Easy 5x: Staples Visa & Mastercard rebate through 11/18

Through Saturday, November 18th, Staples is offering a $15 Staples Gift Card Rebate on $300 or more in Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards.


The Deal

  • $15 Staples gift card rebate by mail when purchasing $300 or more in Mastercard gift cards

Key Terms

  • Valid 11/5/17 to 11/18/17
  • In-store only
  • Only one rebate per name/address/household

The Math

This week’s rebate is a Staples gift card, so you will be limited to using it at Staples (and you can not use it to buy a gift card). However, current resale rates for a $15 Staples gift card can still nearly wipe out the activation fees if you do not regularly shop at Staples:


To maximize rewards, you’ll want to buy two $200 gift cards and pay with a card that earns 5x like the Chase Ink Cash card. Assuming you are selling the Staples gift card, the final math would look like this:

$413.90 (total cost for two $200 gift cards with activation fees)
-12.45 (rebate value in cash if Staples gift card is sold)
$401.45 net cost for $400 in Mastercard gift cards + 2,069.5 Ultimate Rewards

Conservatively valuing the Ultimate Rewards at 1.5 cents each (the rate at which they can be redeemed for travel if you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve), the points are worth at least $31, but you may get quite a bit more value with transfer partners.

Both Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards at Staples come PIN-enabled. The Mastercards are issued by US Bank and should contain a PIN in the packaging. Of course, the PIN can not be used to withdraw money from an ATM, but should work for buying a money order in some locations. Note there has been some discussion about issues this year with Staples Mastercard gift cards being hacked. If you buy these gift cards, you might consider using/liquidating them sooner rather than later out of caution. One reader suggested registering your card online immediately after purchase (so that it has your name/billing address associated with it). Whether you buy Visa or Mastercard, I would still suggest using your gift cards sooner rather than later.

H/T: Miles to Memories

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  1. Give the recent unpleasantness at the Post Office, shoppers may reasonably expect fewer of those pesky sold-out racks during this sale.

  2. ? Staples sell Metas, you couldn’t liquidate metas at post office (its bancorp cards that were shut down). These are liquidated at walmarts and other non-PO money order processors.

  3. Can verify this does not work at Lexington KY Staples. Just bought 2x$200. They said it was offered last week here. So check!

  4. FYI Using my name at two different addresses but in the same zip code (my mother) caused one rebate to be denied last two promo’s. Phone call got it corrected (that’s my nephew) and received the rebate. BTW i use these rebate cards to pay online car/homeowners insurance bill.

        • Really? Your insurance company accepts Staples Gift Cards? Hmmm…

          > This week’s rebate is a Staples gift card, so you will be limited to using it at Staples

      • Sorry, your right, I’m wrong. Last promo i got $20 visa rewards cards which i use to pay my car & homeowners insurance. One cant use a staples gc for this purpose…….
        I have been using small amt visa/mc gift cards to do this for a few years now.

  5. Just did this 2 times in New Jersey about 90 min ago and the rebate also did not print both times. They had a stack of ads in store that all had the offer in the ad, so I don’t think it’s regional, but nonetheless, no rebate printed.

    I got home and attempted to submit, but got the message stating your rebate offers are still being determined… went ahead and submitted both, so we’ll see eventually.

    • Calmly ask for the store manager. Show the weekly ad (paper ad or kiosk). It’s up to the manager’s discretion, so let them think on it. The obvious solution is to grant an instant rebate $15 gift-card. If you ask for it like you had anticipated this, you might get rejected.

      BTW: In addition to the 1c for one ream coupon, the $1 multi-ream paper coupons are also pretty good for liquidating Staples store gift cards. It depends on the total rebate and your local taxes. If you have a good cause to donate the reams (church, daycare, library, clinic, law center, etc.) it is easily better than selling the cards.

      • Thanks for posting that! I have been buying paper and donating it to a private school in our area that serves mostly disadvantaged families. Last week, I was able to donate 2 cases of paper I bought using Staples gift cards.

        • When Discover cards were giving $25 Staples GC redemption for $20 in rewards, I was calling ahead every few months to make sure to have a utility closet emptied and small “bucket brigade” available. Can barely get my economy car up to 35mph with so much weight. LOL!

  6. Same for me in SoCal. First time this has ever happened to me. Will submit online anyway. But I did notice that the SKUs don’t match up with the online ad. Not sure if that has something to do with it.

  7. On the Staples easy rebate site, you can find this one easily by searching for gift cards. It’s actually marked a mail-in rebate so you’ll need to print the form and send it via snail mail. Nothing printed for me either so the guy at the store went and got me a form.

  8. Apparently the $200 visas in blue packaging were left out of the deal. By accident or on purpose their SKUs are not on the list to get the rebate.

  9. My purchase of 2 X $200 at Chicago Staples also failed to print the rebate forms at the store. Manager said he couldn’t give me a $15 Staples card on the spot, but said to look online for the rebate forms, and if I couldn’t find one, to bring them back and return the VGCs. I found one (Mail-In only), but the blue VGCs that I bought do not seem to be an included SKU on the form. I’m tempted to just go and return them, rather than wait 4-6 weeks just to be turned down on a technicality.

    And just FYI, the Mail-In rebate form that I downloaded from Staples.com shows valid purchase dates as 11/5/17-11/11/17, not through 11/18/17 as your article and the accompanying visual states. They seem really mixed-up this time around…

  10. After getting the “Your eligible rebates are still being determined” message, and reading rumors about “the SKU for the blue Visa isn’t included”, I returned to one of the stores where I purchased cards yesterday. This is what I have confirmed:

    – the $200 blue Visa gift card I purchased was in the display rack’s section for SKU # 374177
    – the $200 blue Visa gift card rang up at the register and displays on the receipt as UPC # “076750183270” (a 12-digit number)
    – the back of the blue Visa gift card shows a UPC # of “07675018327”, which is *almost* identical to the register and the receipt (the card is an 11-digit number that lacks a zero on the end, but the other numbers are the same)
    – the register also confirmed that UPC 076750183270 is SKU 374177
    – SKU 374177 is included in the rebate offer

    So I expect that I’ll my rebate submission will be honored, and if there’s a problem, I’ve taken photos of the display rack, the register with the info above, and my receipt.

    • Great work, E! I made the mistake of thinking the UPC code was the same as a SKU, but obviously that’s not the case. Thanks!

  11. I also got the blue VGC before reading the comments here. No rebate printed so I cashier went and got manager. He checked SKU and it came up as mail in rebate only on the rebate site.

  12. GUYS


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