Amex Special Performances of Hamilton on Sale Now: Two New Dates Added

hamilton chicago amex

Previously I covered the American Express special performances of Hamilton Chicago. At first they had released tickets for January 21 and February 25, 2017. Now, American Express has added two more exclusive shows where you can purchase tickets at face value. These performances are special events specifically for Amex premium cardholders.

The Offer

Centurion or Platinum cardholders can purchase up to 4 tickets for Hamilton Chicago shows on February 7, 2017 or March 14, 2017.

Need to Know

  • Call 800-525-3355 to book your tickets through the Platinum Concierge.
  • Tickets go for as low as $65 each. Some orchestra seats are as low as $180.

Sign-Up Bonuses

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  1. In other words, Amex holders will be able to scalp 4 more tickets for profit. Not blaming Amex, but this industry needs an overhaul.

  2. after the liberal lefto-wing post performance dissing our new VP would not go see this %$#@ play no on would do that to joe BIden????? who is a true idiot at times///

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