Hawaiian Airlines 50K offer returns

New Method May, 2016


You may be able to get a 50,000 point offer by creating a dummy booking. Here is how to do it:

  • Search for a flight and go through the airfare booking process.
  • On the final payment screen, select the “Credit/Debit Card” radio button and you may see a 50K offer as shown above.

Original Method October, 2015

The current standard offer for the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard from Barclaycard is 35,000 miles after $1,000 spend.  Through November 30, 2015, the offer has increased to 50,000 miles for members of their HawaiianMiles program.  To get this offer, simply log into your Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles account (create one first if you don’t already have one), click “View My Account”, scroll down a bit, and you should see something like this:


To be clear, Hawaiian Airlines miles are not the most valuable miles out there, but they can be useful to redeem for Hawaiian Airlines flights or for flights on Hawaiian Airline partner airlines.  It’s also worth noting that credit card holders can receive shared miles from friends and family for free.  So, it makes it easier to combine miles to get enough for a useful award.  You can also transfer miles to to Hilton points at a ratio of 1 to 1.5 (10,000 Hawaiian miles becomes 15,000 Hilton points).

Note that the $89 annual fee is not waived.

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  1. If you transfer points from one account to another on Hawaiian is there a time limit on how long those transferred points remain in the new account? Or do they act as any other point and can be refreshed with use or addition of new points?

  2. Not a bad deal at all for a family doing Island hopping, frequently close to 2 cent value for the non- saver awards at better times of the day ( and so much better than transferring Star points!!)

  3. Those who aren’t seeing the offer, where on the website are you looking? I see the offer on the “My Account” page, right above the words “TRACK YOUR 2016 MEMBERSHIP STATUS”

  4. WAIT A HOLDIT! Do they still have that clause that says points only can be awarded to residents of Hawaii? In other words, you can use it but if your address is in the continental 48 – you is out of luck and no points. Buyer beware!! Good for residents of “HI” but pretty much useless for points ambitious stateside residents!

    • Ah…
      Ya want to include an exact quote from whatever TOS or TOC you are getting that from?

      Especially for those who have never heard any type of state restrictions put on an airline program?

      You do know that Hawaiian Airlines is hardly a “Hawaii only airline”, they have flights all over the west coast, incl. Hawaii!!

  5. Me and my sister with both of us having the credit cards are showing 50k, 60k, 80k, 120k, 160k main cabin roundtrip flights. So, the award flights range from 50k – 160k for main cabin when the dollar for booking the flight go from $600 – $900 RT. Is anyone else having these issues? I’m thinking they devalued their award chart with no notice.

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