Club Carlson for Business: not as great as it sounds

Last week I suggested signing up for a Club Carlson business account in order to get an addition 10 points per dollar for your stays (see “When 138000 points is not enough”).  After some research today, though, I’ve found that business accounts are not as great as they sound.  If there are no special rates available (AAA, 30% off promotions, etc.), then the business ID will give you 5% off the standard rate and an extra 10 points per dollar if booked online.  That’s pretty good.  If there are special rates available, though, those rates are usually much better than the business discount.  When you book a special rate, you do not get extra business points.

UPDATE: Please see comments where reader Katherine says she has received extra points for her business account when using special rates.  Good news!

If the above hasn’t deterred you, then here are the steps for getting and using a business account:

Step 1: Sign up for a business ID

By registering your own business (if you have one) with Club Carlson, you can save 5% and earn an extra 10 points per dollar for reservation booked online and linked to your business account.  Here’s the sign-up link:

Step 2: Search for a hotel online

As I mentioned yesterday (see “Breaking News: TopCashBack to double Radisson rebate”), you should start at TopCashBack in order to get an additional 10% off of your reservation (until July 15).  Go to

Fill out your initial search criteria:



Step 3: Add you business ID

You may have to first click “More Search Options”:


Then, add your corporate ID and search again:image

Step 4: Compare rates with and without the Corporate Account ID

The extra 10 points per dollar you will earn with the Corporate Account ID are approximately equivalent to a 3% rebate.  So, unless the rates with the Corporate ID are equivalent or better, you’re better off going without it.

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Um, I have had my business account since it started – I got the 8+ 2 points for the special rates. I have used it 7 times and got the points each time – none of them were at my 5% off rate.


Katherine: That’s great! I was going by what I was told when I called their business line. Maybe what I was told only applies to others besides the business owner who use the business ID. I added a note to the post about your findings. Thanks for sharing!

Debbie Schroeder

Another nice thing about Club Carlson for Business is that the miles are pooled – meaning if your employees, assumption being they don’t care or don’t know about the points, will earn points for their stays that pool into the business account. These points can then be distributed and used as the administrator sees fit.


It seems like it’s a learning process for these guys.

I’m a business owner but they didn’t like the fact I was not the “travel coordinator”. So, I gave myself the additional title of “travel coordinator”. No response yet.

I’m an important person, damnit!


i dont think TOPCASHBACK is good idea. i heared the stay must be booked thru the site you saw to get the 50k points.


the question now is, can i sign up for a business ID if i don’t have a business? if yes, what happens to club carlson account i already signed up for the used for the 50k promo?


twight: Good luck!

simon: That is incorrect. Stays booked through (via TopCashBack) will count towards the promotion as long as they are “qualifying stays”. Qualifying stays are basically any stays booked after the signup period that qualify for earning Gold points. If a stay doesn’t qualify for earning Gold points, the web site shows that under “Rate Details”

tom: Yes, it’s possible. Give it a try. I’ll write another post about how to deal with the promos. It can’t hurt to register your business account for the promos.

Debbie Schroeder: Do you know of any way to distribute the points other than to call up Club Carlson? I can’t find any option like that online.


They told me that you get business points every time you do get normal points. If you start searching for a room with your business number inserted even if you pick up AAA or some other non business rate. And it worked this way last time I did it.


Also, you can transfer your business points to any personal account by calling them.


I was looking at a few options and found one hotel had a “Java” rate that included a $10 Starbucks gift card–but it was only $5 more than the lowest available rate. So basically you get a free $5 gift card by scrolling down and checking all the fares, not just picking the cheapest one.


how long does it take to get status match? It’s been 5 days and still no response.


al613: Thanks!

Scottrick: Nice trick 🙂

mike: Back in January it took about a week for me to get the match. I expect they are flooded with requests right now, though, so expect it to take longer.

Debbie Schroeder

Hi Greg,

I don’t know if you can distribute the points online – I still have to credit another login for the business account since Radisson only allows 1 email address on file. Will keep you updated.


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