$300 Visa gift cards now available online at Staples.com

Staples.com is now offering $300 Visa gift cards for purchase online.

$300 Visa

Each card has a fee of $8.95 ($7.95 purchase fee + $1 shipping fee).  While that sounds steep, it’s better than Staples’ previous best option: $200 Visa with $6.95 fee.  As a percentage of total, the fee for the $300 gift card is approximately 3% whereas the fee for the $200 Visa is approximately 3.5%:

  • $200 Visa: $6.95 fee is 3.475% of face value
  • $300 Visa: $8.95 fee is 2.98% of face value

This is a good deal when paying with a card that earns 5X points at office supply stores (e.g. Ink Plus, Ink Cash, Amex SimplyCash).


  • You must purchase less than $2000 worth of cards per order.
  • These Visa cards can be used at stores like Walmart and Target as debit cards.  Use the last four digits as the PIN.
  • Shopping through portals does not work to earn additional rewards, but it can’t hurt to try.

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Hat Tip: Dan’s Deals

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  1. If you did use a 5x category card like Ink, and were going for CB in UR, you would barely break even.

    On the other hand if you were going for an airline transfer you’d basically be buying miles for 33 cents pm.

    Unless you are suggesting this for meeting sign ups thresholds specifically, what scenario is there that you would deem this offer beneficial considering the 3% fee?

    • For each $308.95 gc, you would earn 1545 Ultimate Rewards points with Chase Ink. Assuming you value the $300 Visa at full face value, then you can view this deal in a couple of different ways:
      1) Buy UR points: $8.95 for 1545 UR = .57 cents per point ( just over half a cent per point)
      2) Pay yourself back: Since UR points can be redeemed for 1 cent each, you can take 895 of the earned UR points to pay yourself back for the fee. That would leave you with 650 points free and clear. That’s 2.17X fee-free point earnings.

    • So many “scenarios” and potential uses for CUR points…. many quite valuable. (Among the oft’ cited favorites, transferring to Southwest (and x2 that in value if you use the companion pass) or to United, or British Airways (think 4500 miles domestic US flights, via AVIOS) to even Singapore Air. I also happen to value the transfers potential to Hyatt — and may even switch some to Amtrak (and Choice beyond that) before that deal ends in Dec.

      • Transferring to LUV gets you companion pass? I thought you got a companion pass either by spending $110K or sign up bonuses with personal and business cards….not with transfers.

  2. Do you have any security concerns about gift card shipping? I recently had 2 stolen from the package before it got to my mailbox. Vendor Newegg will not credit me nor will post office. I had to dispute charge w/Chase credit card.

    • The gift cards are sent by giftcardmall and the activation codes are sent separately. If one or the other are stolen, you should be able to get giftcardmall to resolve it without trouble.

    • Fair concern Linda… I too worried, as I’ve at times had mail box theft in rural locations. Yet thus far, after a dozen attempts over past 3 years, not an order lost. Yet a related concern is shipping times. Sometimes I’ll end up waaaaaitting for up to three weeks. Yet sometimes 3 or 4 days….. Average about a week to ten days. YMMV 🙂 One thing you can ignore is the estimated ship times they’ll give you after the order — have found them close to useless.

    • It’s on Staples.com end. They consider anything more than 2k to be money laundering operation. At least they are clear on this.

  3. @Joseph – Staples has a policy of less than $2,000 sales in GCs per transaction…the money laundering excuse…disclaimer is right on staples gift card page.
    Thanks FM – the way I see this is you basically pay $349 in fees for a 60,000 mile economy ticket to Europe…if you use the Ink – not a bad deal, especially if you fly during summer peak months.

    • That sounds nice on paper. But I guess my point from the previous post is: are you really going to take the time to buy 40 GCs or able to considering the fraud based limitations? It’s not an quick exchange of fees for $300 Euro ticket. The hassle of having stacks of GCs is beyond annoying and time consuming. You can get a ticket for that FDing 3x. Or is it more of a thrill or about fun for you?

      • Don’t know about you, but I’ve timed myself dealing with these GCs and it takes me maybe a total of an 1-2hrs per month to max out the $5k monthly using BlueBird. That includes time unpacking, etc.. Much of it I do while watching TV shows, listening to podcasts, etc.. You just need to be efficient.

        Of course, I also do the loading at the cashier, right after I clear out a batch of my usual MS cards to MOs, so it takes almost no extra time to do.

        • What MS cards do you use for MOs? Lately the WM I got to are telling me they no longer allow splits on a MO purchase.

        • Thanks for your response, mate. I get your perspective. I am in the same boat, similar situation except I use RB. I wasn’t hating on MS. I MS! 🙂 but brother said he was going to buy 40 gift cards under one promotion at Staples ($12,000) to get one free ticket on United. One can’t unload that with your 1 hour a week system. You max 5K per month? Brother said he wanted 60K. That is multiple trips to WM, T, FD, etc which adds up as we all know. I am tracking with you, but if someone is going to get 40 cards to save a couple hundred bucks yet can float $12K, it sounds like he doesn’t need the money and just likes a “deal”

        • Last time it was mostly 2x card -> AGC -> VGC -> MO but now I cut back and do once a week run to the mall to get 9.5k on my Arrival, and that gets me a profit of around $120, for a total of 1.5 hrs of work door to door. Of course we’re just lucky here with several very compliant WMs that allow large volume of MO purchases.

          I never said it was easy to work this promo FAST, it’s a marathon deal, not a sprint. At the moment I have more UR pts than I can burn in a few years so I’m not rushing to buy unless there’s a negative cost deal, but as a slow churn deal for those who plan ahead, it could work well.

