New Targeted Amex Offer – $5 off $5 or $10 off $10 at iTunes

amex offer itunes Amex has released a very nice new targeted offer for Itunes. The offer which expires 8/31/2015 gives a $5 statement credit on a purchase of $5 or more. (Some people have reported receiving an offer for $10 off $10 as well.) Unfortunately this Amex Offer appears to only be available via the American Express website and cannot be loaded via Twitter or other methods.

While the offer is targeted, it appears to be pretty widely available for personal cards. I received it on 7 out of my family’s 8 personal cards, but on 0 out of our 4 business cards. (Update: It may be more restrictive than I originally thought based on the comments.)

Key Terms

Offer valid only for iTunes, App Store, and iBooks Store purchases made through iTunes. iTunes gift cards purchased in Apple stores, on, or through a 3rd party are excluded. Not valid for purchases of any other Apple products in-store or online at Must add offer to Card and use same Card for one or more transactions in order to redeem. Enrolled Card must be set as iTunes payment method in order to receive statement credit. If you receive a replacement Card during the offer and use that Card to enroll, you must update your Card on file with iTunes prior to your purchase to receive the statement credit.

For more information see: The complete guide to Amex Offers

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  1. I have 15$ balance available in my itunes account. So, to use this offer I need to buy 20$ worth of stuff?

    Am I Right?

    • Grant was able to purchase a $10 eGift card and get the credit, but other than that I think you need to go through your credit before using a card.

      You could try to see if there is a payment option to use a card instead of your balance.

    • No, you can buy a gift card, and then apply it to your account. Doesn’t matter if you currently have a balance or not. You’ll just have a bigger balance after the additional credit.

  2. We got the offer on 2 of our 5 personal cards, and my Mom got it on her personal card for a 50% success rate.

    **Note – my wife’s offer was actually for $10 back on $10 spend.

    If it makes any of you less envious, I strike out with all 5 Cards on 90% of the targeted Amex Offers 🙂

  3. Between my wife and me, we received the offer on only 1 out of 14 cards, and that one is a card that only ever is used for Sync offers that are 100% rebates.

  4. Seems almost pointless to me since I buy very little from iTunes. I got the offer on all 8 of my personal cards but since I have a credit in my account, I have to blow through that. Since I didn’t receive the $10 offer, I don’t have any desire for 50% off gift cards.

    Assuming the offer is a cumulative $5 spend, I may try some cards with my wife’s account and have her order a few songs and then switch the card attached to her account.

  5. If you have the offer on a lot of your cards be aware that you may have trouble using it. In order to get the credit you have to change the credit card on file with iTunes each time. And Apple restricts you from doing this too many times in a short period. I’ll bet you can only get 3 or 4 of the credits in before you can’t change the card for a while. Yes even if you call them on the phone. Or that’s certainly how it was last year when I did this.

  6. I’m kind of clueless about iTunes (I don’t use it). I got a few of the $5 off $5 offers. I’d like to give the credits to my kids. Can I set up an account and add credit $5 at a time (being careful not to switch cards too frequently, as noted above)?

  7. I am new to iTunes so I have a question that may sound stupid. I want to buy a few songs at one time so that my purchase is $5 or a little more than $5. I can not figure out how to purchase more than one song at a time which would only be a $1.29 purchase. The albums that I am interested in are $12 or more and I just prefer to purchase a few songs from various albums. Thank you for any help you can offer.

  8. 2 broswer trick didn’t work for me on this one ….. when I went to put in an offer listed on the 2nd card, it said “already added to your account.”

    Is that trick dead?

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