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Will big data affect your applications? What was the negative effect of the Southwest reservation system change? Answers to these and more.

Welcome to Frequent Miler week in review around the web, where we recap some of the top stories we’ve seen around the net. BIG DATA: How to Predict If a Borrower Will Pay You Back Will big data someday be used in evaluating loan and credit applications? This intriguing read from The Science of Us touches on the role of big data in lending decisions and the ethics of its use. Like it or not,…

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Churning, reselling, and business credit: news you can use

Welcome to this week’s Frequent Miler week in review around the web, where we recap some of the stories that caught our eye since last weekend. Are the Alaska Cards Still Churnable?   This week, BOA and Alaska Airlines sweetened the pot with a new and improved offer on the Alaska Airlines Visa Signaure card: You can now get 30K miles, a $0 + taxes companion fare, and a $100 statement credit for meeting the…

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Keeping it customer-friendly

Southwest Companion Pass without flying

Welcome to this week in review around the web. Today, we look at some customer-friendly policies and outcomes as well as the complexity that can sometimes be involved. Yes, you can transfer Amex points back to Amex When initiating a points transfer, you are always reminded that the transfer is permanent and completely irreversible. But is it? Maybe the customer is always right after all….Matthew Klint at Live and Let’s Fly shares experience in getting…

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Reservation? What reservation? A disappearing act at the front desk

Welcome to today’s Frequent Miler week in review around the web, where we recap some vanishing acts and top tips that caught our eye around the Internet. Chase travel concierge put my friend in a horrible situation I’m a believer in keeping reasonable expectations. If it rains, I expect to get wet. If I eat at McDonald’s, I expect to get indigestion. If I book a seat on Spirit airlines, I expect to unfold like…

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Is tweeting for the birds – or the way you get stuff done?

This week’s news around the web has been dominated by a single story that has (rightfully) generated the most press coverage of any aviation incident in recent memory.  At this point, you’ve probably read all you care to about United Flight 3411 — perhaps even more. And so this week, we bring you a United-less recap of some of the other stories that you may have overlooked. Here is this week’s Frequent Miler Week in Review around…

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Stacking fallacies and other news you can use

Welcome to this week’s Frequent Miler week in review around the web, where we recap the news you can use from around the Internet. When Stacking Goes Wrong: The Danger of Percentages & Framing a Problem We talk a lot around here about stacking deals — but not all stacks are created equally. Earlier this week, there was a great Office Max / Office Depot gift card deal. In the discussion about maximizing the deal,…

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Making good choices can be tough. Here’s some help.

Ketchup or mustard? Paper (check) or Plastiq? First class 777 or A380? Life is full of tough choices. In this week in review around the web, we bring you some information on making good choices — or avoiding bad ones. How to Find Which Flights Have A Better / New Business Class If you’re relatively new to redeeming points and miles for first and business class, it’s important to know that not all premium cabin…

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From the bargain basement to baller style: travel for every budget and taste

Welcome to this week’s Frequent Miler around the web, where we recap some of the most interesting stories we came across around the Internet. Enjoy! How to visit 15 European capitals for less than £300 Before discovering miles and points, my wife and I spent about six years of our lives working 70 to 80 hours a week (often 7 days a week for months at a time) in order to finance our travels to…

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Europe Invades the West Coast: Low-cost on money or miles

Welcome to the Frequent Miler Week in Review Around the Web, where we recap some of the top stores from around the Internet. Getting to know the award charts and sweet spots of the many foreign airline programs to which we have access through transferable currencies can be time consuming. However, the resulting benefit can be less competition for valuable award opportunities. Through 7pm Eastern time this Sunday, March 19th, SPG transfer partner Air Berlin…

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