Sapphire Preferred 50K to 60K, and Freedom 15K offers coming soon

Via an inside source, I’ve learned that Chase plans to offer increased signup bonuses for the Sapphire Preferred and Freedom cards.  The expected go-live date is November 16, but sometimes deals like these appear a bit sooner in some channels, such as through Chase’s refer-a-friend program.

Sapphire Preferred 50K

Both cards earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points.  With a premium card like the Sapphire Preferred card, points are transferable to a number of airline and hotel programs.  For more details, please see: Quick guide toransferable points programs.

Here are the (expected) details of the new offers:

Chase Sapphire Preferred

Total bonus: 55K

Details: Earn 50,000 bonus points (usual offer is for 40,000) after $4K spend in 3 months.  Earn an additional 5,000 bonus points for adding an authorized user.

Annual fee: First year waived, then $95

10K more for Chase Private Client members

Total bonus: 65K

Chase has a program called Chase Private Client for their high value customers.  If you’ve been invited to join, do it!  Private Client bankers often have better signup bonuses that they can offer to their customers.  With the upcoming promotion, we’re expecting to see the Sapphire Preferred at 65K (60K + 5K for adding an authorized user) for Private Client members!

Chase Freedom

Total bonus: 17.5K

Details: Earn 15,000 bonus points (usual offer is for 10,000, but we occasionally see 20,000) after $500 spend in 3 months.  Earn an additional 2,500 bonus points for adding an authorized user.

Annual fee: None

Note: Points earned on the Freedom card are not directly transferable to airline and hotel programs, but you can move points to your (or your spouse’s or business partner’s) Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus account and then transfer to an airline or hotel program.  See: How to share Chase Ultimate Rewards with friends.

Getting approved

Lately, Chase has been denying many/most applications for the Sapphire Preferred, Freedom, and Ink cards when the applicant has applied for more than 5 cards in the past two years.  If you haven’t applied for many cards in the last two years and you have a decent credit history, you should be fine.  If you have applied for a lot of cards, consider applying in-branch.  Those with Chase bank accounts who apply for cards through their local banker seem to have a better success rate (anecdotally).  Sometimes the banker is able to advocate on the applicants behalf to push approvals through.

Getting the bonus

Remember that you cannot get a signup bonus for a Chase card if you received a signup bonus for the same card within the past 24 months.  So, if you signed up for the Sapphire Preferred card in the past, make sure you received the bonus more than 24 months ago.  You also must not have the card anymore, but it is OK if you cancelled or downgraded the card less than 24 months ago.

Sign-Up Bonuses

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  2. […] 【2015.11.4更新】【小道消息】据说CSP今年的大Offer将会是50k(平常是40k,好久没出现50k了),如果你是 Chase Private Client 那么将会升为60k!据说11.16这offer就会出现了!大家敬请期待 一有可用链接我们会第一时间告诉大家的!小道消息来源:… […]

  3. […] 2015.11.4 Update: (Insider News:) It is said that this year’s big offer for CSP is 50k (usually 40k, and the 50k big offer hasn’t shown up for a loooong time)! It is said that the big offer will become available on 11.16! Looking forward to the big offer! We will let you know as soon as there is an available link! Source:… […]


  1. There’s no point in asking for a match until the new offers become official. When that happens, as long as you applied within the prior 90 days you should have a good chance of getting them to match the bonus

    • That’s just common sense. Why would anyone call in to ask to match an offer that doesn’t exist. The foolish things people do…

  2. Why do bloggers always seem to assume that adding an AU is no problem, almost automatic? Even when I was married my husband would never have let me mess with his credit (and vice versa). And, since most people are not married, who are you all adding as AUs?

    • Why don’t you have your husband hold onto the card so you can’t use it, or just cut it up after 1st use? You only need it for the points, not for their line of credit.

      • Exactly. I add my wife as an AU to every card I apply. She just doesn’t use it, better yet we don’t even activate it (unless when needed to trigger the bonus)… we just put it away in the corner of a drawer.

    • You can add pretty much anyone. At different times I’ve added my son, my niece, my sister. You could add a friend too. While the accounts appear on their credit report, there is no hard pull for them, so I’m not aware of any real downside except one: some have reported that Chase considers AU cards when looking to see how many accounts you’ve opened in the past 2 years. I think they’ve fixed this but I try to assign AU cards to people who won’t be applying for Chase cards. Just in case.

