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You are probably aware that you can earn 1 extra mile per dollar spent at by going through Hawaiian Airlines online shopping portal.  That’s not bad, but here are a few ways to do much better:

Chase Freedom:

In the first quarter of 2012, gas stations and are the 5X bonus categories for the Chase Freedom card.  As long as you register for the promotion, until the end of March anything you buy at will be rewarded with 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar, up to $1500 for the quarter.  After the first quarter, not all is lost.  Take a look at the Freedom’s bonus category chart:

  • Q1 (January – March): Gas stations and
  • Q2 (April – June): Groceries and movie theaters
  • Q3 (July – September): Gas stations and restaurants
  • Q4 (October – December): Hotels, airlines, Best Buy and Kohl’s

Q1 is already covered.  In Q2, note that groceries are on the list.  According to this page a number of grocery stores carry gift cards.  So, from April to June, rather than buying from directly, go to your grocery store to buy gift cards.  After you apply them to your Amazon account, all future purchases will default to using the gift card credit (this will work for regular purchases, download movie rentals, subscribe & save purchases, etc.)

In Q3, I think you’re out of luck (unless you saved up on gift cards from earlier), but in Q4 you can go to BestBuy to buy more Amazon gift cards!

Chase Ink Bold:

The new Chase Ink Bold offers 5 points per dollar for purchases at office supply stores.  Both Staples and Office Max carry Amazon gift cards according to this page.  So, using your Chase Ink Bold, visit one of those stores and load up on gift cards.

American Express Business cards

Most, if not all (?) American Express business cards give you American Express OPEN Savings.  This means that, for purchases at certain merchants, you get money credited back to your account.  One example is OfficeMax in which you receive 5% back for purchases of $100 or more.  By buying gift cards at OfficeMax using your Amex business card, you can save 5% on all Amazon purchases!

Citi Forward

The Citi Forward card offer 5 points per dollar for restaurants, books, movies and music.  Probably because of the “books” category, purchases receive 5 points per dollar!

Other Cards

If you hold a credit card that offers bonus points in certain categories such as groceries, drug stores, office supplies, etc., then check out the list of stores that carry gift cards.  Find a store that qualifies and use your card to load up!

Icing on the Cake

Once you have loaded up on gift cards, don’t forget that you can still earn Hawaiian Airlines miles for your purchases!  Make sure to sign up for their HawaiianMiles frequent flyer program and then visit on their online portal before making any purchases.

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great stuff.




Chase Ink + Staples + Amazon Gift Cards x 5 UR Points = Brilliant

Rapid Travel Chai

Elaborate but not too much hassle to implement, excellent!


Excellent post. Thanks!


You left off the Citi Forward card…earns 5x thankyou points at Amazon, all the time.


Has anyone ever tested the OPEN savings with American Express Business Cards? This seems like a great way to stock up on my gas cards or even Visa cash cards to meet minimum spend, but sounds way to good to be true to work as nicely as they say.


I’m new to Chase Ultimate Rewards (just got the Sapphire card). I’m not seeing as a merchant choice. What am I doing wrong?


Also, I didn’t see this highlighted (disclaimer, I’m a speed reader) but it looks like Hawaiian’s mall restricts purchases with GCs:

So you can’t double dip and get more miles via Hawaiian’s mall (I haven’t tried).

FrequentMiler’s post also highlights the fallacy that the subpar ~25K sign up bonus for Chase Freedom is offset by the ability to earn 7500 bonus points each quarter. Not that Freedom isn’t a great card but you can often do just as well with other cards, and there are better cards to get from Chase IMHO.


A few other tidbits to toss in, although not currently around/available… Toys R Us was also allowing purchases of Kindle gift cards with their gift cards back in December during the AMEX gift promotion – gifts for purchasing $25 gift cards and then turn them into Kindle cards. The other one I did load up on was the $40 AMEX credit for each AMEX card $200 spend at Lowe’s – 20% off Amazon cards! No points in that purchase, except I did earn the Hawaiian pt/$ as I have been spending them by linking through the HA Mall. Hope the bring back that promotion again…


Here’s another secret. AAdvantage shopping mall still offers 10 points/$ on Sears. Shop Sears Gift Card through AAdvantage shopping mall and then use sears gift cards to buy ebay gift card @ sears store or kmart. Use ebay gift card at to buy whichever gift card you want!!


murtuza, sounds like it’s been quite an adventure for folks to get their points to post from AA Shopping but looks like someone was ultimately successful:

Just curious, has anyone else gotten points that didn’t fight for them?


