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Greg is the owner, founder, and primary author of the Frequent Miler. He earns millions of points and miles each year, mostly without flying, and dedicates this blog to teaching others how to do the same.

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Searching for business class sweet-spots in Iberia’s OneWorld award chart

Yesterday Nick posted in detail about a sweet-spot on Iberia’s American Airlines award chart: From 11K RT on American: A sweet spot for North American flight redemptions. His post showed that Iberia Avios may be the best currency for flying American Airlines on short round-trip itineraries.  That got me thinking about flying domestic 1st class or international business class.  Does Iberia have similar sweet-spots for flying American Airlines up-front? Here is Iberia’s American Airlines award chart…

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My bumbling experiments with US Bank’s Real-Time Mobile Rewards

Readers may remember that I was pretty excited about US Bank’s Real-Time Mobile Rewards when I learned that they’ve expanded them to include travel.  If you have the Altitude Reserve card, or a Visa card that earns FlexPerks points, you can now apply your rewards to travel purchases at 1.5 cents per point value without having to book travel through US Bank.  This is huge because it means that we can have our travel cake…

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My take on the Top 10 credit card offers for March 2018

Regular readers know that we maintain a sorted list of the Top 10+ Credit Card Offers (the “+” means that you can click “Next” to see beyond 10).  The offers are sorted by an estimate of first year value.  For details aboujt how this is calculated see: Credit card signup bonus estimation details. Our formula has the benefit of being unbiased, but it’s far from perfect.  We use our to estimate the value of points…

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How to book your Marriott free night before you get it

The Marriott Rewards Premier Card and the Marriott Rewards Premier Business Card offer a free category 1-5 certificate each year upon renewal. Once the Marriott free night certificate arrives, you can use it by simply booking a category 1-5 night using points at Marriott.com and the system will automatically apply your certificate rather than using your points. That’s nice, but what if you want to book your reservation before your free night is available?  For…

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3 Easy Ways to Count Your 5/24 Status

With most Chase credit cards, Chase will not approve your application if you have opened 5 or more cards with any bank in the past 24 months.  This is known as the 5/24 rule. Chase uses your credit report to count your 5/24 status.  As a result, any business cards that do not get reported to the personal credit bureaus are not included in this count.  Even Chase business cards are not counted (but most…

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The best Chase cards that ARE subject to 5/24

Nick previously published “What’s the best Chase card that’s not subject to 5/24?”  As much as I enjoyed his post, I thought this was the wrong question.  After all, with cards that are not subject to 5/24, there’s no particular reason to limit yourself.  Even if you’re over 5/24 you can get all of those cards. A more important question is which Chase cards you should get before you go over 5/24.  These are the…

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Over 600,000 points and well under 5/24

It’s time to check in again with our informed newbie Ben. Previously, we helped him form a credit card plan.  Next, he successfully signed up for three cards at once.  Intentionally, all three were business cards that do not report to personal credit bureaus.  This way, Ben can sign up for many more cards without exceeding Chase’s 5/24 limits.  And our next update about Ben was in July when we reported his progress and his 3X surprise.  Finally, in…

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Plans are progressing towards our married million miler mileage run

My wife and I will both hit Delta Million Miler status this year.  As I reported in January (see: My married million miler mileage run) I decided to turn this into a challenge.  I wrote: My goal is for the two of us to reach Million Miler status together, on the same international flight, and on Delta’s new Airbus A350. We’ve made progress towards this goal.  Here’s where things are at… Current Million Miler MQMs I currently have…

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Hyatt cracks down on second guest approach to sharing status

This morning I posted options for getting top tier Hyatt elite benefits without having status.  The best of these options is for a top-tier friend to book your stay as a Guest of Honor stay.  The second option I posted was to have your top-tier friend book a regular stay in their own name and add you as a second guest.  I mentioned in the post that Hyatt does not sanction this, but I also…

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