Amazing Deal (Maybe): 5k SAS miles per cheap Hertz rental

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Update: Hertz has changed the terms of this promotion, requiring a minimum of 3 days for rentals in the US and Canada. Read more about it here.

As reported by Frequent Flyer BonusesOne Mile at a Time,  Million Mile Secrets, there is a potentially amazing promotion going on between SAS Airlines and Hertz rent-a-car.

SAS business

SAS Business Class — 100k miles round trip from the US to Europe

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Valid for rentals reserved by June 30th for pick up by September 30th, 2017
  • Must use Discount code CDP 736686 to receive the discount and Promotion Code PC 203592 to receive the 5,000 SAS EuroBonus Extra points and your special conditions.
  • Please quote your EuroBonus member number at time of booking and show your card at time of pick up.
  • First 25 bookings made with this promotion which turn into a rental receive 25,000 EuroBonus points.
  • Customers are informed at 5th October 2017 and points will be credited afterwards to their account.
  • Customers need to be a EuroBonus member.
  • Recourse to the courts is not permitted.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotion.
  • All rentals are subject to Hertz standard terms and conditions.
  • Must book through the promotional page according to terms (which is just a promo page at — link above)

Quick Thoughts

This could be a fantastic deal if it works. Check out this one-day rental I just looked up in Syracuse, NY on August 8-9, 2017:

Hertz Syracuse

That’s $20.52 all-in. If the promotion is honored as written, that would earn 5,000 SAS miles. What can you do with the miles? A couple of examples:

  • 25,000 miles = round trip domestic US saver award on United
  • 50,000 miles = round trip domestic US saver award on United (or round trip economy class to Hawaii)
  • 60,000 miles = round trip economy award on SAS between Boston, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC,  and San Francisco and Europe
  • 100,000 miles = round trip business class award on SAS between those same cities and Europe
  • 110,000 miles = round trip business class award between North America & Europe on Star Alliance partners
  • 120,000 miles = round trip business class between North & Central America and North & Central Africa / Middle East

So twenty of those $20.52 one-day rentals should earn enough SAS miles for a round trip business class between North America and Europe — that’s $410.40.

But proceed with caution

You know what they say when something is too good to be true. This sounds far too generous to hold up. The biggest downside of the promotion is that the rental cars are non-refundable.  If the promotion gets pulled/changed/not honored in some way, I imagine it’ll be a real hassle getting your money back. Furthermore, as bolded in the key terms, the miles won’t post until after October 5th — so you won’t know for sure if you’re getting credited until after it’s done. That’s a gamble. Still, I’ve been known to lay a wager — and I just may gamble on this one.

See the links at the top of this post for more information and award charts.

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  1. […] Amazing Deal (Maybe): 5k SAS miles per cheap Hertz Rental: Let’s call this the infatuation stage. This promotion looked too good to be true, but I couldn’t resist. Hertz and SAS were offering 5k miles for every Hertz rental over the next several months. Cars were available from about $20 all-in. Could it be true? Could $410 in rentals really buy round trip business class to Europe? I wanted to book first and ask questions later. The biggest problem: the terms state that miles won’t post until after October 5th. Talk about delayed gratification and a lot of time for something to go wrong. […]

  2. […] Amazing Deal (Maybe): 5k SAS miles per cheap Hertz rental: Well, this turned out to be a flop. While I received 5K miles for my first rental, I have yet to receive miles for my second rental (the next day) and Hertz changed the terms of the promotion to require a 3-day rental. One reader is reporting that he was told he would not receive the miles on a one-day rental he reserved before the program terms were changed. If you have one-day rentals booked and intended to take advantage of this promotion, you may want to contact Hertz about cancelling. On the other hand, if you have any 3-day or longer rentals planned, this promotion can still be good, but nowhere near amazing. Rentals must be reserved by 6/30/17 for pick up by 9/30/17). […]


  1. You did not mention that you must book through a special webpage and also it says collision and safety insurance are included with this Rental. So you will likely pay a lot more than you would at Hertz website It also says that so you won’t get your miles until after October 7

    I think I will stick with United promotion. Sure I only get 2500 miles per rental but there’s no guesswork and the miles post after a few days like clockwork. And it’s a lot easier to redeem United miles.

