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Booking airline awards can be a challenge.  And, getting the most from your miles can be really hard.  Luckily there are professional award booking services that can help.  Here are some potential advantages to going with a good award booking service:

  • Better Award Availability.  Many people assume that if their airline tells them there are no award seats available, then it must be true.  A good award booking service can often find the seats that don’t appear to exist.
  • Save Miles & Money.  A good award booking service will know which of your points can get you to your destination and back for the lowest cost in terms of both miles and cash.  Ideally they know which options to avoid due to high fuel surcharges or unfavorable award charts. And, they know how to stretch your miles further by taking maximum advantage of flexible routing rules such as layovers and open-jaws.
  • Better flight experience.  A good award booking service will know which flights have the best seats and service and will try to get you on those flights.  And, they’ll proactively find itineraries with the fewest stops and shortest layovers (while avoiding layovers that risk missed connections).
  • Less Aggravation.  Booking award travel can be a huge headache.  Simply finding available award seats can be difficult.  With some airlines, booking award travel can be extremely difficult even when the award seats are available!  A good award booking service will do the hard work for you even if it means calling an airline a dozen times until they find someone who knows how to book your flight.

Available Award Booking Services

I do not run my own award booking service.  Instead, below is an incomplete alphabetical list of available services.  The presence of an award booking service on this list does not mean that I recommend this service.  For reviews, please see this FlyerTalk thread, or the user-comments, below.

If your award booking service is missing from this list, please send an email to frequentmiler at gmail and I’ll add you in.

Reader feedback

Have you used an award booking service?  If so, which one?  How would you rate the service?  Was it worth the fee?  Please comment below.


  1. We highly recommend Award Magic! Kevin always replied promptly, offered suggestions, and did an incredible job compiling a very complicated award booking for us at a very reasonable mileage expense…we would have never been able to do this ourselves. First class on Cathay Pacific! Yes, way! Their fees included actual costs payable to the airlines for ticketing that were paid up front on our behalf; considering that, the actual charge for such excellent service was very reasonable and worth every penny.

  2. I’ve used MileValue’s award booking service twice and been thoroughly satisfied both times. Scott booked me and my girlfriend on a Cathay Pacific business class flight from New York to Bangkok using AA miles, and Brian booked us on a European vacation on American Airlines and partner airlines using AA miles and SPG points. Each time I felt I received first-rate treatment and the results I wanted much faster than I expected. I will definitely use MileValue again.

    I can’t compare MileValue with the other booking services because I’ve never used them. And, quite honestly, I don’t see any reason to. No knock on them. It’s just that MileValue, I feel, scored perfect marks.

  3. I recently found and used their booking service for business class seats to Australia and New Zealand. Scott the founder of the site is very responsive and Jen on his team is awesome. Jen was in contact with me multiple times a day and looked for every option I threw on the table. The fee is very reasonable and the experience was just fantastic! I would and have recommended the site and their services to anyone that will listen. The site also has so much great information about the most up to date deals for airlines and the best credit card offers. Definitely check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

  4. Rick was very responsive and easy to deal with. He took the emotion out of dealing with difficult airlines/miles programs. As advertised, we could not find a ticket for me (due to availablity) so he did not charge me. I immediately turned him over to my wife who he was able to find a sweet first class roundtrip ticket for her trip. The amount of time he had to spend researching and communicating (HOURS!) with the airlines on our behalf was well worth the $125. Without a doubt, we will use them again. Thanks Rick!

  5. ***MileValue***

    We worked closely with Chris G. He responded within hours of our request which was days before the United devaluation. Two other services took days for an initial response.

    His proposed itineraries were truly a custom solution and he even provided invaluable destination selection based on his personal travels.

    A potentially catastrophic problem arose with the airlines that prevented the itinerary from ticketing after purchase. Chris didn’t quit until after resolving the issue that was out of his hands at that point. The end result was the airline agreeing to fix the issue when they didn’t have to and even honor pre-devaluation rates and award seat availability.

    *******HIGHLY RECOMMEND!*******

  6. This service is a dud: I sent a booking request through their website on 05/12/2014 and received the confirmation below.

