Easy win: $20 rebate + 5X on $300 or more in Visa Gift Cards at Staples

Today through Saturday, May 27th, Staples is offering a $20 Visa Gift Card rebate on $300 or more in Visa Gift Cards. Staples gift card rebates are an easy win as you can earn 5x with a card like the Chase Ink Plus or Ink Cash and get a rebate worth more than the activation fee on the cards.

Staples Visa GC 5-7-17

The Deal

  • $20 Visa prepaid gift card by mail when purchasing $300 or more in Visa gift cards

Key Terms

  • Valid 5/21/17 to 5/27/17
  • In-store only
  • Only one rebate per name/address/household

The Math

This week’s rebate is in the form of a prepaid Visa card by mail, which is PIN-enabled (the PIN is the last 4 digits).

To maximize rewards, you’ll want to buy two $200 gift cards. It will work out like this

$413.90 (total cost for two $200 gift cards with activation fees)

in Visa gift cards ($400 now and $20 by rebate)+ 2,069.5 Ultimate Rewards at 5X

Conservatively valuing the Ultimate Rewards at 1.5 cents each (the rate at which they can be redeemed for travel if you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve), the points are worth at least $31, but you may get quite a bit more value with transfer partners.

These cards should be PIN-enabled (the PIN should be the last 4 digits of the card). See our Complete Guide to Staples Visa & Mastercard gift card deals for more information.

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My understanding is that if I also try and use a portal for this then my 5X is negated, is that correct, or can I use a portal and pick up more additional points?


Does anyone know if Staples Express locations have the same promotion?

Rob P



So I went and bought $400 yesterday like always and went home to submit the easy rebate online… However, strangely enough the rebate number needed which always prints at the bottom of the rebate form and rebate receipt directly below the bar code was no printed on this time!! Those numbers are required to submit the rebate… Might have to mail this one in, has anyone else ever had that happen??????


Hopefully this is clear:

Top of Receipt:

EMPL: 123456 REG: 001 TRANS:12345
STORE: 1234 05/22/17 12:34 PM

Rebate Code:

Store Number (4 numbers) – Date of Purchase (MMDDYY) – Transaction Number (5 numbers) – Register Number (2 numbers)


Scott Heinze

One of my local Staples in Yonkers, NY started omitting the receipt number a few weeks ago, while at the same time surrounding stores in Riverdale and Scarsdale continued to print the number. On Sunday I noticed that Yonkers was again printing the number.

The receipt sequence is as follows:

4-digit store no., 2-digit month, 2-digit date, 2-digit year, the last 5 numbers on the SALE line, then the last 2 of 3 digits in the grouping prior to that last group of 5 numbers. HTH.

Scott Heinze

And FWIW, the Chase Amazon Prime Visa is still paying 2% on office supply stores. On a $312.90 purchase, you will have a net gain of $7.10 after SER, plus $6.26 in Amazon Prime Rewards for a total profit of $13.36.


@Scott & @Don – thanks guys, I appreciate it. I entered that combo based on my receipt and got a message that I do not have any eligible rebates…. Grrrrr

Paul G.

I went to Staples yesterday and tried to buy 2 $200 VISA GCs with my Chase Ink. The CC terminal gave me a message “Alternate Payment Method Required”. I have bought VISA CCs from Staples many time before with the same card without problems. I tried another Ink Card that I have – same result. I got worried that the rejection comes from Chase and made a small purchase (candy) at the same Staples with the same CC and it went through. I’m not sure what this means – has Staples stopped selling VISA GCs with CCs? Any thoughts?


[…] However, I noted with interest this morning a comment from another reader in our recent post about the current Staples $20 rebate on $300 or more in Visa Gift Cards. […]

Shahid Khan

My first transaction with Chase ink business plus 5X went fine on Monday but when I used Chase Ink Business 3X yesterday, it got approved but didn’t get my rebate ID. I contacted them again and they told me that there was some issue with the corporate system and showed me how to get the rebate ID from the receipt.