    • Edit: I initially commented here to say that you don’t need to use a special website. I see I’m mistaken –the terms do say that you have to book through the page I linked to in the post where it says “Direct link to promotion here”. However, that page is on – it’s not a third-party page. And it’s just filling in the CDP and PC codes provided in the post (when I go to and enter those codes, I get the same rates).

      I clicked the link in the post to get the $20.54 price you see in the picture — I didn’t try all of the various discount codes to compare, but how much cheaper than $20 can it get?

      I’m certainly not telling you to choose this over the United promotion. That’s how I usually do Hertz rentals. However, unfortunately, my United miles do not always post like clockwork. I’m glad you’ve had a more consistent experience there.

      There’s no doubt that this is risky in the sense that the miles won’t post until October. I’m not sure how that will all pan out. But as far as booking, the promotion page is on the Hertz website — it’s just pre-filling the codes. Have you tried comparing rates?

  2. My experience with Hertz ? Mezzo-mezzo probability of promotions posting as advertised. AND poor likelihood of contact with real support for same.

    Some companies track record suggest(s) just not worth the effort.

  3. I’m not sure if this term was on the webpage when you wrote this post, but now it says:

    •Hertz reserves the right to change or remove this promotion at any time.

    If they just added that, it’s a very, very bad sign.

    • Yes, it was in there. Lucky has the terms copied at One Mile at a Time, and that line was there. That’s common — the terms for most promotions or just about any loyalty program have similar clauses. Of course, like I said in the post — I don’t know that this will pan out. I wouldn’t be shocked if it doesn’t or is a a hassle. But there are at least a number of blogs out there with screen shots of the terms and they haven’t pulled the promotion yet. Like I said, definitely a gamble — but I’m game, so I thought it was worth sharing for those who are.

    • If you’re seeing something different, great! All of the cities I tried looked like the pic above — they said “Save $, Pay now” with no “Pay Later” option. Lucky’s example was the same. However, I see that MMS has a picture with a Pay Later option. I tried a number of cities and haven’t seen one with a Pay Later option yet — but I’ll find one and update the post. Thanks for commenting!

  4. You are right. The rate comparable to rates using other discount code. What I am really concerned is the following phrase on the webpage:

    “Remember all our rates include Theft and Collission Damage waiver, no hidden fees and make and model guarantee in the Hertz Collections.”

    So is it suggesting that when you book through this webpage, you automatically get CDW? That seems to good to be true. In fact on the next page of booking, you are prompted for CDW at $29.99. So the questions are:

    Do you have to spend the extra $29.99 to get CDW or the low rate already includes CDW as claimed? (unlikely, I think)

    If CDW is not included and I do not elect to pay $29.99 extra for CDW, do I still get the bonus miles?

    • As you said, it says:

      “Remember all our rates include Theft and Collission Damage waiver, no hidden fees and make and model guarantee in the Hertz Collections. As SAS EuroBonus member you receive special rates all year round with up to 15% discount.”

      That seems fairly black and white — I take that to mean that you automatically get CDW included. I don’t see an option to add CDW for my rental. I see the option to add liability, loss damage waiver, personal effects, and roadside assistance at the counter — those are different. You may want to consider some of those things — the ins and outs of car rental insurance is not in my wheelhouse, so I make no suggestions as to what insurance you should/shouldn’t get.

      I’m picking up my first rental tomorrow. I plan to drive it a couple of miles away and park it for the night to return it in the morning (and pick up the next one). I’ll let you know how it goes and I’ll specifically ask if CDW is included.

  5. Pls let us know how it works after your first rental.
    Question about the offer. 5000 per rental, 25000 extra miles for first 25 rentals. So meaning the total 25 rentals will get you 25*5000+25000=150000miles? If they got honored.

    • Maybe I should have just deleted that from the terms because I bet you’re not the only person who has read it that way — but no, I don’t think your understanding is correct. I think the first 25 people who made a booking through this promotion each got 25,000 miles. And I’m sure the first 25 had probably booked before I even saw the promotion. I expect to just get 5k per rental. So 25 rentals would earn 125k. Theoretically. And we won’t know for sure until after October 5th.

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