Best options for buying Visa and MasterCard gift cards

Updated 8/11/2017

A common practice for increasing credit card rewards is to use a credit card to buy PIN enabled Visa or MasterCard gift cards, and then liquidate those cards by using them to reload prepaid cards, buy money orders, or pay bills.

The first step is to find PIN enabled Visa or MasterCard gift cards that can be bought with a credit card, with low fees, and without risk of incurring cash advance fees.  That’s where this post can help.  Note that this post focuses on options available within the United States only.  Within the US, options vary by region, by county, by store, and even from one cashier to another.

Buy online

Order online through a cash back portal in order to recover some or all of the fees.

GiftCards Visa with name

Card Notes: When first buying cards from, it is recommended that you start slowly.  If you buy too many in a short period of time, they may shut down your ability to buy more cards.


Max value: $500

Max order size: $2500 (inclusive of fees)

Per card fee: $6.95 + shipping. Shipping is either $1.99 per card for first class mail or $7.45 for an entire order with tracking.

Can include your name on gift card? Yes

Portal rebate available? Yes. Find current portal rates here.

PIN enabled? Yes. After activating online you’ll be given a 4 digit PIN and you can then change the PIN if you prefer.

Cash advance fee? No

Issued by: MetaBank

Credit card category bonus: None that I’m aware of.

Order online through a cash back portal in order to recover some or all of the fees.

GiftCardMall Silver Visa

PIN safe now: GiftCardMall used to sell two types of Visa gift cards.  One type (sold by IncentiveCardLabs) didn’t have PINs.  Today, they only sell cards issued by MetaBank, so all of their Visa gift cards should have PINs.

Card notes: GiftCardMall is known to have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to cancelling orders.  Personally, I haven’t had an order approved in years. I’m not aware of any work-around for this issue other than asking someone else to place orders for you.

Max value: $500

Max order size: $5,000 (inclusive of fees)

Per card fee: $5.95 + shipping. Shipping fees vary depending on the number of cards you purchase and they often run promotions for free shipping as well..

Can include your name on gift card? Yes

Portal rebate available? Yes. Note though that many portals have a separate cashback rates for Visa gift cards than for other gift cards. Find current portal rates here.

PIN enabled? Depends (see note on left)

Cash advance fee? No

Issued by: Metabank or Sunrise bank.

Credit card category bonus: 3X Citi AT&T (only through July 22, 2017)

visa gift cards purchase

Card notes: If you pay with a Chase Ink card, the $8.95 fee is more than made up for by the 5X Ultimate Rewards points earned (5 X 308.95 = 1545 points per $300 card).  In fact, if you wanted to, you could cash in 895 of those points to reduce your net fees to zero and still earn 650 points per $300 card (i.e. ~2.2X).

Max value: $300

Max order size: $2,000 (inclusive of fees)

Per card fee: $8.95

Can include your name on gift card? No

Portal rebate available? No

PIN enabled? Yes (last 4 digits)

Cash advance fee? No

Issued by: Metabank.

Credit card category bonus: 5X Chase Ink, Amex Simply Cash, Discover Business. Other category bonuses can be found here.

Buy in-person

None of the following in-person options provide a way to recover fees through portals, nor do they offer gift cards with your name on them.

Grocery Stores
Many grocery stores sell Visa and MasterCard gift cards loadable up to $ gift cards purchase
Card notes:
While Visa cards operate normally, U.S. Bank Mastercards do not automatically work as debit cards at Walmart registers. A workaround is to hit the red cancel button almost immediately after swiping so you can change the payment type to “debit”. These Mastercards do load normally at Walmart MoneyCenter Express kiosks.

Max value: $500

Max order size: Varies by store

Per card fee: $5.95

PIN enabled? Yes. PIN usually comes in the package. If it doesn’t, call 1-866-952-5653 to set the pin.

Cash advance fee? No

Issued by: U.S. Bank (usually)

Credit card category bonus: A number of cards offer up to 5% or even 6% cash back at grocery stores (found here).