    “Thank you for choosing! We have received your request and will respond within 24 hours.” Thank you!

    Today is 05/22/2014, which is well over 24 hours later and there has been no response whatsoever from regarding the request submitted to them.

    My advice to anyone planning on considering them is simple: Caveat Emptor.

  7. Hi,

    I am a Canadian who recently used They specialize in Canadian award especially Aeroplan points. After getting frustrated with the high prices of Aeroplan’s taxes I looked for a service which could find me a flight without these high fees. I highly recommend Alex and his team. He responded within a few hours and helped me to find a perfect flight.



  8. I have used 3 different award booking services and 1 of them took forever to get back to me and get anything done, another one expected me to use full nonsaver miles, ridiculous.
    The last one I used,
    actually did a really good job of getting back to me quickly and finding me exactly what I wanted for less miles than expected and even charged less. I guess it can be hit and miss sometimes, it’s good to talk to the booker on the phone and feel them out and see who you like.

  9. Kam from award advocate helped me book a first class ticket from LAX to India using AA miles. He knows what he is doing and he called the airline and put the ticket on hold, and then I called and used the booking code and paid for the ticket. He saved me a lot of time. If you have not booked a ticket using miles, I recommend getting help the first time. I did not find the AA agents very helpful for offering me various options. They only mentioned British Airways and appeared very rushed and annoyed that I was asking for other choices.

  10. Hi,

    I have just completed an award booking with Alex from I just wanted to make a comment on how smoothly the whole process went from A-Z. At first I was hesitant to use an award booking service. However after speaking to Alex over the phone he went through the whole process and helped me to book myself and my husband on a mini rtw using my Aeroplan points. I contacted another award booking service and was asked to pay $260 per person however Alex ensured me that he never charges his clients any more than $99 per person. Within a couple of days my flight was booked and seats chosen. I am excited to finally be travelling to Asia with my husband!


  11. I’d like to say that Nick is the man! I constantly travel for work and use my miles/points for hotels and flights. I used to take care of this myself; but things had gotten so hectic that I started using some award booking services — much to my dissatisfaction — that is, until I discovered Anyone that wants the biggest bang for their buck (or points) needs to be using Nick was 1) prompt, 2) courteous, 3) knowledgeable, 4) helpful, and ultimately the best rewards resource I’ve ever used. I managed to go to Europe, 4 countries in 12 days, stayed at some amazing hotels and flew business/first each time. Seriously, even if you have the time to figure out the best way to utilize your points, you probably won’t be able to do half the job that Nick does. He made things so easy and convenient for me, every step of the way. I will be going back to Award Advocate for all my traveling needs!

  12. I highly Recommend Kam with Award Advocate. Honeymoon travel all finished up!. I will never use another service than​ or look for myself again when I am planning a big trip. Kam was absolutely fabulous! We had points spread around everywhere and wanted to do 2 weeks in Europe. Not only did he find us great flights both ways in Business / First but he gave me recommendations for a stopover in Prague for a few days based on what I told him my future wife likes to do. He absolutely maximized my points and minimized my taxes and fees. On top of all that he was a great communicator, and when something was important he called or texted and if it was not urgent he used email. What great respect for my time! What a super experience. I will be using Kam anytime we are taking a big trip and need to maximize points.

  13. Thank!!! Amazingly effective!
    Using European plans, Kam of spent fewer milage points to get me and 4 family members first class and business class flights to the middle east at high season than I used to book passage on a much shorter coach flight for my son to Europe. A pleasure to work with and has the patience of a saint. I’ll never book overseas travel again any other way. I cannot more highly recommend the services of!!

  14. Gotta link my buddy Dominic from AwardBandit. Incredible service and pretty cheap. Helped me book a great award for my girlfriend and I to Italy this summer. His site is relatively new, but my experience was awesome.

    Had a couple of options on the table that I inquired to, but felt Dom was the most attentive so I went with him. prices on par with the rest

  15. I sent requests to several sites. Kam at was wonderful, highly recommend.
    I Do Not Recommend Even though I told Matthew I had gone another way, is charging us for their ‘research’. All the other companies do not charge unless they find you the right itinerary, all the other companies I sent requests out to, accepted that someone else had got the job done already, they graciously said ‘thank you and enjoy your trip’. is in no way more efficient than any other but they charge you as if they are above all others.
    Use someone else.

