5 Back Visa: Awesome Deals! (currently out of stock online)

Gift Card Mall $25 back on $500 load?

Gift Card Mall is currently advertising a seemingly too good to be true promo for their 5 Back Visa Gift Card.  Through December 10th, they say that you’ll get “5% of the total load value of your Five Back Visa Gift Card now” then get up to 5% back later:

5-back-visa-5-now-5-laterThe “5 Back Later” part is a standard feature of the card, which is pretty good by itself.  See: Five Back Visa Gift Card. A new way to earn 5X and save money?  The “5 Back Now” is the part that seems too good to be true.

I went through the steps of buying a $500 Visa gift card online, but never saw any more details about the promotion.  They certainly didn’t discount the gift card by 5% I think that “5 Back Now” means that if you initially load $500 onto a card, it will arrive with 5% more value: $525.  I didn’t try it though.  Gift Card Mall always cancels all of my online orders, so I can’t test it out.  Readers: Please comment below if you try this to let us know if you really get $25 free (less fees).

But it is true!  This wasn’t working originally, but now, when I put two $500 gift cards into my cart, I see the 5% discount immediately!


Don’t forget to start your shopping at a cash back portal too!  Giving Assistant is currently offering 1.25% cash back for GiftCardMall Visa gift cards.

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes
Giving AssistantI will earn $5 after your first eligible purchase, and you’ll earn a $5 sign-up bonus automatically.Excellent cash back portal. Very fast payments.

Fee Free Cards at Simon Mall

As reported by Doctor of Credit, Simon Mall is waiving fees on 5 Back Visa Simon gift cards with value loads of $300 or more between December 5th and December 11th.  It is unclear if this deal is available at all Simon Malls or just select malls.  Please see the Doctor of Credit post for more details.  It appears that these gift cards may be slightly different from the 5 Back Visa gift cards I’ve written about previously.  For example, the eligible stores for receiving 5% back may vary.  Please read the fine print if you plan to use the cards in that way.

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  1. I just completed a purchase of $500. The final invoice shows $500 + $5.95 activation fee, total $505.95. There was no discount at all. No $25 reduction in cost, no $25 added onto value of card. I plan to call.

  2. I’ve ordered from gift card mall without issues before so I tried and it doesn’t take off the 5% during checkout. I also tried to add only one 5% VGC to see if it would make a difference, it doesn’t.

    It seems that they either got the language of the promo wrong, or hopefully the promo is right but it’s a technical glitch that doesn’t make it track, or there was supposed to be a code to discount the 5%. If it’s the later, they’ll hopefully fix the promo soon.

  3. I’ve also had problems in the past ordering from GCM, but the last week, my orders having seemingly gone through (I was buying Five Backs below cost using topcashback’s 2%). But this morning I tried placing two different orders using different cards: both went “pending” on my online credit card statements, but GCM said the orders didn’t go through. I figure it’s hopeless (kind of like paypal frustration) — and hopefully I don’t actually get charged for the purchases!

    • BTW, to get my new orders to seemingly go through last week, I had to use different email accounts from my previous orders. Their system wouldn’t let me log into my old accounts. I tried that today, but it didn’t work. It’s a bit weird because Blackhawk now owns both giftcards.com and giftcardmall.com, but I find giftcards.com systems to work better (processing times can be long, but at least the orders tend to go through).

      Honestly, other than gamers, I don’t know who would order from these online services. They’re just not reliable enough. If a “normal” person wanted a gift card, I think they’d go to a physical store to buy it. They’d be foolish not to do that.

  4. I had a strange experience ordering from GCM today as well. Filled out an order for 2 FB cards, and paid with a CC i used many times before. Only this time the charges were not going through. Called the bank for the explanation, and they said the purchase was approved (twice) but the vendor immediately refunded it each time. The bank’s agent then proceeded to make a 3-way call to GCM to hear their explanation. GCM only suggested that I clear the browser cache and try again later. I’m not sure if I will though 😉

    • My attempt to buy a FB card from GCM failed with a Chase card. I could see the pending authorizations as $505.95 then minus $505.95 and when I tried again, another $505.95 and then minus $505.95. Weird dance that I don’t usually see. Usually if a vendor’s attempt to get an authorization fails, I don’t see a pending transaction as a result.

  5. Can these be liquidated by buying money orders and Walmart, or loading a AmEx Serve/Bluebird card? Can’t find any solid data points.

    • This looks like a giant con to me.

      As I previously mentioned, I bought a couple of these FiveBack cards last week before the extra 5% bonus offer popped up.

      I tried to buy more with the new offer, but all my orders were mysteriously declined. As, apparently, were just about everyone else’s.

      And now the cards are “out of stock”?

      Why on earth would GCM do this nonsense? Why have a promotion on a product that you don’t want to fulfill at all?

  6. SO far, I’ve seen no actual successes with any 5 back promo this week, online or in-store. Fees are being charged when buying in-store (where it was supposed to have a promo) and orders cancelled in droves at gcm. Maybe a few of you got your online order through and properly tracking and will eventually receive the card and all will be fine. Strange ‘promo’ week, lots of publicity, but little follow through on the ‘hawk’s (or their retailers) side of things.

    • Just a data point.I ordered two of these gift cards (it wasn’t easy –I too had problems with website) at a discount and have just received shipping confirmation and the charges have posted to my credit card.

  7. $100 Five Back VGCs are available now. Personally, I got an order of $500s through on 12/5 so I won’t bother with these, I’ll will wait to see if the $500 ones come back again by 12/10.

  8. Wonder if they will start selling $500 5 backs again.

    I think it’s low supply or people hitting it hard.

    Most bloggers missed writing about the return of the deal yesterday. A lot of takers out there. It’s everyone for themselves now and I won’t kill my methods or deals just to see them disappear.

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