Also watch for grocery stores as quarterly category bonus with cards such as Chase Freedom, Citi Dividend, and Discover.

Discount Stores

Stores like Walmart, Target, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club sell a variety of Visa and/or MasterCard gift cards.  Sam’s Club sells Vanilla brand like this:

Sams Club Vanilla MasterCard

Card notes: Vanilla brand cards do not work as debit cards at Walmart for transactions of $50 or more. In my experience they work fine everywhere else.

Max value: $500

Max order size: Varies by store

Per card fee: Varies

PIN enabled? Yes.

Cash advance fee? No

Issued by: Varies (Sam’s Club sells Vanilla gift cards)

Credit card category bonus: In some cases Walmart or Target may code as a grocery store for earning credit card category bonuses.  For Sam’s Club, look for cards offering wholesale club bonuses (for example, Chase Freedom offered 5X at wholesale clubs in both the 3rd and 4th quarter 2016)

Drug Stores

Many drugstores sell Vanilla brand Visa and MasterCard gift cards loadable up to $500.

Card notes: Vanilla brand cards do not work as debit cards at Walmart for transactions of $50 or more. In my experience they work fine everywhere else.

Max value: $500

Max order size: Often limited to one $500 card.

Per card fee: $4.95

PIN enabled? Yes (Use any 4 digits upon first use to set the PIN)

Cash advance fee? No

Issued by: Bancorp

Credit card category bonus: Some cards offer up to 5% cash back at drug stores (found here).

Gas Stations / Convenience Stores

Some gas stations and convenience stores (which sometimes conveniently code as gas stations for credit card purposes) sell Visa and MasterCard gift cards loadable up to $500. The ability to pay with a credit card varies from region to region and store to store and is often limited to Vanilla brand gift cards.

Card notes: Vanilla brand cards do not work as debit cards at Walmart for transactions of $50 or more. In my experience they work fine everywhere else.

Max value: $500

Max order size: Often limited to one $500 card.

Per card fee: $4.95

PIN enabled? Yes (Use any 4 digits upon first use to set the PIN)

Cash advance fee? No

Issued by: Bancorp

Credit card category bonus: A number of cards offer up to 5% cash back at gas stations (found here). Note that some category bonuses are restricted to payments at the pump — those will not work for buying gift cards.

Also watch for gas station quarterly category bonuses with cards such as Chase Freedom, Citi Dividend, and Discover.

Shopping Malls

Many indoor shopping malls have gift card displays, often near the information desk. Visa gift cards aren’t always on display so you may have to ask for them.

simon gift card

Card Notes: As of March 1 many malls on the east coast that used to be Simon Malls are now operated under the WP Glimcher brand and have stopped selling gift cards.

Max value: $500 ($1000 cards are sometimes available for business accounts)

Max order size: Varies. $10,000 limit (inclusive of fees) is typical.

Per card fee: $3.95 (usually)

PIN enabled? Yes (Last 4 digits)

Cash advance fee? Usually not, but in Feb 2016 there were a few reports of cash advance charges at Simon Malls.

Issued by: Metabank (at Simon and Macerich malls)

Credit card category bonus: None that I’m aware of.


Check your local AAA office to see if they sell Visa gift cards. Often they’ll run no-fee promotions, especially late in the year.

Card Notes: Some people have reported that buying gift cards from AAA is a cumbersome and time consuming process.  Others have had no such problems. We’ve received at least one report of a customer being charged a cash advance fee when buying AAA gift cards.  Make sure to lower your credit card’s cash advance limit below the amount you plan to spend.

Max value: $500

Max order size: ?

Per card fee: $3.95

PIN enabled? Yes

Cash advance fee? Usually not. See Card Notes.

Issued by: Metabank

Credit card category bonus: Some cards that bonus travel (found here) may give category bonus for AAA gift card purchases.

Credit Unions

Credit unions often sell Visa gift cards to their members sometimes with no fee at all.  When they do charge fees, they’re often lower than elsewhere. One example of a credit union that offers Visa gift cards can be found here.