  16. Thanks for the list. I contacted 4 of the award booking services from your list and Dominic Perilli from AWARD BANDIT was AWESOME. He was PROMPT and answered every questions right away no matter what time I sent my message. Got a great Business Class Award to Bali…Whooo-Hooo! Can’t wait. 1 service did not respond, 1 wanted an up front nonrefundable fee, and the other did not respond for 5 days. My trip was all taken care of in a matter of hours. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AWARD BANDIT and I will definitely use Dominic Perilli’s service again!

  17. After all the praise of Kam at Award Advocate I finally contacted him for a search for two persons to Asia for November. After an initial search he presented option which included long layover and on airlines which I had not even heard of before. After looking into the airlines I decided I would like to maybe have other choices to which he responded that he had searched and that I either took these options or that was it! It was a very rude experience and after so much promotion it would seem that a lot of this is self promotion. I would be careful with some of these booking sites since they seem to spend 30 mins and give what they first find and be done with it.

    Would I call Award Advocate a scam? No, but I did not pay for his services and I would never recommend him and would advice readers to contact these companies prior to hear them out.

  18. Used Book Your Award for the first time, seemed easy given their access to my Award Wallet account. The experience was really quite comically bad. After receiving a routing that was a complete nightmare, 5 minutes on the site yielded same miles, less cost, 3 versus 5 total stops, no overnight layover and all first class instead of one coach “purchase” leg. May have caught them on a bad day…but it was a really bad day and I’ll be trying another service next go-around.

    • Same problems with Award Wallet. She never phoned me once, only emails, so it took forever. Had me leaving on a connection 23 hours before I arrived there. Missed an entire leg of one necessary connection. Charged me $275 because I had more than 2 stopovers. Used more miles & points than necessary. Had me buy miles when I could have transferred points. Since then I’ve been scared to try any service since they had all my details on Award Wallet, so should have been the easiest way. Since then I’ve done it myself, but an expert should be able to do it much quicker, and I value my time.

  19. After reading up on here as well as Flyertalk, I decided to reach out to a couple of these Award Bookers. I eventually ended up with Alex from Easy Award Booking. Super nice and talked me through exactly what the process was. Was looking to book a family of 5, yes 5! to Japan for the Spring Festival 2017. Was able to find us all seats on the same plane in Business Class! Excellent Service….

  20. Are there any services that will place an alert on their system for specific flights over a period of time (e.g. 90 days) to see if those flights become award listed vs. just doing a one-time check for award flights?

    I can perform a one-time check for One World flights on specific dates. It is the frequent checking back and identifying when an award flight becomes available that is worth paying for.

  21. Thanks for posting the list of award experts, we ended up using Award Advocate. Kam was pretty awesome – he was able to send me and my whole family to Hawaii with some points I didn’t even know I could use with my citi card. Very consultative and knowledgeable. Will definitely use Award Advocate again!

  22. I unfortunately used Alex Smith with EasyAwardBooking. While I was initially impressed with his knowledge, in the end the experience was a nightmare.
    He dropped the ball and failed to communicate in a timely manner. He left us stuck with flights which from the very first conversation we’d indicated we’d never accept, and only reserved because he said he’d be able to find us better flights. We would have preferred to fly on a non-stop coach flight instead of what he instructed us to book. He had stated that he fully understood our priorities, but he did not have the follow-through or professionalism to do what he said he’d do.
    His website has also been down for the last few months at least, leading me to think he’s gone out of business.

  23. I have used Alex Smith with EasyAwardBooking a couple times before. Happy with the service. I sent him an email yesterday. Email came back today. Bounced. Out of business?

  24. Just want to add my company, Awarding Canada ( We’ve been in business for about two years, and have served over 300 happy customers. We specialize in Aeroplan, but are very capable in almost every frequent flyer program. I’m also a Boarding Area blogger ( Would greatly appreciate being added to your list!

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