Sears 9X and Lands’ End 6X via the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping portal

Valid through October 23:

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping portal is offering 9 points per dollar at Sears and 6 points per dollar at Lands’ End.  Based on past experience, I believe the following to be true about buying and using gift cards:

Sears: you will earn points when buying physical gift cards (even though they are sold by Kmart), but you will not earn points for buying eGift cards.  You will earn points when using gift cards.

Lands End: you will earn points when buying physical or eGift cards.  You will not earn points when using gift cards.

Keep in mind that the above statements are my best guesses based on past experiences.  If true, one could do a quick double dip by buying Lands End eGift cards (6X) and then using them at Sears (9X) for a total of 15X.  If you have just over $7K worth of stuff to buy at Sears, this technique should get you enough points to get a companion pass good for unlimited flights for the rest of this year and all of next year.

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4 Comments on "Sears 9X and Lands’ End 6X via the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping portal"

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Anyone ever bought custom closets from Sears? I need to spend around $5K and could rack up a lot of WN points if I can make this work.


My most recent experience trying to buy Land’s End GCs was extremely frustrating. Most of the orders were cancelled almost immediately (even for as little as $100). Does anyone have any experience in successfully purchasing these? The folks at the LE Gift Card number cannot tell you why the orders were declined.


I had the same issue w/ LE during the AA sale last week. The first couple of purchases worked (maximizing Plink @$100) then it was all cancellations after that. Tried different email addresses and different CC’s. They must be using all attributes of email and physical address to identify frequent buyers. And yes their customer services is useless – they give no reason except “please go to a physical store” ūüôĀ


I got the point from AA for land end gift card. Thanks
But I order $600 physical gift card from Southwest and none get point. Only $50 E-gift certificate get point for land-end. Anyone get point for this sear SW promotion? Thanks!