Mother’s Day roses delivered for as little as $3.99

UPDATE: Please read comments below. People have had mixed success with this deal

Valid through May 8, 3PM EST:

1-800-Flowers and V.ME are offering a free bouquet of roses for Mother’s Day.  Use this link and choose the “Bouquet Only ($34.99)” option.  Then, when checking out, apply code FREEROSE.

Theoretically, if you’ve signed up for the 1-800-Flowers Passport service (which gives you free shipping), the entire order should be free.  However, when I tried to go the completely free route, I received an error each time.  It appears that the only way to get the order to go through is to force a charge greater than $0.  One easy way to do that is to select a delivery date in which there is an extra fee such as tomorrow for $3.99 or Saturday for $5.

Thanks go to reader (and blog author) Nicole for this tip!

If you do not have the Passport service, consider buying a $30 1800Flowers voucher from for $15 (Hat tip: Jeff).  Then, apply that voucher as payment for a year of the Passport service.

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  1. I tinkered with the order and I get a $14.99 shipping charge for delivery on Friday (05/09) and a $15.00 shipping charge for delivery on Sat. (05/10). Weird how its’ only 1 cent difference, but still, it’s expensive for shipping. How did you get around the shipping charge? When I click on the shipping charge window it seems like it’s pretty standard, so I don’t know how you were able to avoid it.

  2. When I bought the cert and applied it, it took the whole charge off. However, it won’t let me buy it (passport). It says, Our server connection for Gift Card authorization is temporarily unavailable. Please try back in a few minutes.

  3. read up slickdeals to add two (2) $15 coupons to your account. planning to use $30 after mothers day and with free ship it is going to be an awesome deal.

  4. the deal worked for me. Got the $30 gift cert from for $15. Used that to buy the year subscription (but had to add something else to the cart to make it work…spent $5). Then got some $5 flowers for 3 moms in my family. Thanks so much!!

  5. tried this… got the $30 gift card from for $15, no problem. ordered the passport membership (with the $5 added random cookie). passport membership did not appear in my account. called customer service, they said it would take 3 days to process the passport membership. so clearly that would not work to get flowers to the moms for mother’s day.

    ended up cancelling the passport membership order. now i gotta figure out how to get a refund on the order.

  6. This deal works multiple times. Sent to my Wife & Mother-in-Law for $3.99 each. Already have passport from the last $30 voucher deal. Thanks so much!

  7. I was just able to get the deal to work, mostly. I got the $15 voucher from and was able to apply it to a Passport Order + random $5 friendship book so the screen said I paid $5 for that – but I got an email saying I only had to pay tax on the book which, that was odd but I will take it. I was then having flowers shipped to Mom on Saturday per above deal and for some reason I couldn’t get rid of a $5 shipping charge for Saturday. Oh well. $20 for flowers, free shipping and a book, I’m happy. We’ll see if they get delivered.

  8. terms say the offer does not work with passport

    “This offer cannot be combined with Passport free shipping/no service charge. Prices and charges are subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited.”

  9. So is the thing actually a gift card (with a pin) that is combinable with promo codes, or is the description correct that it is just a promo code?

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