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How to avoid basic economy when paying with points

avoid basic economy

You gotta love the marketing genius that came up with the concept of basic economy.  I imagine that the first executive meeting on the topic went something like this: Marketing Guy: Let’s introduce a fare option that is crappier than regular economy.  That way we can charge more for regular economy while telling our customers that they’ll save money with our new Crappier Economy. Executive 1: That sounds great!  I love win-win scenarios.  Of course,…

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Pushing the envelope on earning Delta elite status through spend

Delta elite status

Delta is the only major airline that makes it possible to achieve top tier status through credit card spend alone.  It’s not easy to do, but it is possible.  Over the past several years, I’ve earned high level Platinum status for myself and top tier Diamond status for my wife almost entirely through credit card spend.  And this year I spent both of us to Diamond status. The top-end value of Delta SkyMiles has arguably…

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70K Offers: Delta? No Hurry. Ink Plus? Hurry!

70K Offers

Delta 70K Offers (and 50K too) You may have seen posts around the web recently warning that the end is nigh for the enhanced Delta credit card signup offers.  And it’s true that the public offers are set to expire on November 9th.  But, referrals (which can be shared publicly) do not expire until February 1.  Once the public offers expire, please email me to request referral links (greg at frequentmiler dot net).we’ll change the…

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