Many credit unions only allow credit cards to be used if you pay with a credit card from that credit union.  Ask your credit union whether they accept 3rd party credit cards for these purchases.

Card Notes: There is always a risk of being charged a cash advance fee. Make sure to lower your credit card’s cash advance limit below the amount you plan to spend.

Max value: $500

Max order size: ?

Per card fee: Varies. $3.95 is typical.

PIN enabled? Yes

Cash advance fee? Possible

Issued by: ?

Credit card category bonus: None.

Reader suggestions

Did we miss any particularly noteworthy options?  Please comment below.

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  1. […] Buy Visa/MC online and then pay bills online or via phone:  It is sometimes possible to buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards online with little or no net fee (or to earn a nice category bonus).  Then, you may be able to use those gift cards for bill payments where debit cards are accepted, but credit cards are not.  For example, you may be able to use gift cards to pay rent with RadPad, or to pay taxes for a small fee. To learn the best ways to buy Visa and MasterCard gift cards, please see: Best options for buying Visa and MasterCard gift cards. […]


  1. Jewel (which is part of the Albertsons chain) has also pulled all variable load gift cards. One of my favorite store CSRs does not think they’ll ever be back.
    Everything is drying up!

      • The answers to these questions can be found in this post which we actively update.

        1) Yes. gift cards are pin-enabled and they do work at walmart
        2) giftcardmall is a crapshoot: to some they send gift cards from Incentive Card Labs. Those do not have Pins. Others get the kind with pins. If you order from there and get a confirmation email showing incentive card labs, then call and cancel the order.

        • I have a $500 Visa GC from issued by Bankcorp Bank. But i cannot load it to my BB at WM, despite multiple attempts by the courtesy WM service person.

          What is the problem, in your opinion? Coz you said they work to load BB at WM (VGC from

          Eager to read your response, do reply ASAP.

        • Thanks. However both your websites posted on this page do not provide ANY CASHBACK for purchases. Kindly reconfirm and remove or do not post nonworking links or wrong information that can misguide your followers HERE. Thank you……………………

        • Bob: It’s possible that things have changed. Many people have reported success in the past.

          Manish: There was a note saying that the portals were temporarily not working. However, since that note wasn’t obvious enough, I took out the portal options entirely from the post for now.

  2. Hello do the visa and master cards from kroger that say US Bank still work when uploading to bluebird at Walmart. I live in texas and I have a few of these from Christmas still. They do allow me to change pin when calling to check balance. Also they have a site to registry them at. I’d like to load them all onto my bluebird. Is there any update from anyone that is still doing this successfully at wakmart? Thanks

  3. All, a few people have recently reported problems using visa gift cards at Walmart when trying to load Bluebird or Serve. Has anyone had success recently using those gift cards as debit cards at Walmart at all?

  4. No mention of buying vGCs at WM? I tried to buy a Sunrise GC yesterday at WM with my Aviator Red card using the chip reader an dit was immediately canceled. Not declined. Some have said it’s due to using the chip for the first time, so I’ll try again another time.

  5. I bought some $500 gift cards on the giftcardmall before I came across your article. It’s been a few hours since I ordered, and I haven’t received a confirmation email for my order yet. My question is, how did you know that your orders on giftcardmall were cancelled? I kind of hope they are so I can get the 1.5% cash back on instead!

  6. About paying Citi CC with a debit card .. I purchased a Metabank issued VGc at a grocery store and registered with my name and address at – made sure everything matched my CC info. Then I called Citi to pay, but the agent said that she got an error message – ‘do not honor’ or something along those lines.

    Don’t these cards work at all for this liquidation method? Thanks !

    • There are many places in which companies try to only allow “real” debit cards for things like bill payments, money transfers, money order purchases, etc. For that reason, I believe that Citi bars most gift cards from being used for debit payments.

