Sears Gift Cards 20% Off Returns – Act Quickly!

sears gift cards 20 percent off

Gift Card Mall via eBay is once again offering Sears gift cards at up to 20% off. You can save additional money by starting at a cashback portal. Currently Ebates is offering 5% cashback in the gift card category for eBay purchases.

Current denominations available:

$100 gift card for $80

$200 gift card for $175

There is a limit of 2 x $100 cards or 1 x $200 card per eBay user ID.

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  1. What’s the latest status of using Sears GC to buy merchant or Visa GC? Some of my local Sears let me do this when I last tried it about 3 months ago. Has anything changed?

    • Nothing has changed. Their official policy is that it is not allowed, but enforcement varies by store. As of a few weeks ago, their systems still allowed you to do it.

  2. Wow. That is a pretty hot deal. Super easy once I typed in GCM Sears gift cards and not just Sears gift cards @ Ebay (after being transferred from Ebates).

  3. Do these have to be paid for with PayPal? It shows on the listing that I can use a credit card but I can’t figure out how.

    • Yes the payment has to be made through Paypal. Under the credit card logos in small print is says, “Credit Cards processed through Paypal”.

      It is a little confusing, but these deals almost always require payment through Paypal.

  4. Done. Whew! It required a little bit to find what you were talking about, but perhaps this will help:

    1. Login to Ebates;
    2. Search “gift card mall ebay sears”;
    3. Click the “ebay coupons and cash back”…up to 5.0%”
    4. Login to eBay and search “gift card mall sears 100” or “gift card mall sears 200”;
    5. And HURRY. They’re gonna sell out!

  5. Very curious timing. I did this same deal in December and GCM just refunded my purchase back to my PayPal account yesterday. Never sent the gift cards…

  6. Wasn’t there a deal in purchasing Ebay gift cards a while a go? So purchase ebay gift cards through portal, then buy sears gc’s through portal again using ebay gift cards, earning ebay bucks both times!

    Did I miss something? 🙂

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