Was I the Kohl’s Cash lady?

Kohl’s Cash.  It’s that weird currency-like thing that Kohl’s regularly gives you in exchange for purchases.  It works kinda like a gift card, but not.  And it’s kinda like a coupon, but not.  It behaves so strangely that I once wrote a whole post about it “The strange economics of Kohl’s Cash.”  The details of how Kohl’s Cash behaves have since changed in some ways, but it’s no less confusing than ever before.

Why am I writing about Kohl’s Cash?  It has nothing to do with points & miles, right?  Well, a few years ago I did a crazy stunt where I earned a million points and miles in one month (click here for details).  About half of those points came from signup bonuses.  Most of the rest came from buying and selling.  I extreme stacked deals to buy things at great discounts while earning huge numbers of points.  A large percentage of those items came from Kohl’s.  During that month, and for quite a while afterwards, I frequently found myself at Kohl’s trying to return items for various reasons.  And I learned the hard way the strange economics of Kohl’s Cash.

So, I found it hilarious when I came across this viral video of a woman, Amanda Bell, stuck in line behind another woman who was trying to deal with the strange economics of Kohl’s Cash.  It’s also pretty cool that Amanda Bell lives in a nearby town to me.  She was almost certainly at the same Kohl’s that I frequented.  In fact, had this video come out three years ago, I would have worried that I was the Kohl’s Cash Lady (never mind that I’m a guy)!

If you haven’t seen it already, check out this hilarious video:

And, kudos to Kohl’s for responding in-kind with their own video:


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  1. If you think that video’s funny, I can only assume all your dealing and churning has addled your brain. Kudo’s to Kohl’s for posting a courteous reply

  2. I’ve wondered what would happen if I spent the Kohl’s cash then returned the items I bought to earn the Kohl’s cash. Would they penalize you in some way, or be forced to let it go?

    Because sometimes you can buy items one day and spend the Kohl’s cash the next. Maybe this has been covered, but can definitely see how it could be confusing.

  3. For every $50 you spend you get $10 but only when kohls cash is going on. Its common sence if you return items & earned kohls cash it will deactivate. If you used the kohls cash that was earned on your purchase it makes sence to deduct it form your return, you cant have your cake & eat it too. If you returned something and used kohls cash kohls is now handing out blue kohls cash that can be used right away & expires in 30 days instead of giving out merchandise credit & or loosing the kohls cash. Its basically like free money people get so angry over it its ridiculous.

  4. Hilarious videos. Thanks for the laughs. Kinda reminds me of my recent episode when trying to use Fuel Rewards Alt ID at a Shell gas station and finding out only after the non discounted gas purchase Fuel Rewards computers were down and during a call to Fuel Rewards customer service all they offered was a “sorry” and an additional 5 cents a gallon off. What good is an additional 5 cents when you can’t use the fuel rewards to get discounted gas prices? (a week later I was able to do so with the physical Fuel Rewards in hand).

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