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In the post, Airlines with multiple transfer partners, I listed polygamous airline loyalty programs: airlines in which you can transfer points from more than one transferable points program: Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR), Amex Membership Rewards (MR), and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG).  That post was well received, but it was clear that people wanted a single place to see all transfer partners.  Done and done.

I’ve created a Google Docs spreadsheet titled “Transfer Partner Master List”.  In this spreadsheet, I’ve listed all of the programs that you can transfer points to from SPG, MR, and UR.


What’s the point?

Suppose you have collected a healthy stash of SPG, MR, or UR points and you want to fly a particular airline.  With this chart, you can easily see which transferable points programs transfer to that airline.  But wait, that’s not all…  Often it is better to transfer points to a partner airline such as when the partner has a better award chart for your needs.  To help with that, I’ve listed the airline alliance that each of these airlines is part of.  Suppose you want to fly Air Berlin, for example.  You can see from this spreadsheet that they are part of the OneWorld Alliance.  So, you can then filter the spreadsheet to OneWorld and find other programs that can be used to book flights on Air Berlin:


Now you can see that it is possible to book Air Berlin flights with many different airline miles including AA, British Airways, US Airways, and more.  Figuring out which program is best to use is beyond the scope of this post, but factors to consider include: 1) how many miles you already have in each program; 2) how much the particular airline program will charge (in miles) for the award you want; and 3) whether or not the airline program charges fuel surcharges for awards.

Of course, viewing partnerships by alliance is not a complete picture.  Airlines often have additional partnerships that go beyond the big three alliances.  For some airlines (specifically, those that are not part of an alliance), I’ve included their partner list in a separate column.  Going forward I hope to fill out this list more completely.

Finding the spreadsheet

On each page of this blog, there is a “Flights” menu.  Currently, a link to this Google Docs Spreadsheet titled “Transfer Partner Master List” is the second item down:


Filtering your view

When viewing the Airlines tab of the spreadsheet, click the filter button TransferPartnerMasterList_Filter on the toolbar to see a list of stored filters:


At the time of this writing, the filter options are:

  • SPG Transfer Partners
  • MR Transfer Partners
  • UR Transfer Partners
  • OneWorld
  • SkyTeam
  • Star Alliance

If you want to do more intense filtering or sorting, go to the File menu and select “Make a copy…”  You will then have full control of your copy of the spreadsheet.  Alternatively, go to File… Download as… Microsoft Excel.

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  1. This is incredibly useful — thanks! Any chance you can add Diners on there? I know it’s rare, but I know quite a bit of old timers like myself who still have (and use) it.

  2. Let me add my thanks for this and the other googledocs. Some information goes out of date quickly as promotions and loopholes live and die, but these updated sheets are great and a reason I continue to come back to the blog everyday!

    • No, I don’t actually list all of the alliance members. I just show which alliance each airline belongs to among the airlines that are transfer partners with UR, MR, and SPG. Air India isn’t one of them.

  3. Very helpful Greg, would also be really helpful to see average transfer times for each combination of points/airline (I doubt you have all this info off the top of your head but I’ve seen similar posts from other bloggers and I’m sure you could source your readers for a lot of it)

    • That’s a good idea. Readers, please reply to HoKo’s comment with info about how long various transfers took. For example:
      MR to BA: Instant
      MR to Singapore: initiated on Friday evening, complete Sunday afternoon

  4. Is there any way you could add which airlines charge fuel surcharge since it would make a difference which one I would transfer to.

    • Great suggestion……they are game changers IMHO………….BA companion pass….meah I’ll pass a free ticket that costs $2500 in fuel surcharges for the pair…………

  5. Thanks so much for this! Incredibly useful. I appreciate your long-term approach to our hobby so much more than some others. For that reason, I will always use and direct people to your referral links.

  6. This is a wonderful chart. I’m pretty new to all of this and know this is going to sound like a stupid question, but what does MR and UR stand for? Is MR, Marriott Rewards? I know SPG, but don’t know UR. Thanks.

  7. Thanks, JustSaying and HoKo. I appreciate your help. I don’t have either MR or UR, so I guess that’s why they didn’t ring a bell with me. This chart will really help as I move forward and start to acquire credit cards and points.

  8. OMG!! I just spent hours trying to do this myself to book my family of 5 west coast to Hawaii and inter island using multiple orphan points. Next time I’ll use this! This week my transfers: SPG to husband’s SPG <1day; SPG-Alaska <2days; Amex MR-BA instant. Thanks for this!

  9. Thank you so much for this terrific resource, FT!

    I have a running G-Sheet overview of my CC statuses & benefits that looks somewhat similar to this, so I just wanted to drop in a note and say I appreciate the detailed work that went into creating it 🙂

    (Feel free to email me if you’d like the link to my CC overview sheet for inspiration–I just don’t want to share it publicly as it contains the exact dates of my apps, cancellations, bonuses, etc…)

  10. Hi Greg,
    Great to meet you in Newport this past weekend.
    Question, do you keep this spreadsheet always up to date? Great tool if so!
    Thank you again for all the great work!

  11. ” Transfer Partner Master List” what a great tool! Thanks for all your good work! I never miss any of your messages.Regards

  12. Thank you for the in-depth instructions. I’m new to this and just now am constructing my credit card plans for my wife and me. For various reasons, we need to emphasize American and United Airlines miles in our travel plans. I’ve noticed that United should be no problem, but American appears more difficult to build points/miles. Any suggestions/modifications to your sample plan that would incorporate an emphasis on American flights into the equation? Thanks.

    • For earning AA miles, there are direct AA offers from Citibank (currently 60K each). Also, you can get Amex SPG cards and/or Chase Marriott cards (and convert Marriott points to SPG) and then convert SPG points to AA at a rate of 20K points = 25K AA miles.

      The Chase BA card earns Avios that can be used to book AA flights (best used for relatively short non-stop flights).

      And, of course, all bank cards that offer a pay with points option can be used to pay for AA flights.

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