$15 Instant Rebate on $300 in Visa Gift Cards at Officemax/Office Depot

office depot gift card rebate

Officemax/Office Depot will be holding a very good deal on Visa gift cards beginning on Sunday.

The Offer

Save $15 instantly when you buy $300 or more in Visa gift cards.

Key Terms

  • In-store only.
  • Limit two offers per customer.
  • Discount is taken at the register.
  • Valid 8/21/16-8/27/16


Which Cards?

As you may know, variable load Visa gift cards are cash only at Officemax/Office Depot. Fortunately fixed value cards can still be purchased with a credit card. Most stores carry $200 fixed value Visa gift cards that work well with this promotion.


Visa gift cards sold by Officemax/Office Depot are issued by Metabank. For more info on setting the pin on these cards and liquidating them, see: Beginner’s guide to buying & liquidating Visa & Mastercard gift cards

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  1. Several of the OD/OM in our area, carry the newly packaged $20-$200 variable. I’ve been successful in purchasing these with my Ink on at least 3 occasions over the last month. I also noticed that the banner that once indicated “Cash only” for variable instruments is no longer there.

    • Many people have reported problems liquidating those weird variable 200s so people should take note of that. The packages even state they can’t be used at all stores. Some grocery stores have problems accepting them, the pin pads don’t recognize what it is. Also, can’t use them online even for Amazon purchases, which was my backup plan. Also, those won’t work with this sale because they are coded differently, already checked.

      • No, they still won’t allow and the register is hard coded against. Many stores have removed the 500s because no one can buy them now. In their lame attempt to combat imaginary fraud by limiting to cash only, they end up enabling the true problem of money laundering (making illegally gotten cash into legit forms).

  2. I’ve gone to Staples for these deals. Never OD/OM. The limit 2 per customer means $600+ and get $30 back in instant rebates?

    Also, how do they keep track? If it’s an instant rebate, can one return the next day for more?


    • Yes you can as long as they will let you. There really is no tracking per se, but the same employee/manager could deny you if they recognize you have been there before.

    • I got banned from stores by repeated visits within same week and I wasn’t even buying that much. Ban was lifted when I complained to corporate. The worst manager also lost his store. I’m a business owner and I got other businesses to shift their local buying away from the stores that treated me bad, after a year some locations were closed. Managers need to realize when they treat an ms’r bad they may be offending a business owner who can influence other business connections and that could come back to bite them.

  3. Good catch, Shawn. How’d you find out so early? Is it in an advance ad? I checked next week’s 33 page ad for my area…. and I’m not seeing anything there? In yours?

    If this is one of those in-store only promotions, if past pattern holds, these will be sold out early on Sunday, and not restocked for rest of the week. (in part because of lack of real limits…. and those who know why this is a good deal, will “stock up”)

    Have six+ OD/OM’s about an hour from me, in Richmond, VA but last time around, turned out to be fruitless waste of time trying to find any….. “Maybe this time will be different.” Be curious to hear reports from elsewhere about OD/OM inventory…. (I HAVE noticed that Staples in my area past few times have stocked these things better)

    • Was so much better in the past when none of the bloggers would know ahead of time and only those of us who would actually stop in to om regularly would know about these non-ad sales. But, this one got spread to this blog and others in a different way. In the past some deals were promoted by a marketing company that uses blogs to spread promos not in ads. Some ms blogs began to follow those type blogs. Then, some would befriend an om employee to get photos of part of the sign they had ready to put out. Some people that aren’t real serious about ms benefit from these blogs because they otherwise not investigate for deals on theor own. Blogs provide a service to them, but unfortunately the serious ms’rs have been hindered and deals are less frequent now due to too many participants and even the wrong kind have entered this which leads to cash only policies at some locations. No blaming, just the facts as they are. We live with it and seek out other methods locally that aren’t known to those who would ruin it.

  4. We know OM offers usually stack the discount in the multiples of the spend requirement. However I dont know if OD system would or not. We lost all our OMs in our area because OD HQ is in our area – all we have left are ODs.

