[Expired] $500 easy spend: $3 off Visa Gift cards + 1% back

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Through October 26th (or perhaps sooner — never know when something like this may end early) GiftCardMall is offering $3 off on Visa Gift Cards with coupon code SWEET17. That should stack with 1% portal cash back, meaning that a $500 gift card will cost about $498 — good for a $2 profit and free rewards from your credit card. This may not necessarily be “easy” spend as Gift Card Mall cancels many orders — but it’s easy if you can get an order through.

The Deal

  • $3 off on Visa Gift Cards from GiftCardMall
  • Should stack with 1% back
  • Link to GiftCardMall (though you’ll want to go through a shopping portal to get there)

Key Terms

  • Discount is good through 10/26/17
  • Only valid on physical (mail delivery) Visa Gift Cards

Quick Thoughts

This is an easy way to get in some spend if you can get an order through at Gift Card Mall. As noted above, you should be aware that they are prone to cancelling orders, so there is no guarantee that you’ll get an order through. However, if you can, it would be nice to get a $500 gift card at negative cost. Most (all?) of the Visa Gift Cards at GiftCardMall should be PIN-enabled. Check the terms of the portal you choose as some exclude the purchase of Visa Gift Cards, but there are several options at 1%.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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  1. Is there anything known or predictable about why and when Gift Card Mall cancels orders? I recently got a gift card order cancelled by Cardpool. It was the first time they ever cancelled and I’ve bought there a lot. They told me something vague about ‘digital footprint’ and high risk that didn’t make much sense.

  2. dont use the promo, it will kill the cash back. also why would $3 off make the card $498. Seems like a really sloppy post

    • $505 – $3 = $502 – $5 (1% cash back on the $500) = $498. My apologies if it wasn’t clear — I was saying that I thought the $3 off should stack with the 1% cash back for a net cost of $498, but perhaps I should have put the math in there to make it clearer.

      Do you have experience with the promo code killing the cash back? DoC suggested that it should work. Like I said in the post, I haven’t been able to get an order through for a long time, so I haven’t been able to test this. At least one person at DoC commented that they had received email confirmation from a portal that it tracked already….but if you have experience otherwise, I always appreciate data points. Thanks!

      • Sometimes promo codes kill cashback and sometimes they don’t. It’s variable. But according to most portals T&C it can negate the cashback.

      • Usually if it isnt in the cash back portals fold you wont get credit. you always “could” get credit but would suck if you went house on the promo only to find out next week none of the cashback hit

      • Thanks but I am not clear what do you mean by portal cashback? I bought the $500 gc and got $3 discount using the promo code. How will I get the 1% cash back?

  3. Nick, I haven’t read up on GCM in a while. Wasn’t it only the silver visa cards that worked with a pin. Can you now order any visas? Thanks.

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