Delta companion tickets and awards now upgradeable


Beginning today, April 6, Delta companion travel has become more attractive for Delta elite members and their companions. Companion certificates previously were not upgradeable either to Comfort+ or to First Class, but they are now eligible for for Medallion upgrades based on the status of the higher-tiered member.  Similarly, companions traveling with elite members “will be eligible for Complimentary Upgrades not only on paid tickets but Award Tickets, Miles + Cash tickets, and Pay with Miles tickets.”  Details about these changes can be found here under the heading “More Complimentary Upgrades for Companions”.

Both the Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card and the Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express offer a free companion certificate each year upon renewal (see this post for full details).  One of the things that I previously hated about the certificates is that if you booked economy, both travelers were ineligible for upgrades to Comfort+ or to First Class, regardless of their elite status.  That has finally changed and, for me, has made these certificates considerably more valuable.  Unfortunately, you still cannot apply regional or global upgrade certificates, nor can you use miles to upgrade.

Award tickets on flights eligible for complimentary Medallion upgrades have also become more valuable when flying with companions at different levels of elite status.  Elite members were already eligible for upgrades on award tickets, but now their companions are eligible for upgrades too.

In my opinion, both changes are very nice additions to Delta’s already solid elite program.

Hat Tip: IAD Gr8

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  1. […] Snag the exit row.  If you have elite status, you’ll be disappointed to discover that companion tickets do not qualify for elite upgrades, not even to Comfort Plus.  Fortunately, with your elite status you’ll still be able to select preferred coach seating, including better legroom exit row seats. April 6 2017 Update: Companion Tickets are now upgradeable to both Comfort+ and First Class! […]


  1. Is this only for reservations made after a certain date?

    I used my cert a few days ago for flights a few weeks from now. I cannot get C+ seats. I’m Diamond.

    • It should work with existing tickets based on my reading of it. It says: *Requesting companion upgrades through the booking path will be available for Pay with Miles tickets and SkyMiles Companion Certificates beginning April 6, 2017 and for Award Tickets and Miles + Cash tickets by July 1, 2017.

      Looks like the award ticket part isn’t available for a while

  2. This is a BIG deal for spouses and family members traveling with us frequent flyers! I just went to and requested upgrades on my ticket and companion ticket for my wife. I was able to get Comfort+ seats instantly (due to my Platinum status) and also check the box for first class upgrades. I purchased these tickets a few weeks ago so it seems you can go back and request the upgrades. If not, reach out to delta support.

    I always kinda loathed using the certificates because I don’t fit comfortably in most coach seats due to legroom. So now, I am basically guaranteed Comfort+ and there’s a chance for FC seats as well. Nice work Delta!

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