  7. You say to start out slow on Can you elaborate? What constitutes slow? What sort of monthly volume is possible (I’ve not placed any previous orders with them)? Also, if my SO and I were to place separate orders, would that help assuming we use different CC numbers for the orders, or would the identical address be caught?

    • I wouldn’t separate orders to the same address. I don’t think that will help. Orders are limited to $2500 at a time. When starting out, I recommend placing an order of maybe $500 or $1000, then wait until it arrives. Then go for maybe $2000 and wait for it to arrive. Once you’ve built up your buying relationship with them it should be safe to place additional orders while still waiting for the previous ones to arrive.

  8. So what to do after buying the visa gift cards? How to liquidate them now that Bluebird is not an option anymore? (Bluebird sent me an email that I cannot load money with debit card anymore in my account)

    Please detail all options on liquidating the GIFTCARDS/Visa debit cards and COSTS associated with those options (if any)

    • In the middle of the post I referenced he has a link named, “Connecting the dots: Prepaid cards that allow debit reloads.” He describes alternatives to liquidating GCs.

      Good Luck!

  9. how to buy MO? from where? any charge/fees associated with buying MO? can it be bought with my VGC’s i have? and can MO be deposited to my Bank account?

    • It’s hard to answer where since the answer depends on where you live. Many stores sell money orders. Some of those allow you to pay for the money orders with debit cards. Some of those allow you to use Visa gift cards as debit cards to pay. Try the Walmart in your area, for example. Fees vary but are usually less than $2 for up to $500 or up to $1000.

      Yes you can deposit MOs in your bank account, but if you regularly do many thousands of dollars worth, your bank may shut down your account for suspicious activity. You can also use MOs to pay bills that can’t otherwise be paid by credit card. Use them just like a check.

  10. Hi, I am new to this website, but looks like a great one, very helpful.

    One question, i have about $6000 in Visa GC’s that i cannot liquidate as my BB account has lost the option of adding funds via Debit Card upload.

    What are my options? I see the option of MO. But wouldn’t that be expensive, paying fees to get MO in addition to fees I’ve paid to get the GC’s?

      • thank you for the quick answer.

        1) Can you provide options of where to buy and how much one can buy in one order?

        2)can i use 2-3 $500 GC’sdebit cards to buy one MO of 1000/1500/2000? Or best is to do 1 MO individually or one GC?

        • It largely depends on where you live. Try grocery stores first, they’re the most likely to allow MOs with vGCs.

    • Money orders at Walmart are very cheap–around 75c per $1,000 MO. I pay fees in cash or from my bank ATM/debit card. Easy way to meet minimum spending for signup bonuses. Then deposit MOs in your checking account to pay off your credit cards when you get the statements.
      In some mall desks, amounts of debit cards are quite limited per day.

  11. brought a bunch of those pre-designed visa gift cards from, Today tried to use them at WM to buy MO, all got infamous “debit not available error= 51”. is something going on?

    • According to the FT Wiki, this is the error you get when you haven’t activated your cards. Sorry if that’s overly obvious, but you should double check. It’s relatively easy to activate the cards and change the PIN through the app. Scan the front of the card, type 3 digit number on back, change PIN, liquidate.

      • 1) Fee/Cost to buy each MO?

        2) Can i buy 1 $500 MO per one $500 GC or i can combine 3-4 $500 GC’s to buy one single MO of $1500-$2000?

        • You directed this at me. Maybe that was a mistake as I’m not an MO-er (yet).

          1) depends on vendor
          2) max amount = $1000, multiple swipes depends on vendor. Time to go to some reading.

        • Walmart will allow two $500 cards for each $1,000 MO max. I pay fee in cash. So, two more $500s for another MO.

        • At my Walmart.. you can divide payments for money order amounts by 3 cards max.
          Does not matter the dollar amount of money order ( $1000, $800, $700 etc).
          Only buy one money order at a time. New people will tell you that you can purchase multiple money orders in one transaction but this always fouls it up and creates problems.

          ? Can Vanilla cards still be used to purchase money orders at Walmart?

