[EXPIRED] Last call for Merrill+ $1,000 in airfare

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Merrill+ Visa Signature Credit Card

Yesterday I learned from a source that the Merrill+ Visa Signature Card will be discontinued in “mid September”. This means that we expect the following to be true at some point in September:

  • The card will no longer be available to new applicants
  • Existing customers will keep the card until further notice

Is it worth signing up for this card before it’s gone?

As I reported before, this card is great for it’s signup bonus.  The card also offers some perks with big spend, but I argued that you can do better with big spend on other cards.  See: $1000 worth of airfare? Sure. $50K spend? Maybe not.

As a reminder, the signup bonus is for 50,000 points after $3K spend.  50,000 points can be used to get $500 in statement credits or up to two $500 flights.  Either way it’s a good deal.

So, yes, if you can get approved and meet the spend requirement, this card is worth getting.

General Card Info

  • Annual fee: $0
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: $0
  • Point earning rate: 1 point per dollar
  • Point value: 1 point = 1 cent when redeemed for statement credits. 1 point = up to 2 cents when redeemed for flights.
  • Cardholders can earn a $200 travel credit or Delta SkyClub membership after $50K in spend per year.



Up to 2 cents per point value towards flights

Merrill+ Visa Signature Credit Card Air RewardsWhen redeeming points for flights, Merrill+ charges 25,000 points for any flight worth up to $500. If you purchase two tickets, they’ll charge 50,000 points. According to Doctor of Credit, If your ticket price is more than $500, Merrill+ will charge you 1 additional point for each penny above $500. That means that you can theoretically get 2 cents per point value by buying tickets worth exactly $500, but if you veer far from $500 in either direction, your point value will plummet.

How to maximize value

Miles Per Day details a trick that can be used to get the full 2 cents per point value from the 50,000 points signup bonus.  Details here: Maximizing the Merrill + card 50,000 point signon bonus.

How to apply

The Merrill+ card is available only by phone.  You can apply as follows:

  • Call 866-751-1257
  • Use application code: BAABZX

A disclosure agreement for this offer (which includes signup bonus info) can be found here.




The Merrill+ Visa Signature Card’s 50K signup offer is excellent. It’s well worth getting if you can handle the $3K spend requirement. After that, though, I recommend sticking the card in a drawer. There are many better options for ongoing spend.

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  1. […] Frequent Miler is reporting that he was told that the card would be discontinued in “mid Septe…. This lines up on what I predicted might happen with the introduction of Bank of America’s new premium card. This is one of those cards I think makes sense for the majority of people (as long as you can safely meet the minimum spend requirement) as worst case scenario you get $500 in cash value and best case it’s $1,000 in airline tickets. We have a full review of the card here. […]


  1. Tried twice and both times got approved then account shut down before card even arrives saying it was approved in error, max exposure with BofA / Merrill already. Real reason is that I don’t have a banking account with them as my CL on my only 2 BofA cards are low, around $5k each. All 3 credit scores > 800

  2. What do you see this card changing to? Should I use my rewards for flights now, so I don’t lose out on the $1k bonus compared to the $500???

    • Hi George — I apologize for missing this before. No — two cards applied for on separate days will not be the same pull (I can’t think of a situation where that would ever happen under the same pull). With some issuers, you may be able to apply for two cards in the same day and the pulls will get combined by the Credit Reporting Agency into one (for example, you may be able to apply for an Amex charge card and an Amex credit card in the same day and only get one pull, or you may be able to apply for a Chase personal and Chase business card in the same day and get one pull. That’s never guaranteed, but it generally works that way.

      That said, if keep your utilization low and your average age of account is good (and you have a decent score), one or two (or more) hard pulls aren’t all that consequential.

    • Are there any real reports this week of people applying via phone and actually getting approved AND receiving the card? And, any reports of people applying by phone in August or July, spending 3000 and receiving the bonus? Seems from what I’ve read this ship has sailed, but hope I’m wrong. Wife and I already got this card when it was an online app, but was hoping a family member could get one (they had to wait so they wouldn’t hinder a different application, but now are ready).

      • Also reading recent reports within the last week in which some were approved, received card and even activated, but then couldn’t use it. Called and was told it was approved in error and that the offer was expired. ????

      • I applied 8/2/17 got approved 8/3/17 received card on 8/12/17 spent exactly $3000 on 8/14/17 got bonus on 8/16/17

        So yes

        • Did you have any other boa cards at the time of app? Reports seem to show negativity for some who had even just 2 boa cards when they applied for third.

        • No neither of us had any open boa cards or accounts. I have opened up about 8 credit cards since april though and she had opened up probably 4

        • Also, how many new accounts did you open in the last 12 months. I don’t think it’s a factor, but maybe some who got the error report had too many. I still think it’s dirty for an issuer to approve, send card and then change their mind for those folks. Thanks for the DPs.

        • Quick answer. Thanks. So, those who already have a relationship with boa may need to use caution when trying for this one or at least not have high expectations. Hope you redeem those points fast.

    • Do you currently have any other BOA cards? I’m hoping people with existing relationships can not only get approved, but get the card and use it. My family member has 1 BOA card, so I would think their prospects look good.

      • I was approved for the Merril card this morning after applying last night. I have a mortgage, and an Alaska cc I signed up for last week. Just

        • That’s great! If you can, report back once you’ve been able to use the card. Hopefully my family member will get approved too and get the bonus. They’ve never had this card.

  3. Will it be asking too much for one of you guys to call BoA to confirm the card was approved not in error? I only ask because it takes a week or so for it to come.

  4. I got a Merrrill Card for both my wife and myself in January. I now have 3 B of A cards and plan to get a New Travel Rewards (Prime or whatever they call it) because I qualify for the 2.625 every day spend rebate and the 3.5 travel and dining rebate. I don’t really like trying to get the best deal for converting points etc so I like the cash back rates on this card.
    I just wondered if there was any downside to closing my Merrill Cards. I have already had the 1000 dollars between the 2 cards transferred to my bank account and have no balance.
    I read above that B of A may not like a person to have 3 or 4 credits, so that sparked this question.

    • I applied today – went to pending.
      I did not provide a code, just told the rep to find the promotion.
      She was able to locate the promotion.

        • Guess who was approved in error AGAIN!! This time they told me 2 cards was sufficient with them and $10K credit was the most i could have. They also told me they like to see no more than 5 inquiries for this card. I fought through but could not win this one, they had an excuse for every solution i brought up to open the card. I think i’m done with BoA, it sucks that my oldest card is with them.

  5. DP: I applied on 9/4, went to pending (I had frozen Experian). Talked with them on 9/7 and the card was approved. They said I’d receive it in 7-10 business days and I asked if it could be expedited – the guy immediately said that was possible and that it would arrive the next day. Received it, as planned, via UPS on 9/8. I have no BoA cards and they pulled both TU and Equifax, even though when he asked about my Experian being frozen I asked him to pull Equifax (has the fewest pulls at 5 while the others have 10 or 11).

  6. Applied this morning, froze Experian report beforehand, went pending, will report back, but should be easy approval. (I hope)

    9-18-2017 8:30am EST applications still being accepted.

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