          Remember, the miles vs ticket cost isn’t only consideration. The flexibility of booking last minute or changing flights at any moment is huge. I often travel with no specific plans and book my flights 1-2 weeks before I need them, usually one-ways. I’d be broke if I did that with cash.

        • I generally loathe dealing with Walmart cashiers or even the money centers…. Last week, I went off hours to a local WMT and was simply loading 5 cards…. Cashier was experienced, friendly– and knew what she was doing, but the computer kept interfering, first telling us (after I’d entered all 4) that 4 was the max permitted. Then I did the 4, and it nixed that …. then (with a supervisor standing over her) we had to do the transactions one at a time… an incredibly dumb waste of time…. (start to finish — nearly 25 minutes) When I started, I was the only person in line — when I finished, there were ten people behind me, and I could feeel their stares.

          I’ll make excuses to drive the extra 20 miles to a Wally World with a Kate machines…. He’uh in VuhGINyah, folks barely know what they are (so they seem underused and always working he’uh)

      • @Matt – I did not say buy/redeem them all at once….I was simply stating the fact that the monetary cost out of packet for a 60k ticket is $349. With the birds 40 cards are basically 80 minutes loading at wf kiosk…I manage 4 bbs so not a big deal for me. Maybe you value your time differently but I would gladly spend 80 min max in total loading those cards than spend $1,600/tix for 6 people flying mid july…I book in advance so never had a problem finding great seats in economy for the whole gang!

        • Thank you for your response, Bexho2000. Multiple BBs is a game changer and makes some of my points invalid. I agree our perpsectives on time is different. I do not doubt it takes you 80 minutes in total to load and unload your BB. You can say 80 minutes at the register or even 80 minutes door to door, but you are still having to make multiple trips. I know this because of loading limits per day and month. To each his own! If that is your bag, then I am happy for you. I hope it lasts!

          All that being said, $15 profit per $300 GC (with Ink) is not that great. And from the sub forums on FT most dont even use a 5x category which (as you know) is worse. A big problem for me is that much MS with Chase is dangerous. I have 4 cards with Chase and being shut down by there overzealous analysts for MS (which apparently happens a lot) is a big deal to me. Keep talking to me. It’s good to be challenged and your thoughts are helpful. Good luck at WM. -Matt

        • Appreciate your comments Matt – Chase been good to me over the last 4 yrs…been doing over 20 same amount transactions a day at times of promo at OM and never have had an issue with them…AMEX a different story…BB limit is $2500/day/card so 2 trips is enough to unload $20k with 4 cards….Some people like money, some like miles…I tend to love both…that said, this option is a last resort for me…simply put a better option than buying $200 cards online…

  4. Is there a way to find out how much has been spent in the 5X category? I have tried calling Chase few times but they either don’t give me the right answer or they just add up all the purchases I have made so far and give me the total. Is there a way you can download transactions to see how much I have spent in 5X categories?

    I looked at UR portal, but there is no easy download option there. I think I am about to reach the $50K per year limit, so wanted to make sure I don’t cross this limit and realize this later.

    • To find out your total rewards for the earnings year, from the chase credit card homepage, select the “Go to ultimate rewards”, click the “More ways to earn” link just below the 5%, 2%, 1% icons. There you will see how much you have earned in all three points categories since your anniversary date.

  5. FYI, I’ve had an order of 9 x $200 gift cards in processing since Oct. 1. Not sure what is causing the delay but they usually ship right away.

  6. Does anyone know if this will earn 3x TY points from the citi att access more card? I still have $1300 to meet spend on the card.


  7. Newbie here, if I go thru chase mall using Ink Cash to buy Staples.com GC, would that be 10%( 2 points per dollar spend in chase mall and 5% cash back)? Then VGC to BB.

  8. Can anyone answer these questions:

    1) why does gift card mall put a shipping fee on these when they don’t on other (e.g. Regular retailers) ones?

    2) if you buy multiple cards, I assume they will ship them all together vs. one at a time. So do they still add the $1 s/h fee per each one? Isn’t that kinda of a money grab on their part?

    I would stock up since the overall fees ( as a percentage) is lower than the $200 version. Thanks.

  9. Since I am in the middle of meeting a minimum spend on my Ink, this was excellent news today. I just bought 6 x $300. Ten minutes later, I got a call from Staples verifying my purchase. Everything was fine, but I wanted to warn people to expect a call. I did not have an account with Staples and checked out as a guest.

  10. Anyone get a shipping notice? I ordered Friday and my order is still processing. Does it normally take this long? Is it possible to cancel the order if it hasn’t shipped?

  11. If I maxed out BB, that’s 17 card total ($151 fee) for 25K UR. If I redeem on UA for NA to APAC tix, with stop in EU on J, I would need 160K UR pts. That’s 7 mo, since BB is maxed out at 5K load. Quite a long runway, but a rr NA to APAC tix with EU stopover in J can price at more than $20K.

    On the left coast, I can go to a local store, load 2K5 at 2045, then load another 2K5 at 2105. 1 trip per month, about 30 min in the store.

  12. Anybody else having trouble loading the $300 gift cards at WM to the BB? I can load the $200 fine at the register, but the $300 ones got rejected twice.

  13. They wont approve me for Chase Ink, because i have too many recent apps. However, I DO have Chase Business United Explorer, which gives 2 miles per Dollar spent on office supply stores. Still, I dont see this Staples deal as Profitable. Thoughts? I already hit threshold Bonus…just trying to manufacture some miles now. Should i go 2 miles per Dollar at staples or just 1 X through Giftcard.com, or something like that. Kind of pricey when I have to Pay $7 for $500 VGC, and only earn 500 miles with it. That’s $14, per 1000 miles.

  14. I recently ordered a $300 VGC on staples.com and I received a Vanilla gift card. It did not work for at at WM. Are they only selling vanilla gift cards now?

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