    Last similar promo on the AMEX GCs, the discount did NOT stack when you bought $600 on one transaction. It would only take off 1 discount. So you need to watch the register screen to make sure the discount stacked before you swipe your card!

  5. Just bought $400 in variable, 2×200 at my local OD. Total came to 398.90. They didn’t have any fixed value 200 in stock.

    No signs were posted to describe the deal or terms.

  6. Bought 3x$200 variable and got $30 off just fine paying with ink credit. Worth noting also that the recently featured “Dining Everywhere Visa” gift cards (that are said to actually be accepted everywhere, not just at dining places) have a purchase fee of only $4.95 instead of the normal $6.95 and are issued by Metabank and are valid for the promotion. $600 worth of gift cards for $584.85 + 5x points on the deal… Works for me.

  7. Make sure to buy in increments of 3×200 per transaction. I bought 9 in one transaction, related only $30.

  8. If youre gonna buy more than a few transactions, dont forget to call your card issuer first to put a spending alert on that youre gonna make mutiple transactions to a certain limit before saturday. Itll prevent card declines at the register.

  9. OK, so Ive got 7.2k in these cards. I went a little overboard at my local ODs…

    So, 36k UR, and about $100 in profit… NOW WHAT? Ive purchased money orders at post offices before but worried about doing 7k in MO deposits within a month. I have a serve card, but I cant find clear instructions on loading limits and split loads at walmarts. Any suggestions on where to find clear instructions? I think all of us need to liquidate soon, cause this wave might spark some new regulations…

  10. Item 1. Please never , never , never buy into an ms deal unless you have at least TWO viable ways to liquidate that you are somewhat familiar with.
    Item 2. Besides the obvious one of depositing mo’s sparingly into your checking /savings/ loan accounts at your bank, or at bank too to pay off your credit card (be very sparing on this one), you can mail them to mortgage companies (for regular or additional principal payments), pay tuition fees, college dorm bills, pay irs , overpay utility companies and use up the credit in future months, and pay off medical bills etc etc.
    These are just the obvious ones. – im sure some other bloggers can suggest more creative ways.
    Ps: can you tell i went heavy in on this deal too!!!!
    Have fun with your 36k ur, which is $450 in travel at chase ink 1.25 factor, and a whopping $540 if you get the new chase reserve card at 1.5 factor!

  11. Thanks Ken… Yeah, I definitely jumped the gun here. But worst case scenario I figured I can use them for spend if absolutely necessary.

    So today, I went to walmart, and found out that at my burbank, ca walmart, the load a prepaid card is “70 action code” (for anyone wondering). I deposited 2200 and sent a payment to one of my ccs. I then went to buy a money order, but she said she can only split it into two payments. So, doesnt make much sense with these $200 cards, so I said no thanks. My concern of course is getting my Serve account shut down like Ive heard happening to others. Im staying a bit below the limits, and hoping that helps. Maybe Ill do some other transaction that makes Amex a few bucks like an ATM withdrawal.

    Since I was there, I hopped by the Burbank OD, and lo and behold they still had $200 GCs? I was shocked to find them since they were nowhere else. I bought $1200 more. Couldnt help myself.

    Looks like Ill need at least one more trip to the walmart and a couple trips to the post office to get the money orders since they can split the payment to as many cards as needed… I just hope both liquidation methods continue to work for at least one more month.

  12. Joe. Ot must be a single store issue. Ive been cashing out Dining Everywhere vgc’s all week at several wallmarts in north houston. Some had the old swiping machines and some had the very latest. Theyve worked at them all here. Try others stores?

    • @Ken. I did not. Don’t get me wrong last week was just madness and I was able to get many 3*200s through out the week. Now that the deal is done I want to go back try again. All the Dinning out Cards were $6.95 (not the $4.95) which some folks were able to get. I am going to buy a couple of these cards and the 5% refund cards to test them out. My guess is the OD deal will come back during the holidays.. Just a fantastic week..

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