Platinum cardholders who missed out on the NY Hamilton tickets get a second chance in Chicago

hamilton chicago

Last week American Express had a presale for Hamilton tickets in New York. If you missed out on that sale, you may have a chance to grab tickets in Chicago if you are an Amex Platinum or Centurion cardholder.

The Offer

It’s our pleasure to bring you exclusive presale access to Hamilton. Select Chicago performances go on sale June 13, 2016, at 10AM CT and are anticipated to sell quickly. It’s an excellent way to entertain clients or show employee appreciation.

Get a Code

You need your own unique code to order. You should be able to call the number on the back of your Platinum card and request a code from the Amex Concierge. Use that code when following the instructions below.

Two other ways to get your code:

  • Call Amex customer service to request code; or
  • email (but response may not come until next day)

How to Buy

To buy your tickets on June 13, 2016 beginning at 10AM CT:

1. Go to
2. Select a performance date between September 27, 2016 – March 19, 2017
3. Select “AMEX Centurion/Platinum Card® Presale” ticket type
4. Enter your unique offer code, valid for one purchase of up to four (4) tickets:
5. Purchase available tickets, using your American Express Card.

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  1. I secured two codes (two cards) after 1.5 hours. The concierge suggested using the Ticketmaster App instead online as less likely to crash and have your code copied to paste in.

    Good luck in the free for all!

    Thanks for your good work Shawn.

  2. People who have purchased through Amex presale for other events may skim right over the part where it says you need a unique code to order, assuming that it will be the 1-800 number from the back of the card.

    However, in this case they truly are assigning unique codes.

    Call in asap and get your code as some have been experiencing long wait times.

    • If you sign into your Amex account, there is a section where you specify marketing preferences. Go to Account Services / Communication and Privacy Settings / Subscription ENewsletter. (I think).


  3. the waits are too long over the weekend, so called again this morning to the regular customer service line. they were able to provide me with the codes. (one per card not acct)

    got tickets after about 20mins.

  4. I waited for the concierge Sun night for about 90 minutes. The guy told me I was lucky to get in so early; NYC tickets were going on sale right after the Tonys and then cardholders would be calling the concierge for help with those tickets. Never felt so good to be on hold ONLY 90 min! It all worked great….2 plat cards netted 8 fab tickets for February. Thanks for the head’s up.

  5. Waited 3+ hours then got disconnected, then tried chat support, they said someone would call me – have waited 3 more hours, am going to try calling other numbers I suppose. Amex customer service is brutal. Also who has a system with no estimated wait time and no callback feature?

  6. I waited more than 3 hours on hold for a concierge, got fed up and hung up and went to the beach. I woke up at 5am EST this morning and called and only waited 15min to get the code. So call real early !!!!

  7. Do you think they will be offering codes for presale again? I would love to see this show without paying resale prices.

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