      • Thank you, Bullfrog, I do did activate the cards by my computer, but I went to WM right after. I re-activated them by phone app ( thank you for the tips, it is fast and easy), Let them rest overnight, and use them tomorrow.

        • Hi Will, you mentioned a phone app. Do you know if the Android version of the app allows Visa Gift Cards to be activated by scanning the front? Thanks.

  12. What about using an actual Amex (Amex Hilton HHonors) cars for I remember hearing Amex is more selective about what they would code to count towards minimum spend…

  13. after successfully put two 1K orders(3/8 and 3/15), today’s 1K order got cancelled. is it dead for me? or I have to wait a while to start it again. it is not for Mser.

  14. FYI: disappeared from portals yesterday (and on iConsumer it says that the purchase can’t be tracked). This happened in February. It then took about 2 and a half weeks for to return to portals. It will be interesting to see if the same happens again.

  15. Do the BankCorp cards from take any four digit code at first use as PIN like the vanilla cards? Thanks

  16. and have returned to portals again. iConsumer hasn’t updated yet to show that it is tracking, but I’m sure they’ll fix that today or tomorrow. Yazing shows 1.5% still for

  17. Safeway Grocery Stores in my area of Denver no longer sell the $500 M/C or Visa Gift Cards.
    They are only selling the $200 variety.

    • I haven’t seen a $500 at a Safeway around Denver in ages. When was the last time you saw one? I’m out by the airport so pretty much middle of nowhere.

  18. Two days ago I tried to buy a $500 gift card at QFC with the Chase Freedom card. The bank would not allow the purchase. Has anyone been denied when trying to buy a gift card at a grocery store? I really want to spend $1500 for the 5x points!

  19. Bought $2K worth of Vanilla gift cards at CVS today at $500 each + $4.95 fee using AmEx SPG card. They scan your license – the daily limit is $2K. Worked great and paid off bills a few hours later that only took VISA / Mastercard. Didn’t love paying the fee, but worked great. Thanks for all of the advice in the blog & website!

    • may I know what type of bill payment you could pay by vanilla cards? I was trying to unload my one vanilla cards. thanks.

      • I used mine for a regular online bill where their payment system accepts Visa & Mastercard. Vanilla does say that the business must be US-based. As a precaution, I registered my zip code first before I paid the online vendor.

  20. Just ordered 5k of Silver Visa Gift Cards from Pending charge on Amex shows as “GIFT CARD MALL (CARDLAB)”. I made an order of Silver Visa Cards last week and got PIN enabled ones, but I see the warning here about Cardlab. I wonder if this is different from “Incentive Cardlab”?

      • They ended up cancelling the order… Possibly because I went up to $5k from my earlier $3k order? The cancellation email did come from Incentive Cardlab

  21. Just got 3 New Jetblue, Hilton Surpass, Regular Hilton and now Amex Platinum , get off work drive to cvs, purchase 1000 in onevan, go across street to Publix buy two money orders, drive 500ft to Suntrust deposit mo,drive 6 min home jump on computer pay cc. Worth the fee IMO

  22. Just received the vgc from and went to Walmart cs to load it to serve, but it didn’t go through, tried two time one 500 and the other time 200, not sure if this is just my local Walmart or nationwide, any one has similar experience recently ?

  23. Correct me if i am wrong, but loading GC’s to serve/redbird/bluebird has stopped since last few months, right?

    Am i missing something here?

    Moderator, please share your expert opinion and thoughts.

  24. Anyone know of Western Union outlets that take a credit card for purchase of
    a money order?

    grocery stores that take a debit or cc for a money order?


  25. Jerry and readers,

    I am in the market for a vanilla CC that can be used for recurring charges and have a name on it that is not my own. Reloadable preferred, non-reloadable ok. Tried and it was fine for non-recurring but rejected for recurring. Could you please suggest a few options?

  26. Post has been (belatedly) updated as follows:
    1) Removed warning about possibly getting PIN-less Visa cards from GiftCardMall. That practice seems to have stopped. Still have warning about GCM cancelling many/most orders.
    2) Removed note about gift cards no longer being available in many grocery stores. Many stores have started carrying the cards again. Also Whole Foods now sells them nationwide.

