Mystery Bonus at AA Shopping Portal

American Airlines eShopping is offering a Mystery Bonus Event from today through June 30th, 2017. You will have to log in to see how many miles you have been targeted to receive based on your cumulative purchases during the bonus event time period.

The Offer

  • American Airlines eShopping Mystery Bonus Event — earn bonus miles based on your cumulative purchases through your portal purchases.
  • Log in here to see how many miles you were targeted to receive

Quick Thoughts

These miles are in addition to whatever you would normally earn through the link to the store(s) of your choosing. It’s always nice to get a bonus for purchases you already planned to make, so if you have some shopping to do between now and the end of June, log in to see how many bonus miles you can earn. Both my wife and I were targeted with relatively weak bonuses of 400 miles for $100 in purchases:

That’s not enough to get me excited — but if I have a $100 purchase to make, I’ll be sure to do it through AA for an extra 4X on that purchase. I buy enough things online that I imagine I’ll take advantage of this one, but it’s less than I hoped to see.

Head to the AAdvantage eShopping website to see what you are targeted to receive. Let us know in the comments if you got a better offer!

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16 Comments on "Mystery Bonus at AA Shopping Portal"

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Spend $500 get 2,000 points for me. Too bad I can’t get AA to payout on gift card purchases.


Spend $500 for 2k points for me as well.

Andrew W Gray

$300 for 1200 miles for me


Only 400 miles for $100 for me. 🙁


Spend $500 get 2,000 points for me as well


Here’s what I got: “We’re working on your Mystery Bonus*. Please try again later.”


Sharon F McCoy

Only 400 miles for $100 for me.


Seems like they’re all x4


1200 bonus for $300.00. Why does it take forever and a day for the BONUS points to post to your account?


400 miles for $100. Given that I have never used that portal, yet, that seems reasonable. I use Chase usually, or don’t shop at all.

Still, that’s only 4% extra if you only spend $100. It’s OK but nothing to get excited over. Now my wife getting a Chase ink card, with 20,000 referral points from me and a future 80,000 bonus points for her, that’s worth getting excited about!


500 for $2k for me


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Has anyone’s mystery miles posted? Mine is still pending

Ashley Taylor

It’s back-to-school shopping season, and for supplies that need to be purchased, airlines are offering bonus miles if you use their shopping portals. We told you last week about United’s offer of up to 3,000 bonus miles, and now American Airlines is offering bonus miles for shopping as well.