Sears up to 29X through Friday evening

Yesterday I published “Up to 29X at Sears!” and incorrectly stated that the deal was one day only. From a MileagePlus Shopping email I received today, it looks like the offer is good through Friday December 12 11:59:59pm ET!

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  1. Has there been a change in how Sears e-gift cards are processed? I just bought a $450 e-gift card to take advantage of the 12x MileagePlus portal payout and the receipt said Sold by Kmart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this going to totally screw up my MP and UR earnings?

  2. physical and loading a already purchased giftcard will show up as sears. E-gift cards are fulfilled by kmart. I believe this was already mentioned before.

  3. @lilc – No, physical gift cards show up as sold by Kmart. E-gift cards and reloading of physical gift cards have been Sears. I bought a $50 e-gift card last night and the receipt said Sold by Sears. I wonder if the the amount ($450) is what caused today’s purchase to show as Sold by Kmart?

  4. I did a couple GCs of $400+ when this was first posted. The transaction posted on my CC as Sears, but the miles haven’t shown in the portal. They do show miles for a couple of purchases I made with the GCs, but not the GC purchase. I bought eGift cards……anyone know how long they typically take to show up?

  5. FYI, ALL of my GC orders (about $2k worth) posted at 12x through the mileage plus mall. They’re pending, but they’re there. FYI, I reloaded a physical GC.

    • OH SNAP!!! ALL THE POINTS HAVE SHOWN UP IN MY UNITED ACCOUNT ALREADY!! I’ve NEVER seen this quick of a turnaround before!! WTF?!?!)

  6. So these are the reports:

    Buying E-gift cards no longer give you points.
    Reloading Gift cards do give you points.

    FrequentMiler, please update with info above 🙂

    by the way, anyone know how to submit a claim through mileage portal? I want my e-gift cards to count and I think they can make it happen for me.

    • We do not yet know about buying e-gift cards. I’m pretty sure that people will still get their miles — they’re just taking longer. I once had to wait 4 weeks for my e-gift card miles to show up.

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