Nook side chat

I’m giving away a Nook Color to a lucky person who contributes a comment to this post!  If you have questions or comments about the contest or would like to praise someone for a particularly good entry in the contest, this is the place to go.  Comment below.

To enter the contest, go here.
To discuss the contest, comment below.

Bonus points to anyone who can explain why the title of this post is almost a pun (bonus points have no value except as bragging rights).

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Because the Nook is similar to the Amazon Fire?

Mom Miler

Can one of your parents enter this contest?


Mom Miler: yes, they may

Mom Miler

Thanks for using correct grammar. I’m so impressed. I should have asked: May one of your parents enter this contest? Also, your answer was perfect.


I think the counter for the Nook story comments is goofed up and it may impact your ability to pick a winner. Check out the numbering scheme of the comments…there is no 100, 101, or 2xx, or 3xx for example.


I would love to win this for my mom. Her birthday is coming up in March. i love the advice you give on your blog. I wish I had the skills to actually do what you do. It seems like it’s easy but time consuming. i’ve never flown first class or upgraded when I used to fly a lot for work. I never undestood the system. If you have any tips like which credit card i should sign up for and what tricks/tips for getting upgraded I would be so grateful.


This story is going crazy! haha