Awesome: 5K points for Amazon Prime Membership [Targeted]

There’s an awesome new Amex Offer out this morning for 5,000 Membership Rewards points for spending $99+ on an Amazon Prime Membership. This offer expires in March. If your membership does not renew during that period, I believe you can pre-pay it to trigger the offer (though I haven’t tried). This one is targeted, but I received this offer on my Blue Business Plus card. My wife received it on an Everyday Preferred.

The Deal

  • Spend $99+ on an annual Amazon Prime membership, get 5,000 Membership Rewards points.
  • If you haven’t yet signed up for Amazon Prime, you can sign up here (our affiliate link)

Key Details

  • Not valid on discounted memberships like Prime Student
  • Not valid on monthly Amazon Prime membership
  • Not valid on Prime Video, Prime Fresh, etc.
  • If you use Membership Rewards points to pay for your membership, you won’t receive the offer

Quick Thoughts

This is an awesome offer on something for which many readers probably pay year after year. While I’ve been somewhat annoyed over the past few years with the increase in add-on-only items and the decrease in items that are eligible for free 2-day or $3.99 overnight shipping, the truth is that I still use my Amazon Prime membership far too much to seriously consider cancelling. Earning 5,000 points on membership is a no-brainer for me.

I imagine this offer is very likely to fill up, so make sure to add it now if you’re interested in taking advantage of it.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Interestingly, the offer says it expires 3/2 but the details say “Get 5,000 additional Membership Rewards® points one-time by using your enrolled Card to spend $99+ on an annual Amazon Prime membership at by 1/31/2018.”

  2. I tried gifting myself a membership as my year expires after the closing date. It said the merchant will show as “Amazon Payments”, or something similar, not “Amazon Prime”, and I haven’t received any thanks emails from Amex. Hopefully it tracks with the gift, but if not I should find out before the deadline and can always pay for a friend’s Prime.

    • Huh. This is exactly what I was thinking I would do if I’m past my renewal date. I can’t remember and haven’t yet checked, but my renewal date is within a week from today one way or the other. Bummer if that won’t work. Like you said, if it doesn’t, you could probably pay for a friend’s Prime Membership.

    • I had the same issue described here. After chatting and HUCA twice, I emailed customer service. Here’s their favorable reply. Chat customer service wouldn’t refund the unused months of Prime. Email cust service would.


      Hello David,

      Thank you for contacting Amazon Business.

      I reviewed your comment and understand your concern regarding the prime. I’ll help you get this fixed.

      As a one time exception I’ve issued you full refund for the prime annual. Refunds typically process within 3-5 business days and appear as a credit on your statement.

      I would request you to subscribe for the prime annual again with the desired card you want to be charged.

      I appreciate your patience, cooperation and understanding in this matter. It is our privilege to have you as our valued customer & we want to make sure you are always taken care of.

      I hope this helps. We hope to see you soon again.

      We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

      • This was received after I signed up.

        Mission accomplished.

        Thanks for the post, Nick.


        Thank you for using your American Express® Card ending in xxxxxx at AMAZON US PRIME. You will have successfully redeemed the offer if your purchase meets the terms of the offer.

    • HUCA is the approach to take, it really varies on the rep. I forgot I had posted here or I would have checked back in. The gifted membership of course did not count. When I contacted Amazon for a refund, they stated they don’t do refunds for gifts so couldn’t help me, but then switched gears and said they’d cancel and refund my current year. My subscription started 2/1, so I basically received 8 months of Prime at no cost.

      I bought a new membership and then converted the gift to Amazon Credit.

  3. Thanks! This was timely, as upon inspection it appears my membership is renewing next week. I couldn’t find any way to pre-pay the membership fee, so switched the default pay method to my Business Plus card that has this offer.

  4. My Prime membership expires in Feb 11, 2018, I tried to prepay online and even chatted with an Amazon representative and said it cannot be prepaid, mine is set to auto-renew… Has anyone been able to prepay and renew the membership? Thanks!

    • This is what I was told via chat: “We cannot pre pay prime in prior because of several reasons. Next year the price may even drop for the prime charges. So due to expected changes in payments and further future plan changes, we cannot renew prime in advance”

  5. I’ve just applied and been approved for the SPG Business card but didn’t get the offer, even when looking in the offers page.
    Does that mean I won’t be getting it at all?

  6. Showed up on an AU for the Everyday Preferred. Prime renews on Dec 1st, so it should qualify. Wasn’t on my Blue Business or Platinum Business.


  7. Had this offer on a few cards and made sure to load them all. Now when I want to use it, I’m not seeing it. AMEX/Amazon pulled this offer?

        • Odd. Still shows up in my wife’s account (she hadn’t used it). I only got the offer on one card that is on its own login and I used it.

          Oddly, I’m seeing something else strange with regard to a different offer. I had the Google Express offer synced on 2 cards in the same login. I used one card at Google Express…and didn’t get the statement credit. Now the offer doesn’t show as synced on that card in my online account….but it does show up as synced (but not used) on my other card. That’s definitely weird…..

          Moral of the story: Not sure what’s up, but I’ll be running some other test purchases this weekend to look into it and see if there is a larger trend or not.

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