Freedom 5x will work with this? I see the comment saying it does list as Sears / dept store… but I have to think Freedom would still see it is Sears since most, but not all dept stores qualify anyhow. Or maybe its a YMMV and a follow-up call to make the case a purchase was indeed charged to Sears if the machines don’t catch it?

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