Amex gift cards 2.25% cash back

Valid only until 9am EST tomorrow (1/1/15): TopCashBack is offering 2.25% cash back for clicking through their site to order Amex gift cardsTomorrow, the rate will revert down to 1.5%


If you don’t already have a TopCashBack account, you can find a signup link for TopCashBack and many other cool things here. Please note: there is a $10,000 limit on Consumer Gift Cards and $100,000 limit on Business Gift Cards per 14 days.


Please see: Everything you ever wanted to know about Amex gift cards.

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  1. The only thing keeping me from ordering is if certain liquidation methods will still be available to us tomorrow in the new year. I think I might sit this one out.

  2. I use Google Wallet for liquidation. Yes it nullifies the cashback but earn miles.

    Since these deals are more frequent, I wonder if any one has subscribed to Premium shipping option of Amex ($99/year) to minimize shipping cost overtime.

  3. Does any one know if we still get cash bach if if any one has subscribed to Premium shipping option of Amex ($99/year)? I know that using promotion codes nullifies it, I am curious if Amex Premium Shipping option also has same effect.

      • Yes I have ordered personalized Cards and my CB so far hasn’t been reversed (usually they reverse in couple of days itself if its not eligible), its been a week since I ordered and I will get my cards on Friday, so its little slow in processing but its really nice to avoid those shaky cashiers.

  4. I happened to click your link to check out “other cool stuff” and noticed Plink! wow, that seems ages ago…
    Anyway, Happy New Year, and thanks for writing the best miles/points/giftcard/etc blog out there.

  5. Trying to piece this out from the FT forums, too, but can’t find a clear answer.

    Looks like if you use a promo code that waives the fee, you don’t get the CB, but what about if you use a promo code for the shipping? Still CB or no?

    • As Dennis answered my question I have started using Premium shipping. Its gives $99/year for a full year of shipping. If you are regularly going to order, its worth than taking risk of “clawed” cash back by using promo codes of anykind.

      To be specific to your question, Be Frugal had reversed my cash back for using free shipping promo too, so I am sure its not worth a risk, believe me, it hurts to see those $75 gone away.

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