$15 back on $30 at Sam’s Club online [Targeted]

There is a new targeted offer out this morning for $15 back on $30 or more at Sam’s Club. While obviously not as exciting as last year’s offer for 20% back, this is still a nice offer if you can get it.

The Deal

  • Spend $30 or more at Samsclub.com (or via the Sam’s Club mobile app) and get $15 back

Key Terms

  • Not valid for in-club purchases
  • Not valid on fuel or third-party services
  • Expires 1/31/18

Quick Thoughts

This Amex Offer appears to be highly targeted — I only found it on one card in our household (my wife’s Everyday Preferred). While I’m certainly disappointed that last year’s 20% back offer didn’t return, I’m not surprised. If you don’t see this offer targeted to your accounts today, don’t lose hope: I’ve noticed a number of offers roll out on my cards a few days after being released to the masses. Furthermore, last year I did not see the Sam’s Club offer in any of my online accounts — but more than month after it came out I received an email from Amex with a link to enroll. I wasn’t targeted on this one, so I’ll be keeping my eye out to see if it pops up some other way in the coming days.

If you don’t yet have a Sam’s Club membership, there is a much more widely available offer to get back $25 via Amex Offer which can be stacked with the ability to get a $20 Sam’s Club gift card, bringing your net cost to around $0 for a year’s membership (or better if you prefer miles). See: Stack $25 off Sam’s Club membership w/ AA miles or gift card for joining. For a refresher on how to sync this offer to multiple cards if you see it on more than one, see our Complete Guide to Amex Offers before syncing. We’ll get this one added to our Current Amex Offers database as well.

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  1. I got two offers on the same card..Spend $45 and get $25 and the $15 off $30. Wonder if I have to do two separate transactions?

  2. I have it on a few cards and would love to split playment for some Disney gift cards but I don’t think split credit cards are allowed.

    But it does look like split gift cards are allowed. So maybe buy $40 gift cards and get the $15 credit then use them to buy the Disney cards? I don’t see any exclusion for gift cards.

  3. Here’s an interesting finding. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence:

    With the cards on my account, I had previously loaded the Sam’s Club membership offer (Spend $45, Get $25). In that account, I found the new Spend $30, Get $15 on lots of cards (including one that has the membership offer loaded).

    On my wife and son’s accounts, though, I only see the membership offer. I’m wondering if the new offer shows up only if you’ve already loaded the membership offer? In other words, the presence of the available membership offer may stop the new offer from showing up. I’m going to try loading the membership offer and see if the new offer shows up on my son’s account.

  4. Got it on 15 of our cards (but like Larry – I had loaded the membership offer to all of those cards.)
    (And like Judy I didn’t read the fine print – so was disgusted I loaded it on so many cards.) Was excited that this time it was actually for purchases. None of our three business cards offered it.

    Not sure I follow the comment “not as exciting as.” This is a 50% offer. Are you saying that because of being able to spend a higher amount?

    Thanks for a great site Nick!

    • Right. This is only a 50% off on exactly 30 dollars and it’s only available online. Last year, it was 20% back on up to $1,250 per card (so $250 cash back per card) and it was valid in-store, so you could stack another 20% savings on already-discounted gift cards, VGCs, etc. I definitely don’t mean to say that $15 back on $30 isn’t good — it’s a great offer. I imagine those who had last year’s offer on multiple cards will be a bit disappointed not to see it return though.

  5. I’ve got it on multiple cards.

    What’s the best way to take advantage of this?

    by Sams Club GC use for regular spend at Sam’s or WM?

  6. I have purchased two $40 Sam’s gift cards so far on two different cards but haven’t received the email from Amex notifying offer used? Anyone else have experience buying GC’s? Just wondering if its not triggering offer?

    • I also bought gift cards but haven’t gotten an email. If it doesn’t process by the middle of the week, I might buy something else. There was nothing in the terms that excluded gift cards.

  7. Does anyone have experience/DPs on how long the AA miles take to credit to your account when you sign-up for a new membership? I went through the link on 12/20 and have seen nothing. The T&Cs are a little confusing to me … one section states that I’ll get a an email with a code that needs to be entered after they’ve confirmed my membership. Another section says to allow 72 hours for new membership related to enrollment for the sign-up bonus to be processed, … and the posting can take 6-8 weeks.

    Of course, there’s no contact information listed … and I dread calling the main AA number to get this resolved.

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