Venmo: Amex gift cards no longer an option

Until recently it was possible to liquidate Amex gift cards for free through Venmo.  Venmo normally charges 3% for credit cards, but they identified Amex gift cards as debit cards and charged no fee.

As of about a week ago, Amex gift card payments through Venmo stopped working altogether.  Details were reported on Reddit.  And then Miles Per Day declared the deal dead.  For a while, I held out hope that this was merely a glitch on Amex’s side.  Some early Reddit posts seemed to confirm that idea, but no good news has been reported since then.  Further, several people report being told by Amex that Venmo Amex gift card transactions are specifically blocked.

It’s time (maybe past time) to declare the deal dead.

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  1. That’s not all that you held out for awhile… don’t recall seeing this on your monthly MS – what still works email… peace.

    • Greg,

      A response to this comment would be enlightening… what’s the reason you never included this MS method in your “what still works” posts?

      I’m more than likely to give my readership (and referral clicks) to a different blog now. Convince me why I should stay.

    • That’s true. We learned about this the day before that post published. Nick and I debated whether to throw something in, but at that point I truly thought it was just a temporary glitch. I don’t usually post “this might be happening but we don’t know” types of posts.

      In retrospect, yes, we should have posted. I didn’t think about the downside: that people might buy Amex gift cards in the meantime.

  2. While I know Venmo limits the number of cards that can be registered in a 6 month timeframe, are there any other prepaid debit cards that work on Venmo?

  3. Interesting you post a monthly “What still works” but never included this. Probably shouldn’t have posted this and let your readers know you don’t actually tell them the good, inside info on deals and just post the everyday stuff that everyone knows. No different than the other bloggers

  4. I agree with the other posters. Why post about a dead deal? It’s just going to anger people that didn’t know about it. And the people that knew about it, knows it’s dead.

    Personally, I’m glad you didn’t post about it. It surely would have killed the deal quicker and I respect you more for respecting the community and our wishes for more privacy. I just don’t get the point of posts like this?

    • Thanks. The reason I posted is that people were presumably still buying Amex gift cards with the expectation that they could liquidate them through Venmo. I wanted to let that audience know but had no way to target them vs. anyone else.

  5. I love how everyone is upset about not being spoonfed all information here on Boarding Area blogs where deals and methods come to die.

    How about putting more effort in finding other resources to figure out other stuff or do it on your own. I have my own that I would definitely would not share to Boarding Area but shared with Milesperday since he knows when and what to mention to be cautious not to kill a deal.

    Keep doing your thang, Greg.

  6. @Jen – Your initial comment says NEVER. I give an example of a slick method that leads to substantial cpp value when done right. And he actually posts it before it ever hit Boarding Area.

    So now you hit me back he MAY.. Yes he may. My point is that I’m glad not ALL deals are said on mainstream travel blogs. Even DoC is contentious about what MS/Churn info to post if it’s going to quickly kill the deal. They preface these types of posts by saying since it was already posted on reddit/boarding area he is open to then posting it on DoC.

    I love FM and DoC myself. But don’t expect AGC+Venmo type MS by waiting around only these. And don’t cry when you miss them.

    I go through reddit and flyertalk to find avenues that will stay alive this way. The AGC+Venmo only stayed alive for as long as it did because it was never posted on Boarding Area.

  7. I’m glad you posted this information . I was determined to search out and study enough information about Amex gift cards liquidated through Venmo . You may have easily saved me hours with a few enlightening sentences . Thanks !

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