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Staples has taken a break from giving us free points:  no Free After Rebate items this week.  Bummer!  However there are a few bits of Staples news and conjecture worth sharing:

  • uPromise:
    • The Frequent Miler Laboratory team (which is basically me and a reader who goes by the title “lab assistant”) has taken on the task of testing whether one can buy Visa gift cards at after going through the Upromise portal for 5% cash back.  If this works, then the combination of uPromise and a Chase Ink card will be an awesome way to buy gift cards!  Look for an update soon.
    • Did you know that you can get cash back from Upromise instead of saving the money for college?  Thanks to reader Mow for pointing that out!
    • Also, Mow reports having 5% cash back pending from Staples purchases made through uPromise.  This could be a great alternative to the Ultimate Rewards Mall 2x for buying future Free After Rebate items!
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards
    • A reader tipped me off that the Southwest Airlines RapidRewards shopping portal has Staples at 4X until 4/22.  If you’re working towards a Southwest Companion Pass, this could be a great way to rack up some points:  Go through the portal to buy gift cards and use your Ink card to make the actual purchase.  That way you get 5X Ultimate Rewards and 4X Southwest miles!  NOTE: unfortunately there isn’t time to test whether gift cards will work here so buy at your own risk.

And, the most exciting news of all: thanks to all of the Staples purchases I’ve been making, I just became even more elite!  I am now a Premier member.  Feel free to ooh and aww:


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you just became one? come on now, you should have been one several months ago with all the deals! 😉


In my experience the last FAR run from staples is not the norm so I would caution people about depending on this for spend.


Miler-Just purchased a $100 pizza hut gift card through southwest portal in staples. Our rehearsal dinner is going to be a pizza party before our wedding. Will let you know if points post. Question-in your experience how long does it take points to post in these type of shopping portals? I’m still waiting on points from chase UR Mall.


In theory I should have that elite status in staples rewards. I even called in and had them link my purchses to my rewards number (even though the purchases were already supposed to be linked), and my rewards account still says $0.00 in purchases.


To get cash back, you need to open a “high”-yield savings account (currently 0.75% APY, which unfortunately does constitute relatively high yield today!). You can also get a 10% bonus to all of your cash-back transfers if you either set up automatic savings contributions to the account of $25 per month or fund the account with $5000. I’ve been using UPromise with the high-yield savings account since November and have earned over $100 so far. I have had no problems with getting the rewards to post (although they do have “pending” status for about 60-90 days). You can always transfer the money back out of the savings into another account too. Now that they have 5% across the board, I’ll be using them more often for stores who give only 1X or 2X on portals like UR.

Peter S

It seems like staple FAR purchases does not count towards Premier Status. I also have $0 dollar toward the status even through I made several FAR purchases.


@Peter S It’s not the case here, and I am qualifying 2 accounts this year. First has hit threshold and second will this month. Staples is somewhat slow updating purchases and very slow updating premier status.

@FM There are still some FAR possibilities if you do the Staples App game. Using the 20% SW coupon will a little more than breakeven while earning points.

Trend Micro Titanium Max Security (3 user) $69.99 – $60 SER with max rebate of 5. Total = $349.95 – 20% off + 6% sales tax = $296.75 out of pocket. You get back $300 in SER, and additionally earned 5X Chase UR points and your shopping portal of choice.

Stack in a few of the free gifts with $100/$150 purchase like the free flip camera, free travel bag, free laser level etc etc.


Sam_Goh: Thanks for the tips! I expect you could also use the $25 off $75 coupons?


@FM – Depends on the source of the $25/$75 and the point of purchase. The 20% coupon can only be used in store, so you either have to use the kiosk from home trick, use a kiosk in store, or purchase from in store stock. In store inventory has become quite scarce and honestly it’s quite impossible to find a store that will have 10 of these in stock consistently.

The free 25/75 coupons that people generated 1000’s of about a week ago no longer work via phone/online and are store only. YMMV because both the 25/75 and the 20% off are not supposed to stack – this will depend on the cashier and what sort of a mood they’re in. Interestingly enough, the staples generated 10/75 may be easier to stack as whenever I hand my smart phone over for them to get the coupon number, the text is too small for them to read the terms and conditions 🙂

Online is a different ball game and requires stacking a lot of other stuff in tiers to make it worthwhile.


Update. After calling in (last Friday) I got all of my purchases correctly linked. So I’ve now spent$2k. Woohoo staples premier. I guess that pretty much gets me shipping on everything.