    • All chase asked for was the name to put on the card. No SSN or any other personal information. The card has the same card number on it. My AU doesn’t know he is an AU, it certainly cant hurt his credit.

    • Most of the time you don’t even need people’s SSN to add them as AU…You can add anyone, even your altered ego as AU. I really don’t see how adding AU can be a problem.

        • Most of my relatives are overseas, so for me it’s easy to get any of them a card. For example for Chase, all you need is one’s full name.

        • @ Eric

          I erroneously thought you were replying to my post regarding AU cards.

          I’d hope that everyone here would know better than to create cards in someone else’s name without their consent and explanation of your intentions although I know better than to assume that’s what everyone does.

    • I think you’re aiming your displeasure at the wrong person/source. FM is one of the higher quality sources for all-around value when it comes to this MS/Churn/discounts.

      You mention “when” you were married your husband wouldn’t let you have an AU card. Was that not a red flag that there was some trust issues going on re: money and finances? I know everyone is different but if I or my wife suggested such a thing to each other there’d be some major fighting going on because it suggests an underlying issue beyond an AU card. Even those couples who believe in separating finances while married would have more reason to have AU cards than not. Obviously this isn’t a psychology and relationship forum but I’d hope you see my point regardless.

      Btw, you can have an AU card for more than just your spouse. Your mother, your father, a friend, a room mate…. do I need to go on? Heck, on Serve/BB/RB cards there are people creating AU cards for their pet gold fish named Guppy and their cat named Whiskers! Ethical or not it can be done.

      • Wouldn’t what you described not only be unethical but also fraud? Do you have any idea how these people get away with using fake names? Wouldn’t they get caught eventually as some stores require ID for some purchases.

        • I completely agree that it’s unethical and fraud to create AU cards for fictitious people. I also do not support the idea of trying to use a credit card in-store that is in someone else’s name. I was only illustrating the fact that AU cards can be done. Any friends or family or room mate that gives their consent is enough opportunity for those who are single and looking for legit AU cards.

        • I’m sure you realize this but just to be clear I wasn’t asking you for advice on how to get away with using someone else’s card. I just more curious how they get away with it.

  3. I had CSP for more than two years (since May 2013) and two months back (Sep 2015) I downgraded it to Chase Sapphire. Is the 24 month rule for the time since “i got the last bonus” or since “I applied for the card”? If its for the bonus, is there a way i can find out when I got the bonus on my card?
    Also, if I downgraded it to CS just two months back, will i still be able to get the CSP? (i.e. can I have two sapphire products at the same time?)

      • Thanks for this info! I checked my ultimate rewards account but it only shows activity going back 2 months (I guess it shows me the activity on only CS and not CSP from the time when I downgraded it). Anyhow thanks!

  4. on chase freedom, i have had the CC for a long time. Will i qualify for the future bonus if i cancel it now and reapply later this month or whenever a big bonus is offered? TIA

      • thx for a suggestion. do u think will be better to change the current freedom card to another no-fee CC like the Slate and get the sign-up bonus from the freedom later? does chase regularly offer sign-up bonus for the slate card? TIA

    • Good point. I wouldn’t expect them to because it falls on your business credit history instead of personal. The Ink cards are handled more in the sense that the business is the account holder and you (“employee”) are really an AU.

      • It has nothing to do with “business” credit history. Chase looks at your inquiries. Your personal credit report will have every business card inquiry that used your SSN.

        There are exceptions to the “five inquiry” rule. Do some research, and you’ll see that people have gotten Chase cards with more than five cards in two years.

  5. Adding AU may not be a good idea, as there are reports that AU counts towards the 5 cards in two years to Chase. Just a thought.

  6. I have 5 accounts in past two years(one of them is authorized user), got declined last month by applying online for CSP. Recon, special consideration, and secure message didn’t work either. If I want to try it again, what kind of banker would you recommend that may “be able to advocate on the applicants”? Thanks a lot!!!

  7. Today, a personal banker from chase confirmed to me that the increase will indeed go live the 15th. They are actually being product trained on this to notify potential customers. So good news!

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