Ebags policy: no more combining gift cards

We’ve recently written a number of Quick Deals for various items at eBags.com (see: $109 for Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise-cancelling headphones; Tumi more than half off (some bags). One of the best ways to stack for savings at eBags has long been to use Amex Offers (or more recently Chase Offers or Chase Pay promotions) to buy multiple gift cards, later combining them via chat. Unfortunately, ebags has instituted a policy to no longer allow the combining of gift cards.

Some readers had reported during a recent deal that eBags chat support had refused to combine gift cards purchased with Amex Offers. However, as recently as December 5th a reader reported successfully combining gift cards purchased through the Chase Pay promo. Unfortunately, that too seems to have ended with this update to the ebags gift card policy (click here to see the entire policy):

  • eGift Cards and Printable Gift Cards cannot be combined in any manner on a single order.

Greg put that policy to the test this morning, and it seems it’s being enforced.

This is an unfortunate move by eBags, but something to be aware of if you are accustomed to buying multiple gift cards with the multitude of offers available at eBags throughout the year.

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  1. I believe (but I could be wrong) that they always had the policy that only one gift card can be used per order, but they still would combine them. I bought 5 gift cards right after they instituted this new policy and tried four reps and none would combine them. I called and the phone rep combined them with no fuss. Not sure if I just got lucky he hadn’t heard or what, but worth a try if you have some already. Can’t hurt.

  2. So basically gift cards aren’t as good as cash. They should be. If I pay $20 for a gift card and say $10 for another gift card I should be able to use them for $30 in merchandise, right?

  3. eBags has gone downhill over the last year or so. First they eliminated their 110% price match guarantee for lower pricing on competitor’s web sites, then they started collecting sales tax in a bunch of states, and now they refuse to combine gift cards. However, the Chase Pay promo was too good to pass up!

  4. You can still use two offers by purchasing a gift card with one and making your merchandise purchase with the other and using the gift card.

  5. Agree this might run afoul some rules and laws. Refusal to allow you to use store money on one order will better a big issue for them.
    I not in on this deal but if I was I would stick to ebags downhill fast

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