  27. I came across your article today. I just purchased 2 $300 vanilla visa gift cards for holiday gifts from CVS. Since purchasing them, I’ve read several bad reviews on them and that company. I see you said that you havent had issues with them. I’m concerned and wonder why there are so many poor reviews… any tips on how to use these to make sure they work properly? They have both been activated… thank you!

    • Dear Admin, For One Vanilla Debit cards at CVS,

      1) Should I buy non reloadable $500 OV card for $5.95 fee or Reloadable $500 OV for $3.95 fee? Any advice AND BENEFITS OF One over the other?
      2) My $500 OV I got for $5.95 fee can’t be used at WM AS debit card as it keeps going as credit card. WHAT should i do? Any way to get over this at WM to use a debit card and purchase MO?

      3) Any other ways to liquidate this One Vanilla card bought from CVS? I guess i am stuck with no option to liquidate these

    • Julie: I wouldn’t worry. They generally work well.
      1. Most stores will take cash only for the reloadable OV. So, if your goal is to earn credit card rewards, you need to go for the non-reloadable version. Note that there are both $5.95 fee and $4.95 fee versions. Go for the $4.95 fee if you can. The benefit of the reloadable card is that it is reloadable, can be used at ATMs, etc. The benefit to the non-reloadable is that it can often be paid for with a credit card and it can be used immediately (the reloadable has to be registered with your SSN, etc.)
      2. WM registers don’t like Vanilla brand gift cards as debit cards unless each transaction is less than $50. I don’t think there is any work-around other than paying less than $50 each time (which would be a huge hassle).
      3. Try the PO instead.

  28. Reporting from Hallandale, Fl.
    Unable to use my $500 Vanilla VGC from CVS (Bancorp) to purchase MO from Walmart (known issue); declined at Publix (local grocery store) and PO.
    Any luck liquidating VGC lately? Please share tips! Thanks!

  29. The post says cards are issued by Bancorp, however their website has the following small print, has something changed recently?

    “The Visa® Gift Cards are issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.”

  30. Hi,

    I’m a newbie and I need to spend $3500 in the next 4 weeks to meet the Chase Sapphire Reserve spending requirement. Will buying $3500 worth of visa gift cards work?

    • It all depends on your ability to liquidate those gift cards in your local stores; I couldn’t turn any GC into MO in the Hallandale area in FL. I did, however, use Plastiq to successfully meet $8000 for my Delta Skymiles cards (Platinum and Gold). Use their service, for a small fee, to send payments via check. Good luck! My Plastiq referral code: 561865 to send $200 fee free.

    • Yes, that will work. If your goal is simply to time-shift spend, then you shouldn’t have any problem (e.g. buy the gift cards now and spend them over time). If you hope to liquidate the gift cards by buying money orders or other means, that will take more effort to find out what works in your area.

      • Thanks so much Greg! My goal is simply to time-shift spend, and just wondered if there’s any difference between buying Visa Gift Card and buying Store-Specific Gift Card when it comes to increasing my credit card spend to meet the Chase Sapphire Reserve SignUp Bonus spending requirement. I was suspicious because it’s involving using a “Visa” credit card to buy another “Visa” gift card.

  31. I bought a $500 VGC issued by Sunrise Banks. Would it work to get MO at either WM or PO?

    Metabank works at WM and Bancorp works at PO, right?

    How about this VGC i got got from Sunrise Banks?

  32. 1) Can you revise update the portal C.Back rates for Buying VGC and MC GC’s? I think rates have dropped significantly at GCM and

    2) Are Mastercard GC’s also available at both these sites?

    3) Lastly are C.Back rates same for VGC and MC GC’s at both these sites??

