A checklist for securing expedited security, hotel and car elite status, two $200 reimbursements, and more

AmexPlatinumChecklist2A bit of good news for Amex Platinum cardholders surfaced yesterday.  First, it was widely reported that Amex Platinum holders are now eligible for free Hilton Gold status.  Second, we learned that a glitch in Platinum card airline fee reimbursements has been fixed.  These developments reminded me of an item on my to-do list: Create a checklist of to-dos for Amex Platinum cardholders.


I was originally inspired to create this to-do by a friend.  I had convinced her to signup for the Ameriprise Financial Platinum card while the card offered a 25,000 point signup bonus and no first year fee.  I wrote about the offer here: “This may be the single best current signup offer”.  The no-first-year-fee part of the offer still exists, but the 25K bonus is gone for now (historically it seems to appear each spring).

Just as I had recommended, my friend signed up for the card and added multiple family members as authorized users.  They now each have Delta, Airspace, and Centurion Lounge access thanks to their Platinum cards.  Then my friend traveled to Europe and was denied entry to a Priority Pass Lounge.  The problem?  She hadn’t signed up for that benefit.  And, traveling domestically, my friend and her family haven’t been able to go through TSA Pre Check expedited security.  The reason?  They haven’t yet signed up for Global Entry (which includes TSA Pre).  Each of the Platinum cards can be used to pay for one Global Entry signup, and each will be reimbursed automatically.  But, it won’t happen if they don’t sign up.

The Platinum card also offers $200 in airline incidental fee reimbursements each calendar year (for the primary cardholder only).  This means that my friend could get back up to $400 in the course of her first year with the card.  But, the fees will only be reimbursed for an airline she has selected.  If she doesn’t select an airline, then she’ll get nothing.  Select an airline!  

And, there’s more.  Hilton Gold status and SPG Gold status is available for every Platinum cardholder (including authorized users), but they have to sign upNational Car Rental Executive status: same story.  How about free Boingo Wifi?  Yep, they have to signup.

Do this now

Visit my new Amex Platinum Checklist page and sign up for all of the benefits listed.

Do this later

When your annual fee comes due, cancel the card if you’re not getting $450 worth of value from its perks.  If you have any Membership Rewards points, make sure you have another card that earns Membership Rewards so that the points won’t be lost.  A good choice is the no-fee Amex EveryDay card.  Alternatively, transfer points to airline miles before cancelling.

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  1. So if I have global entry, I can pay for a friend? I assume that as long as my platinum Amex is used, that’s all I need to do? Do you know if I need o go with my friend to the appointment?

  2. I have gone to the Benefits link you have provided on two different devices, selected my Ameriprise Platinum card and can’t find anywhere to select an airline for the $200 credit. Is it hidden somewhere?

  3. Can you also buy airline “gift cards” from the airline you designated and still get up to the $100 airline credit from AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card that is the benefit of the card?

    • I don’t fully understand the question. Are you asking whether you can get both the $200 credit from the Platinum card and the $100 credit from the PRG? Or, are you asking if gift card purchases work with PRG? Yes to the former. I think so to the latter, but I’m not sure.

  4. I keep a listing of the AMEX offers I get rebates on during the year and every time so far it has far exceeded the annual fee………but it’s a good measurement tool to review………..

  5. Since you’ll have readers look at this list, you may want to throw in some non-Platinum specific things for everyone’s benefit. Off the top of my head:

    1. Add to a dining rewards program
    2. Add to the THANKS AGAIN airport rewards program
    3. Link and/or add to a Twitter account for AMEX

    I’m sure there are others.

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