Last day for thousands of free points

On Thursday I posted details of how to buy “free after rebate” software at Staples and, hopefully, receive thousands of Ultimate Rewards points.  The rebate is really easy so this appears to be a no-brainer easy way to earn points.  But, to get in on this, you do need to complete your purchase today.  Click here for the original post.

Thanks to a reader who sent me the screen capture, I updated the original post with an image showing how to change the rebate from a gift card to a check.

If you have questions, please read through the comments at the bottom of the my Thursday post.  Readers have been helping each other through some of the confusing points.  One question not yet answered, though, is whether the Ultimate Rewards Mall will really award points for this since this could be considered a promotional item (see screen capture, below).  If anyone has experience with this, please let us know.


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I just went all in, but I am seeing the following message “We’re sorry, but problems with your order may prevent us from delivering it on time.” Ten on the status of each item it says “researching”. Have they put a flag on these orders?


Even if we don’t qualify for the 4x extra points, the only downside is floating the money for 4-6 weeks until the rebate check comes in the mail. Low risk, high rewards if UR processes it.


I’ve been doing this for the past few weeks and have always received the 4x points.


I have had success with FAR items posting points for Staples in the UR Mall in the past. The purchase is treated as a regular purchase, the rebate is a separate after purchase event. BTW, the rebate checks come as post card style – unfortunately with the amount showing on the face. This isn’t as much of a problem if you have a secure mailbox, but for those living in an area with a higher probability of mail theft, this should be taken into consideration (along with a P.O. box!).


Went all in for $700, order went through, but I had put DE as my shipping state so I didn’t have to pay sales tax. Billing state was IL. I got a call yesterday from Staples calling to verify my info. Didn’t call them back, so order will be canceled in 3 days.


Is the limit or 5 and 10 units per person, or household?
I ordered the same for my wife and I (both of them are “researching”) and realized that I don’t want to be out $700.


Reuven: I don’t know. It’s probably worth asking Staples and cancel the second order if it is per household.