    • 1) I’m not normally “that guy,” but have you considered posting a comment answering your own questions so that others could benefit instead of just asking someone to do it for you? Log onto cashbackmonitor, look up the rates and post.
      2) Really? How hard is it to log onto 2 websites and see if they carry a product?
      3) see 1

  33. AAA cards ar $3.95 issued by Metabank. I’ve purchased $13,000 in June when there was no purchase fee for June (same time every year in our region). They are PIN enabled, but I don’t recall if I had to change the PIN or if it was the last four. Store limits vary, but they freak out over anything over $2K.

    • Thanks for your report Chris. Interesting that you indicate no issues purchasing vgc’s in such volume via your AAA. (MidAtlantic, no?) In my experience with the overstaffed AAA locations in central Virginia, you get hit with micro-interrogation plus very lengthy in-store processing times for each and every attempted vgc…. (plus insistent questions wanting to know how you planned to use them…. I’d usually answer simply, “for travel purposes” — but felt like I was getting the “guilty until proven innocent” treatment — even though I rarely bought more than 1 per month)
      Recall past reports then of AAA banning (sic) its own members from purchasing VGC’s…. with doing volume well below your report.
      If AAA has eased up in this realm, I might consider re-joining AAA.

  34. Does anyone know any place in the Dallas, Texas area that will sell money orders using loaded gift/PIN cards?

  35. Does Safeway on West Coast sell MO like WM? If yes same as WM with max of $1000
    (Split with 2 of $500 VGC each? Fee charges?

  36. I got an email that iconsumer is providing 9% cashback on till 10/31/17.

    Can you confirm/update/provide more details about the same?

    Here is copy/paste of my email…..what does this language mean? Anything tricky?
    Increased Cash Back

    3.6% Cash Back – Total 4% Rebate

    .9% Cash Back – Total 1% Rebate

    Offer Good Through
    October 31, 2017

    • Jia….. Would that you were right, but suspect you’ve misread the message. Cashbackmonitor only has iconsumer paying out a paltry (.)9 — as in less than one percent, plus the (.)1 percent (as in .001) in currently meaningless iconsumer stock. 1% total.

      Where are you getting 4%?

      • Sorry 4% is for Gap i think.

        Oops it is 0.9% and not 9%. My bad. Glad i did not pull the trigger and buy from there yet. gives 1% CB at other websites too right? Like for visa GC’s?

        Does Mastercard give 1% or 2% there at

  37. I just bought $500 MC Gc from issued by Metabank

    However they keep registering at WM as CC Instead of DC to buy MO

    Any recent changes or issues with y’all regarding the same?

  38. Any one having issues placing order with
    I have placed orders smoothly till last month and suddenly this month, website is giving issues. Despite trying different borwsers and different CC’s, error keeps coming when trying to purchase saying ‘Order cannot be processed, transaction declined, could be credit card issue”

    Called their customer service and they said they have been getting calls about the same…????????????

    Do share your experience, and inputs/suggestions.

    • It’s GCM, people are banned for no reason at all plenty of times. I’ve moved to another state and still am banned. I bought a single $200 GC form them years ago.

      • Yep, that was the line I heard for nearly a year — the lower level reps telling me that they couldn’t tell me what the problem or “reason” was. When I’d ask for supervisors, they were trained to be polite, to sympathize, but that there was nothing that they could say…. (that the decisions were made in another department)

        BUT all that seemed to change (at least for me), when one sympathetic supervision suggested the “level 2 review” — AND I was assured that I would actually get a call back from someone who really could work with you to figure out what the problem/reason was. (and more often than not for me, each time a block appears, it’s usually something trivial — yet not self-apparent)

        Yes, it’s a super pain dealing with gcm…. and they deserved all the disdain and barbs they get. (though I gather that bad reputation may be part of the reason this “level 2” process is now supposedly available)

