Want LoopPay/MST for 3X? Samsung Note 5 for $199 or S7 Edge for $399 [YMMV Deal]

We don’t often post clearance store deals that are difficult to find, but with the launch of the US Bank Altitude Reserve and the ability to earn 3X on that card with Samsung’s Samsung Pay/LoopPay/MST, I thought that some readers may be interested in a clearance sale on Samsung phones: select Walmart stores are carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for $199 and the Samsung S7 Edge for $399. This deal is not available everywhere and can not be ordered online, but if you live near a store that shows stock, it might be worth checking to see if you can get it. These prices should be available without a contract. Some users on Slickdeals have reported that some stores have refused to sell without a contract, but this should not be required.

The Deal

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for both AT&T and Verizon on clearance for $199
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for both AT&T and Verizon on clearance for $399
  • Availability is limited and not all stores have stock or clearance pricing — YMMV
  • See this Slickdeals thread for more information / discussion

More information

You can use the following links to check inventory — just enter your zip code in the box and click “Search Inventory”. Note that Brickseek is not 100% accurate. I wouldn’t drive a distance out of my way based on Brickseek’s inventory reports — I have found them to be accurate more often than not, but their system is not updated in real-time (meaning that your store may have sold out this morning even though Brickseek shows it in stock). That said, if you’re passing by a store with inventory, it might be worth checking. If it shows “limited stock”, there may be a floor model, but more often than not the store either will not sell it or can not find it. If you see several in stock, it might be worth a trip to the store. Here are links to check inventory:

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 5 N920V 32GB Black $199

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 5 N920A 32GB Black $199(Brickseek’s description on this one says Verizon but UPC is from AT&T model)

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935V Black $399

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935A 32GB Black $399

I found several of these to be available (albeit in limited quantities and stores) in many zip codes that I checked. For example, here was the Galaxy Note 5 in northern NJ:

Galaxy Note 5

Note that not all stores will have the clearance price. See this example of the S7 Edge where two stores have the $399 clearance price, but one does not:

Samsung S7 Edge

Again, you will likely have more luck with a store that has greater quantity on hand:

S7 edge SoCal

The Pico Rivera store is more likely to actually have at least a couple in stock.

Final Thoughts

Again, this deal is limited — but the prices on the Galaxy Note 5 are particularly good if you don’t mind having a phone that isn’t the latest, especially if you’re just looking for access to Samsung LoopPay. I wouldn’t drive out of my way based on Brickseek’s inventory reports, but if they are showing several in stock and you plan to be nearby the store, it might be worth stopping by. At $199/$399 with a full warranty and no contract, both phones are a decent deal. Make sure to buy electronics with a card that offers good purchase protection / an extended warranty.

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  1. Do any of these support Google FI? Willing to buy a Samsung phone to get 3x — if I can use with Google FI (when international)

  2. Mobile apps are becoming more and more important sources of sending and receiving cash and cashlike instruments. A roundup of what’s available from providers versus what’s compatible with various financial institutions would bigly useful in a hugely way.

  3. Those are carrier models, which are not good. You should buy factory unlocked instead.
    I opted for Samsung Gear S3 watch, which also supports Samsung Pay with any phone (except Apple, I think). Apple has an app for the watch, but they disable Samsung pay functionality. Any Android phone should be fine.
    I paid $160 for manufacturer refurbished watch after all the discounts.

  4. Hello Nick:

    Thanks for the post. Does “with no contract” mean that I can use the phone for mobile payments only? If yes, who pays for the Internet connection that is used when processing payments? In general, what is the cheapest way to go if I want to get a smartphone to use it only for mobile payments?


    • I would like to know this too. I am I terested in only buying a Samsung phone as a mobile payment phone.

    • By “no contract” I just mean that you don’t need to sign a contract for cellular service in order to buy the phone. You will of course need cellular service if you want it to work as a cell phone (like having Internet access for mobile payments) :-).

      The reason that is significant is because some phones are free or cheap with a 2-year contract with the cell service provider. You only get the cheap price if you agree to pay for cell service with that company for 2 years. In that case, the carrier (like AT&T/Verizon) is subsidizing your phone purchase, so you’re locked into a contract with them.

      However, the phones in this deal are offered without a cell service contract (again, some Slickdeals users have encountered trouble with some Walmart locations on that — but if you read the Slickdeals thread, there is advice on how to explain and walk the employee through the computer system to sell the phone without a contract). You should not have to sign up for cell service to buy one of these phones.

      However, to use it as a cell phone you will of course need cell service. The advantage of not being tied to a contract is that you can choose whatever provider you like. There are tons of cheaper MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) that offer less expensive service on the major networks (AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile/Sprint). For example, Cricket runs on the AT&T network. H2O runs on the AT&T network also. Straight Talk uses AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile depending on the sim card card you buy. Page Plus uses Verizon’s network. I think Boost Mobile runs onT-Mobile if I remember correctly. Virgin Mobile uses Sprint. I can’t remember whether Tracfone uses Verizon’s network or AT&T’s (maybe they use both?). If you don’t have a contract, you can choose whatever plan makes the most sense for you. I think Tracfone might have the cheapest smartphone plan ($20 a month if I remember correctly?), but you’d have to check around. Again, you won’t be locked into a contract with those, so you could change/stop/etc as need be. There might be even cheaper pay-as-you-go options (I think T-Mobile has a $5 one-way pass where you could get a sim card and just pay the $5 fee on days when you want to use it). Again, you’ll have to look into all that — I’m going off of memory and I haven’t looked at service options in a while. Don’t forget to check coverage maps in your area (and the area where you plan to use the phone).

  5. So, what’s the cheapest option to get access to mobile payments? Maybe I don’t need a phone at all, and something like Samsung watch will do?

  6. S7 Edge has been dropped to $199 at most Walmarts. The AT&T version is easy to unlock through AT&T’s device unlock page if you aren’t an AT&T customer. Once you get it unlocked you can flash it to T-mobile or the Universal ROM and Samsung Pay will still work.

    At $199 I think it is a very good deal on this phone with the bonus of having Samsung Pay.

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