Office Depot 100% back in rewards + 15X points

Through July 14, Office Depot is offering a bunch of stuff for “100% back in rewards” for rewards program members:


If you need any of these items, the best deal is to use your Ink Bold card and go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to place your order.  The Ultimate Rewards Mall is currently offering 10 bonus points per dollar for Ink Bold customers.  When combined with the automatic 5 points per dollar the Ink Bold earns at office supply stores, this comes to a whopping 15 points per dollar!  Up to 6 weeks after your purchase, your Office Depot account will be credited with the price paid for the listed items.  That credit, then, can be used to buy other things.

100% rewards doesn’t equal FREE

100% rewards deals sound a lot like FAR (free after rebate) deals, but there’s a big difference.  With FAR deals, you get a check or Visa gift card back.  In other words, you get back real money.  With 100% rewards, you get the opportunity to get more stuff from Office Depot.  So, I think of 100% rewards as more like a 50% discount.  When you buy $50 worth of stuff, you can ultimately take home a total of $100 worth of stuff.  That’s a great deal if you need that stuff (or if you can resell it for a profit), but it’s a far cry from free.

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Except there is one catch. You can order or buy only two items from the list each day. So be careful


Actually, you can buy each of the items x2 each day. I personally like these deals better than the FAR items since there are no rebates to submit, you get to keep a bunch of free office supplies and still have credit left over.


You will earn 21,000 points if you buy each item x 2 from now until Saturday. You will end up with $1390 or so in OD rewards.


Is there a link on Office Depot website for this offer? I see the items mentioned but I don’t see that they will credit 100% so I’m not yet ready to pull the trigger. Thanks!


Can OD rewards be used to buy gift cards?


Are there any restrictions as to what you can buy with those rewards? I know that you can not get gift cards.


Other than the gift cards, rewards can be used to purchase stamps. I usually buy stamps and FAR stuff to spend the rewards.

Ken in Phx

seems like everything is sold out. Hate when businesses dont get their ^#%@ together on a promo.


Does 100% back in rewards cover sales tax as well?


It doesn’t cover sales tax or shipping. For each purchase you incur those expenses.


DealsSeeker: good point


your timing is off on when rewards come. This quarter just started so these rewards won’t be available til late October. If you are planning to cash out via far software, may not cash out til next year. Only do this if you can afford to pay now.

Mike H

At 15x I wonder what the best resell is at OD right now