@murtaza Iwas told in store that I cannot use sears gift card to buy another gift card

Saurabh S

This is one of the best ways to save on pretty much everything! Thanks for the post. The Hawaiian double dip is awesome too.


For those have Kroger store around.
They run promotion as buy gift card earn 2X fuel points, and very often jump to 3X or 4X. You can redeem the 100 fuel points for $0.10 cent discount per gallon on their gas station up to 1000 points per redemption. In other words, $1.00 off per gallon.
At the same time, Kroger is definitely a Grocery store and you may very often get grocery 5% back from those rotating category program in Chase/Citi/Discover.
You may also use the Amex Blue Cash Preferred which gives a 6% back on grocery (with annual fee through) or some other fee free cards that gives extras on grocery if you do not have / do not plan to get other cards mentioned in the post.
This also works on other GC sold in Kroger.
There are certain limitation on this plan. You need to have a kroger around. The fuel points expires in the next month. Extra points does not rollover. You can only use it for gas. There is a limitation of 37 (may be 27) gallon per discount.
But, it is still a nice bonus on top of the 5% or so you are getting. Especially during the 4X promotion, you only need to buy $250 GC to get $1.00 off gas per gallon.


Ryan: Thanks for the great tips on how to further maximize spending via Kroger!


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How about the SUPER icing on the cake and setting yourself up an Amazon Affiliates link? 😉

My fiancee buys her Amazon stuff “through me” all the time! At the very least you’ll get 4% cashback


Great post! 🙂

Do you know if any of the Super Targets or Super Walmarts that carry groceries, count as a “grocery store” in Q2 for the Freedom 5% bonus?



I assume that the Amazon gift cards at Office Max are sold at face value? A gift card fee for purchasing the card would negate the 5% savings.


yes all non-credit card (visa, mc, amex) gift cards are at face value


Remember, once you get Hawaiian miles, one mile transfers to two Hilton Honors pts, in 1K min transfer…


What about buying gift cards through Staples or Office Max (with the Bold card) through Would that be stackable to earn 10 points/$?


Scott: Unfortunately, last I checked, none of the stores sell Amazon gift cards online so you won’t be able to stack the savings to 10 points per $ as you suggested. Also, not all online merchants will give points for gift card purchases through the UR mall, so be careful with that as well. Staples does sell Visa gift cards online. If someone wants to experiment, I’d be very interested to hear whether you get points for both the UR mall AND the Ink Bold by buying those cards!

JohnnieD: Thanks for the reminder about converting Hawaiian Airlines miles to Hilton points!

Infamousdx: Great tip!

Everett: I’ve tried it and it worked! I used an Amex business card at OfficeMax to buy a $100 Amazon gift card. About 5 days later, I see the $5 credit on my OPEN Savings account!


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Doesn’t get much better than this. Love the icing on the cake!


[…] days ago I wrote about leveraging American Express OPEN savings to buy gift cards in my post about how to maximize points at, but I hadn’t actually tried it at that point.  So, I ran out and bought a $100 Amazon gift card […]

The Deal Mommy

This works at Barnes and Noble as well, they sell gift cards at some locations.


The Deal Mommy: I assume you mean that buying gift cards, in general, at Barnes and Noble works for OPEN savings — not that you can get Amazon cards there. I’m sure they wouldn’t sell their competitor’s cards.


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The double dip through Hawaiian does work. It actually looks like I got the miles based on the item’s price and not the total after the subscribe and save discount and coupon. Here’s a boring toilet paper purchase I made in December:

On Hawaiian’s Site
12/9/11 Amazon 30 0 30

My Amazon receipt:

Items Ordered Price
1 of: Charmin Ultra Soft, Double Rolls, 4 Count Packs (Pack of 10) 40 Total Rolls [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] [Health and Beauty]
Condition: New
Sold by: LLC

Item(s) Subtotal: $29.98
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Promotion Applied: -$4.50
Your Coupon Savings: -$3.00
Total Before Tax: $22.48
Sales Tax: $0.00
Gift Certificate/Card Amount: -$11.01
Total for This Shipment: $11.47
Total paid by Gift Certificate/Card: -$11.01

Free Zumba Online

Wicked thread.. I had to check it twice to comprehend it all though, haha!


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Kent C

For anyone late to the party like me just note Hawaiian Airlines has stopped giving out miles to most Amazon purchases. They restrict you to Sports Clothing, Sports Gear and Toys. Still if you have to buy something in that category, why not do it. Off the HA site, “*As of 1/23/13 miles are no longer earned for purchases on every category.”