        • BEWARE OF GCM, Fraud company. I purchased 3 cards of $500 each and selected free shipping. Cards never arrived and were lost/stolen in the mail………..Filed dispute with GCM and they asked me to file dispute with visa network since these are visa cards…………………turns out they said cards were already used/balance drained on all 3 by someone else who got their hands on my cards…………refused to help me outright……..Hence forcibly i filed dispute with Amex as i had used Amex CC for the order………..guess what, while Amex is investigating this……….fraud GCM sent me 3 replacement GC supposedly for $500 each and notified AMEX to close their investigation as they had fulfilled the order………….hence AMEX closed their investigation………

          TO MY UTTER SHOCK, ALL THE 3 GIFTCARDS SENT AS REPLACEMENT CARDS BY GCM HAVE ZERO BALANCE, YES ZERO FREAKING BALANCE………..When i called GCM about it, they said they will look into it…………….and even WORSE…………when i try to look up the card balance online, the numbers do not even register or are recognized by GCM website…….

          hence i have reopened DISPUTE with AMEX AGAIN…………

          Bottomline, stay away from GCM, as in greed to get 2% CB on your order, you will end up losing like $1500 like i stand to lose, at this point of time………..

          Any suggestions/inputs on how to recover my $1500 is welcome……Thanks

    • Apologies in advance if anything I write here is redundant to earlier posts.
      I’ve had better luck over past six months buying vgc’s (custom $500) via gcm, including this month, but it’s always an upsetting adventure….. Among the things that have helped for me:

      1. If you’ve encountered problems, consider what you might have done that “changed.” Not that you did anything “wrong,” per se, but you might have done something major/little that prompted a mindless robot block…. Did you suddenly do a lot more volume? Different browser, different computer, location? (More below)

      2. NEVER use Google Chrome for GCM transactions. Maybe it’s just the set up on my machine. (though it is the latest this and that) But for me, Firefox works; Chrome NEVER works. (Some reps at GCM will affirm this; others flatly deny it. I affirm it.)

      3. Use the same credit card. GCM’s nasty “algorithms” are so intrusive that they will (mindlessly) sneeze and block at any change. (If you must change, as I will soon, do the first transaction with the new card very modest/small. If it fails, as it likely will, call GCM customer reps. If first level can’t “fix it,” ask for a level #2 review/inquiry/help. If you’ve been a good customer in the past, that will get their attention.)

      4. Never change your email address on the account. I went for the first half of this year unable to buy anything with GCM, despite having had a few successes end of last year. Clueless, I “reasoned” that if my previous account went “bad,” then set up a new one. (with new email, but same me, address, credit cards, etc.) Bad move. Took me over half a year to figure out this had become a critical problem, getting me blocked everywhere. (thanks to a level #2 rep.)

      5.Don’t get angry. (preaching to myself here) Patience. If the first GCM rep. you speak with comes across as a battle axe who treats you like a criminal, politely end that call early, wait a few days and call back…. Be patient, yet persistent; you’re really NOT a criminal. (though the GCM system, like paypal, can make you feel like one, where you’re presumed “guilty” of something, until you can “prove” your innocence.)

      6. If first level rep. can’t help, DO ask for second level review — and ask specifically for them to call you. (worked wonders for me last summer when one second level rep. heard my saga — then suggested I go back to that account from last year that I’d moved away from…. then she worked with me, monitored my attempts live…..)

      7. GCM reps. may not be impressed when you tell them you have no problems doing transactions with their “sister” company GC’ . (Some might take that as extra cause to push for a level 2 inquiry, but even at that level, some will darkly snark back at you claiming well “that’s because we’re better at security than they are….” If you encounter that “attitude,” smile/laugh and call back another time.)

      8. It’s worth the aggravation…. I can confirm that GCM is paying out significantly more than GC’s. (twice actually — though you will wait a lot longer for it)

  39. I got $500 VGC from local grocers store issued by US bank. Earlier i was aboe to liqudate them at local PO for MO. But that avenue is closed. Where can i liquidate these cards (have 6 of them) now? Please help this Lad in Distress…..Sighs

  40. Guys I bought 4 MasterCard GC’s of $500 each from Croger. Where do I liquidate them?

    WM red button cancel trick to change as debit is one option right?

    However do they work at Croger MO too, itself?

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