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Card / NotesBonus / Annual Fee
Discover it® Miles - Double Miles your first year
Earning rate: 1.5 miles per dollar for all spend.

Noteworthy Perks:
-No foreign transaction fees
-Free in-flight wifi (up to $30 per year)
-Redeem miles for travel or for cash back (1 cent per mile either way)

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Get $50 after first purchase. All miles earned in first 12 months will be doubled. This makes this a 3% cash back card for the first year.

No annual fee


The Discover It Miles card isn’t a miles-earning card at all.  The card simply earns 1.5 points per dollar for all spend.  Discover calls the points “miles”, but each point is really just worth 1 cent.  In other words, this is simply a 1.5% cash back card.

That said, this card has a few great things going for it:

  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Double Miles First Year: Discover will double all miles earned the first year.  This means that for the first year, you get 3% cash back on all spend.  That’s excellent.
  • $30 in-flight WI-FI credit: Every cardmember year, Discover will reimburse up to $30 in in-flight wi-fi purchases.  Plus, they’ve been known to reimburse not just in-flight wi-fi, but all airline charges up to $30 per year.  For example, you can use the card to pay for airline tickets or fees, in-flight movies or snacks, etc. and the charge is likely to be reimbursed (up to $30 per year).

Bottom Line

This is a great choice for first year spend.  Ongoing, this card may be worth keeping simply for its $30 per year airline reimbursements.


  1. I had a discover card that was converted to an it card, without any request by me. Think i’ll qualify for this it miles 2x bonus?

  2. Re: the “Discover It Miles” card…
    I have the “Discover It” card (not the Discover it Miles card) and the first year of membership is in February. As you know, this card earns 1% cash back which they double at the end of the first year. This card also has quarterly categories that pay 5%. This is also doubled at the end of the first year.
    1. I never heard about the “Discover It Miles” card until I saw it mentioned on your post about paying estimated tax with a credit/debit card. I then clicked on that link to learn more. How long has it been around?
    2. At the end of the first year of my current Discover It card, I’m considering getting the Discover It Miles card to earn the 1.5% (effectively 3% for the first year). This card doesn’t have the 5% category spend but in your opinion would I be ahead in getting the Discover It Miles card? The Disco er It card (the one I have now) will only pay 1% (not doubled after the first year) but will offer the 5% category spend … which I max out the $1,500 per year category limit for gas. Neither card have annual fees.
    3. Discover’s site says either miles or cash back can be received.
    (1) What kind of miles are they? Where can they be used?
    (2) HOW is the cash back received, i.e. can it be received as a direct deposit to my bank account, or does it HAVE to be a statement credit. Statement credit isn’t good because, as with the Citi Double Cash card, if you choose statement credit, you don’t get the additional 1% on that money (as you know this card pays 1% when the charge is made, and an additional 1% when the card is paid by the card holder).

    Thank you very much for your help. Likely both my wife and I will get this card (through your site of course).

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