$350 cash back for new AT&T contract

Through TopCashBack, you can now get $350 cash back for signing up for either the AT&T Next 2 year contract or a 2 Year Post-Paid Plan.


TopCashBack lists several important exclusions:

  • Please note; cashback is not eligible on an iPhone purchase or plan.
  • Cash back is not valid on contract renewels. To earn the stated cash back amount, you must be purchasing a new contract with AT&T Wireless.
  • In order to receive cash back, your overall transaction value (amount paid over the course of your contract) must be higher than the cash back value stated.

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  1. I got this deal last time they had it about a month ago. Now I have $700 pending for TCB, yay. when I got it I wondered, how long do you have to keep the AT&T service? I got a Nexus 6 because I’m considering going to project fi when it’s available or I may later get on Verizon. I figure I can keep the service until payout which tcb says will be 17 weeks. If you have any information on how long the service must be kept it would be good info in case one wants to make a move earlier then payout.

  2. The offer says ATT Next 2 year contract, but isn’t the point of ATT Next that there is no contract? I’m also wondering if this works with only tablet purchases.

  3. Seems that the AT&T Access More card is a better deal, especially if you want an iPhone. Those Next 2 year agreements (aka contracts) drive up the monthly costs, and after 2 years of jacked up monthly costs the $350 back is not worth much. Still better than nothing, but I like the $650 back on any phone and no contractual obligations (especially the ones being sold as non-contractual).

  4. I’m waiting till the next Note to come out. I was planning on getting a phone and cancelling and moving to T-mobile for them to pay the 650ish. But with this, I can basically get 1K back. Drawback is the 17 weeks. That’s a long time to wait and a lot of $$$.

  5. Can Anyone clarify which program actually qualify, I thought NEXT won’t have 2 year contract and if it’s really qualified, it’s really a great deal, I am going to jump on LG G4..

  6. if I upgrade my current phone with a contract for next 24 on the account , does this considering an renewal or new contract?

  7. just a follow up to FM or anyone watching these TCB/AT&T CB deals: got in on this deal at the end of april, was paid at the beginning of august. it did indeed take 14.5 weeks for payout. got 2 lines. one was on the next program, and one was on contract. i paid off the next installment plan a month or two ago so will be unlocking my phone and moving it to Project Fi. for the contract phone, now that i have been paid i’ve switched it to prepaid so i can get charged the ETF and unlock the phone as well.

    if for some reason project fi is no bueno, may have to try AT&T again with another TCB deal.

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