Ebates offering 15% cashback at HP [Still Alive]

Valid through: ? [Deal is still alive next day]

Every now and then Ebates increases their cashback rate for HP to 15%.  Today they’ve struck again.  And, if you have any Amex cards enrolled in the HP Amex Offer (Spend $250, Get $50 Back), huge savings are possible.

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    • Unfortunately, I have at least one data point showing delivery the next day. In that case the order was placed on a Sunday though and was verified on Monday. It’s possible that orders placed this morning will be verified today, but of course I can’t promise.

  1. All of the orders I placed for PHYSICAL gift cards popped the Amex “used your offer” email almost immediately.

    The obvious note is that this is worth more for Amex cards with OPEN savings since those will save you another $12.50 (5%) on the order.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the gift card sales crashed as a result of this sale, so be prepared. You might make less than you imagine or even lose money. All things are possible.

    • One note: I’m currently seeing only some of the orders on eBates. Not all. For the moment I’m waiting before doing any more since some aren’t tracking. No I didn’t exceed the 10 order limit.

  2. Verified today!
    ELECTRONIC gift card: $250
    Amex Offer: $25 cashback
    eBates: 15% = $37.50 cashback
    Total: $187.50 for a $250 gift card

      • FYI, order for the ELECTRONIC gift card was placed today, cashback from Ebates was received today, and the actual ELECTRONIC gift card was received today! What to buy?

      • $162.50 not $137.50. Plus you presumably made something from the card you used, even if only 1X, so maybe $135 really. Less if you used a Business Card with OPEN, less still if you used an OPEN card that also had a 3% category for Computers.

        • Indeed my math is off today….thanks for the check. $162.50 for a $250 HP gift card is not too shabby though.

  3. Nice find, Greg. I’ve been hunting for a new laptop and this came in very handy. 2x $250 GCs (w/ Amex Sync) = $400 – Ebates $75 = $325

    $600 laptop – $83 Ebates = $517

    So, all-in, approx $342 for a $600 laptop. Thanks!

  4. I placed an order with the GC from this deal and Ebates a couple of days ago. Today HP called me with the news that they cancelled it and asked my permission to reorder the items for me. Naturally I declined, and said they were playing shady by pulling this trick. Looks like Meg Whitman is doing a ‘heck of a job’ remaking HP in her image. 🙁

    Will try to reorder myself (with the Ebates deal), and keep my fingers crossed.

  5. About 48 hours and no ebates cash back for four egift card purchases. I will update if I receive the cash back.

    • Maybe it depends on the timing of orders. Those who got in early got the cash back on gift cards, but then HP changed things. I didn’t place an order (intended to, but was traveling and didn’t have my Amex on me), but if people posted the time and results of their orders, it might be possible to piece together what happened.

      • I ordered an e-gift card or two pretty much every day of this promotion, so I don’t think anything changed along the way. I guess its possible that there’s a problem with physical gift cards, but likely that the cash back will register once the cards are shipped.

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