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The Tactical Traveler at Travel with Grant posted a great deal yesterday that appears to still be alive — an Apple 4K TV + 3 months of DirecTV Now service for as low as $48 if you can complete a full stack (or $83 if not). See his post for complete details, but here is a basic rundown.

The Deal

  • Prepay $105 for 3 months of DirecTV now and receive a free Apple TV 4K
  • Go through for $22 cash back (if you don’t yet have an account, feel free to sign up with our Frequent Miler referral link with our thanks)
  • Use Bank of America deal for additional $35 back if you have it

Key Terms

  • New DirecTV Now subscribers only
  • Only available in the US (excludes Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands)
  • Offer limited to 1 per account, 2 per billing address

Quick Thoughts

The best deal is if you happen to have the Bank of America offer for an additional $35 back (I don’t, but The Tactical Traveler includes details). Even if not, scoring an Apple TV 4K for a net $83 (presumably plus tax) is a great deal. The device alone goes for $180 on Amazon.

A quick look at my local Craigslist shows that people are asking $140-$150 for the device. That price will likely take a bit of a dive when the market gets flooded with these, but I imagine it will rebound. The terms limit you to 1 per DirecTV Now account and 2 per billing address. If you order two and are able to sell one for a bit of a profit, that might help make up for not having the Bank of America deal. Also note that paying with your Ink Cash or Ink Plus (no longer available to new applicants) would yield 5x on the full purchase price before BeFrugal cashback.

If you value the DirecTV Now streaming service at all, this deal is a great way to get a nice discount on an Apple TV.

H/T: The Tactical Traveler

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  1. PNC has this offer as well. I was disappointed when I saw only one of my BOA cards had it, but got pumped when I saw my PNC card had the same offer.

    Now I have the max, 2 per address.

      • Unfortunately, you can’t do that. This deal requires you to prepay the 3 months at $35 each ($105 total). Then you get the $22 cash back from BeFrugal and potentially that $35 offer one time.

        If you have multiple of the $35 offer, you could continue to keep the service for free beyond the 3 months — but you can’t bring down the cost of this deal with multiple offers.

        • Multiples of the $35 offer is best used for signing up multiple times imho. Forget extending the service, unless you truly valued it.

          I actually temp changed my cc billing address so I could sign up for another one using my vacation home to get around the limit of two per shipping address.

          Turns out TopCashback also has the $22 rebate, so the wife and I did two (one each) at befrugal and two (one each) at topcashback.

  2. Question regarding the Amazon link – when I log in to JetBlue, it says to click below for my personalized Amazon link, but doesn’t seem personalized, to be honest.

    Even still, I log into JetBlue first, then click the Amazon link, then make the purchase. Then, order it through Smile, to donate to charity.

    Is there another specialized link that I should be seeing? Tried in Chrome and Firefox and see the same URL.


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