Get a free phone and free money

Valid through 2/12/2014:

Step 1) Log into your Discover card account and click on “Discover Extras”.  Check to see if your account has the following offer: $50 back on a purchase of $50 or more at Boost Mobile:

Step 2) Log into TopCashBack, Find Boost Mobile and click through:

Step 3) Pick out a phone (or accessory).  Make sure your total comes to $50 or more.  If you spend less than $85 total, you’ll earn a profit (if all goes well):

Don’t forget to pay with your Discover card!

UPDATE: A reader tried to do this by buying accessories rather than a phone, but the TopCashBack transaction shows he’s due 6% back, not $35.  So, it appears that the TopCashBack portion of this deal is dependent upon buying a phone.

Is anyone going to try this?

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    • Nothing has showed up on top cashback for me yet from yesterday’s purchase. I have not used them previously (I did have an account) so hopefully that is the delay.

    • I got no credit from anybody. Filed a complaint from cashback and heard nothing yet except it could be 2-3 years before they investigate. Wrote Discover and they said the money was coming from boost mobile, and would take 2-3 statements to show up.
      The stupid useless phone came right away though.

  1. Strange,I’ve received the phone already but if I check the order status on Boost it shows In Progress.
    TopCashback shows pending.
    Signed into Discover to check on credit and it shows a purchase from Boost on 2/4 and then a refund from Boost on 2/5 for the same amount…

  2. I received the Discover credit after having to email them but they instantly credited it after seeing a Boost mobile purchase on my account. I’m still waiting on TopCashback as I had to file a claim when it didn’t post. Worse case I spent $6.17 after Discover credit and will sell the phone on Ebay.

  3. I received the $50 back after buying a $56 phone from Boost. I then sold it on Ebay for $35. Still waiting on the TopCashback $35 but I’m up $20 after Ebay fees and shipping.

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