$10 back on $200+ in Amex Gift Cards

There’s a new Amex Offer out today to save $10 on $200 or more in American Express Gift Cards. While Amex gift cards are less exciting for the purposes of manufactured spending, they can still be useful as gifts or in some instances where you want a gift card with your name on it.

The Deal

  • Save $10 on $200 or more in American Express Gift Cards with new Amex Offer

Key Terms

  • Limit 1 enrolled card per card member across all American Express offer channels
  • Excludes bulk orders over $100K
  • Excludes reloadable gift cards
  • Excludes logo gift cards
  • Can not be shipped in the states of Hawaii and Vermont
  • See your offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

Again, these cards aren’t useful in the same way as many Visa and Mastercard gift cards as Amex gift cards do not have a PIN and therefore can not be used as debit cards.

Still, if you’re looking to actually buy a gift, you could possibly save a few bucks, and there may be limited instances where you may find them useful and they are available in large denominations (up to $3,000 on a single card). Personally, I’ll probably give this one a pass as I’d rather have Visa or Mastercard gift cards and I’m hopeful that we’ll see more fee-free sales on those.

As always, we have added this to our list of Current Amex Offers.

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There were rumors that they would stop awarding points for AMEX GC purchases. Any idea if that actually happened?


The offer is useless because all purchases of $200 or greater require non-standard shipping which runs $8.95 or more. So add the $6.95 fee plus $8.95 shipping and you are paying $5.90 for the privilege of having one of these gift cards in an amount of $200 to $3,000. Deal was useful in the past because $200 gift cards could be shipped by standard shipping.


I pretty much agree with this… this offer sux.
For those really interested, promo code AXP1EM2018 saves $4.. at least something.