Death of Digital Gifts: No more 5x

We received a report on Twitter that as of earlier this week, PayPal Digital Gifts is no longer earning 5x with Chase Ink Cash or Ink Plus cards. Unfortunately, this has been corroborated by data points on Reddit, Doctor of Credit, and in our Frequent Miler Insiders Group. A member of our Insiders group shares the following screen shot illustrating that this change appears to have happened on 10/17/17.

Sadly, reports at Reddit and DoC also indicate that these purchases are no longer earning 3x on the Ink Business Preferred either, and Cardcash has ceased earning 5x with Ink Cash / Plus cards as well.

It’s not impossible that this is a short-term glitch, but it looks like that is not the case at this point. It’s definitely a disappointment to see this one go, but cheers to a great opportunity that many people enjoyed while it lasted.

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  1. Aww man. I recently started using my chase ink for best buy gift cards too…. Ugh only got like 33k out of 50k done. God I wish I found out about cardcash coding 5x earlier. What a shame.

  2. My timing was super bad: I bought a gift card on Oct. 17 from paypal digital gifts. I wouldn’t have made that transaction without the extra 5%. I see on my online statement that it’s coded “miscellaneous.” I guess that’s the kiss of death. 🙂

    Oh well. since it was for $90 (I was already getting a 10% discount on ebay) I guess I’m out about $4, since I’ll still get 1%. In the scheme of MS-style bad luck, I suppose this barely registers.

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