Save 34% on groceries: Shipt $50 off $100 offer returns

A few months ago, an offer came out to save $50 off $100 at Greg wrote about maximizing the offer to save 34% or more on groceries (See: How much can you really save with Shipt and Amex?). Via our Current Amex Offers page, if we sort by date added, we can see that this offer has returned today.

The Deal

  • New Amex Offer out for $50 back when you spend $100 or more at

Key Terms

  • Expires 3/3/18

Quick Thoughts

The last time around, Greg found this offer on nearly a dozen cards and showed how he could easily save 34-42% off of the shelf prices at his local Meijer (the only store participating with Shipt in his area). Unfortunately, I did not receive this offer at all — I assume because there are no participating stores in my geographical area.


It’s worth logging in to see if you have the offer as saving a third or more on your groceries is certainly significant. Offers like this can really help to offset the annual fee on many cards and/or increase your first year’s value. For more information on syncing offers to multiple cards, see our Complete Guide to Amex Offers. For more information on why this is a great deal and how to maximize it, see Greg’s prior post linked in the first paragraph above.

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